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  1. Very nice park and storyline, I look forward to more from this park. Keep up the good work I'm sure there are many others here who feel the same.
  2. I made this wooden coaster model a couple years ago. I couldn't afford one of those expensive kits at the time so I took a shot at my first scratch built ride. It was inspired by the Starliner at Miracle Strip Amusement Park. I got a lot of complements on it and hope you like it too.
  3. Where can I find a custom made supports for corkscrew coasters like the ones used at Cedar Point's Coaster? I tried to make my own but have not had much luck especially with trainers.
  4. Here's a little taste of my soon to be released park called Animal Planet. It has a little bit of a Busch Gardens Tampa look and feel with animals and coasters to please all thrill seekers. [MOD EDIT: Please limit the Preview thread to no more than two images of your park. Use your thread for showing off the rest of your parks' images! R.D.- GFMT SCR1.BMP Main Entrance Plaza. SCR2.BMP Overall Layout.
  5. The coaster looks great especially being built from scratch. What projects do you have planned after this one? I built my first coaster from scratch and it is definately a labor of love. Mine is a simple out and back wooden coaster inspired by the Starliner from Miracle Strip Park in Panama Beach, Florida. I'll take some pics of it and post them soon.
  6. I like the layout of this flyer, look forward to trying it out. I need to get back into my NoLimits creating too, it's been a while since I built anything..
  7. Thanks for the compliments everyone as it means a lot to me to get feedback for my efforts. I can see how a little too much color may be a little overboard. I guess I got carried away with the color combos for the art deco look. What did you think of the coasters in the park? My future parks will be a little easier on the eyes I promise.
  8. Mine was Corkscrew at Deer Park Funland(now Michigan's Adventure), that station hasn't changed a bit. I remember what a big deal that ride was to me back in 1982 for I haven't been on anything bigger yet.
  9. Thanks, I really appreciate the compliment for it's been a while since I had an opportunity to share my parks on the internet. I have more parks on the way soon.
  10. Hello, I'm new to TPR and would like to share my first park called Pelican Bay. It's inspired by many different parks I've either visited or heard about. It is a beachfront park with an art deco look and resides next to a baseball stadium which serves as a spring training home for a major league team. I chose the Detroit Tigers since I'm from Upper Michigan originally. The parks' signature coaster is called Purple Rage and was inspired by Intimidator from Carowinds Park with great airtime hills and speed. I hope you like my park and I welcome any comments and suggestions. You can find Pelican Bay at TPR's game exchange ready for download. Pelican Bay.BMP Overview of Pelican Bay Park and Baseball Stadium. Pelican Bay 2.BMP Entrance Plaza to Pelican Bay Park. Pelican Bay 3.BMP Begining of main midway and Purple Rage coaster. Pelican Bay 4.BMP Upper midway with the Havok launch coaster and Log Jam flume ride. Pelican Bay 5.BMP This section includes Purple Rage coaster, Rapid Fire coaster, Red Rocker coaster and The Shooting Star.
  11. If anything this coaster pays a great compliment to Montu for its' inspiration. The layout looks great and the themeing looks top notch thus far. Should be a great ride, shame it's a bit far for me to travel to check it out.
  12. I found my screenshots in the compatibility files page. Thanks very much for your help, I should be able to start posting my RCT2 parks with screens now.
  13. I want to appologize for posting this in the wrong place. I just realized this should have gone in the RCT2 help section. I will try to catch myself next time before posting topic. I'm a newbie and am now just starting to post to websites.
  14. Looking good I'm amazed at how detailed RCT3 parks are. It's a shame not all computers can run this game with sufficient speed. I just got a new one but am affraid to get RCT3 and slow down its' performance.
  15. I just got a new computer for Christmas and it has Windows 7. I installed RCT2 and it works great but when I do screenshots I can't find them to view them. I know they used to be saved under the RCT2 game folder under programs but they aren't there. Can anyone help me in finding my pics? I want to start uploading my games but can't put up my screens with them.
  16. Hi I'm new here and just browsing all the releases. I was wondering how did you make the supports for the corkscrews? I've been trying to make supports like that but have fallen short each time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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