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  1. Yeah why cant it snow more here in SoCal? The past few seasons the conditions in the mountains were awesome. This year, nothing. Well, at least the conditions have been good enough to blow man made snow at the local resorts. I just went snowboarding yesterday and it wasn't half bad.
  2. Kind of random. But I was just remembering back to when the ride fiirst opened at Magic Mountain and I saw a bunch of teenage kids cuttting in line. They had no idea what was coming to them.
  3. This is a 1st in a series of photo trip reports. My 1st stop is at Sunway Lagoon Resort just outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For a video of this park, head over to: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22315 Next Stop: Somewhere in the Middle East. For those of you that have never seen a 7 Eleven, I leave you with this. Now go slap yourself. Oh look its a powered coaster. No credit here! Oh crud, I'm only half way back and I really got to pee. Well, there is a wave pool right below me... Sorta reminds me of Big Thunder. Except this one didn't crash. Hey loook Magic Mountain. This is what we call theming! No parking lot here! Why did I decide to walk across the bridge? Now I have to walk back. Sooo long! Oh crap, thats a long bridge. The parks claim is that its the world's longest pedestrian briidge at 1404 feet long. A tunnel and the 1st hill after the 1st drop. Its the 1st drop. Weeeee!!!!! Come on, PLEASE visit our park! Its really cool and stuff! I still have no idea why this poster was there. If you cut in line, this is where you get to think about your mistake. This wave pool is large. But its missing one thing. Oh yeah, waves. The other half has roller coasters and flat rides. The dude in the back is about to get some awesome airtime. Half of the park features water stuff. Like slides. This is the backside of the hotel, facing the parrk. What an awesome use of the land. One of the nicest hotels I have ever seen. This is what I call a hotel. I belive people pay to sleep here....among other things. Sunway Lagoon is a family resort. Bring the kids! And a shot gun! This is what happens when the MGM Grand and the Luxor have un-protected sex. Wear your condoms kids! Welcome To Sunway Lagoon Resort.
  4. Well rollercoasters/theme parks used to be a BIG hobby of mine. They are still a hobby. Just not like they used to be. I would have to say that snowboarding is my biggest hobby right now. I picked it up a few years ago and loved every moment. Since then I have been snowboarding all over the place. Last year I had the chance to snowboard in the Andes Mountains while I was in Chille for a visit.
  5. Mmmmm, dirt. Maybe they are digging a large hole to bury Flashback in? Who knows what this crazy park is doing. I am one to think that Tatsu is just a cover up name for the time being. All you guys wait for the 17th when they announce: "Male Nurse Action Figure Xtreme: The Ride"
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