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  1. I received the news in my season pass holder update. There was a link to the Water World website. When I looked under tickets and passes, it just listed the three levels of season passes specifically for the water park. There was nothing about Six Flags season pass holders. So, as far as I can tell, Six Flags season pass holders won't be able to use their passes (gold level or otherwise) to get into the water park. I could be wrong, but I think us season pass holders are out of luck. That's a bummer. I excitedly ran here to figure out so. I haven't been to Waterworld since they removed SF as we simply couldn't afford to pay the tickets at the time. It was a very lovely water park during those visits with an awesome lazy river.
  2. I was challenged as well, having it end as it usually does with the "it's not the way I like it so I'm not going to accept it" discussion. I fail to see how Bugsland or Carsland can "sort-of" fit into DCA but when Marvel doesn't when Marvel has used the real world as a setting throughout its whole career. West Coast Avengers, SHIELD is stationed all over the world, etc... It's a very clear fact superheroes reside in California as well, can't be argued (or you would think). Then when they would bring up how much they don't have faith in a company they seemingly still attend every year, I used Iron Man at HKDL as a perfect example. But we all know you can throw them straight proof of a comics taking place in California in a park about California, I got told "it still doesn't fit." Whaa - whaaa? Shield is stationed behind TOT, therefore superheroes are naturally nearby in the town of Hollywood. Easy for everyone but a fanboy.
  3. Same exact thoughts. Has there ever been a ride that opened on the first day of the season? Going off memory, most new attractions open Spring Break- Memorial Day in California. Not sure exactly where the disappointment is coming from but since it's just a rebranding of a coaster I understand thinking they should have had it ready for opening day. It actually makes me more excited to go to the park before Summer as I haven't been able to ride Mass Effect yet due to it being closed during both Halloween & Christmas (my only 2 visits of 2016). I'm loving that shirt I might have to get one myself despite it being technically correct
  4. Really excited to see what CGA does for Christmas. If they actually pull off the ice skating where the pond is I will be very impressed. With such a beautiful entrance it should be one of the more beautiful ice skating rinks in the Bay Area.
  5. Guardians is one of my favorite movies so I'm beyond excited. Would this excitement be there if they were touching the Orlando's much superior version, he'll no!! At least this means every ToT attraction across all the Disney Resorts are unique, as Disney fanboys fishing for complaints usually bring up having unique attractions at each park. Now you guys got a new one, so accept the awesomeness of Guardians. I will miss having a horror-based ride not too far from home though, but Haunted Mansion is looking better than ever today. I'm very excited for the future, as Hollywoodland was always underwhelming. We can now understand why they decided to not redo this section of the park besides the name change, but I do wonder what this means for Frozen in the future considering the broadway show is literally right next to ToT. Makes me think the land is actually going behind ToT instead of taking over Hollywoodland and the abandoned soundstages.
  6. I'm so jealous as I experienced Mardi Gras for my first time last year in New Orleans and have been craving some good NO style food since. They would do it the weekend I'm in Florida I finally had free time to use my platinum pass for the first time next weekend which makes it even more bittersweet. Anyone have any sweet pictures of the food?! I'd love to drool over them.
  7. I would put Forbidden Journey and Transformers in their own unique category...they are definitely not typical "motion simulator" attractions, despite being screen based. I never understood the complaining behind FJ's use of screens besides the use of 3D, which luckily doesn't included Orlando's version. The dark ride portions take up half the ride and are really well done, as I never fail to get scared going through the Forbidden Forest or facing the Whomping Willow, and coming almost face-to-face with that dragon is one of my favorite parts of any ride. It's as much of a dark ride as it is a simulator, just depends how you look at the half-full glass I suppose. Gringotts is a different case as it is all completely screens ( though hugely impressive in scale as sometimes I forgot I was even looking at a screen). USH is much smaller than Orlando though so I must admit if SLOP is screen-based it will be disappointing but my expectations are pretty much set to that so I won't be let down much. Considering the only other two attacions aimed for kids in USH are Shrek & Minions, both simulators, adding another one instead of an actual dark ride can be a bit repetitive for families. If they choose to go simulator, I hope it at least features a unique ride system.
  8. Wow I had no idea this effect doesn't work from time to time. I feel so blessed today now I've only been on the ride twice and I clearly remember being petrified/excited that we would be going through the waterfall, followed by relief when we actually didn't go through it. I have absolutely no confirmation on anything but I would think it should be open by Sept. Summer (followed by late summer) was the only confirmed opening. With there still being over a week left in July and the ride consistently testing, I would hope you'd be fine. August is the last month people are out of school as well, so it would fit the late summer deadline. If the delay did cause them to miss the summer vacation crowds, I would think Labor Day would be a safe bet to get a lot of people on this ride and spreading the good word. I hope you can get an official word soon though, Hulk is just one of the best!
  9. It's funny reading about Flight Deck's queue as I instantly flashed back to the moment it was incredibly hot and there was were so many clouds of insects flying around (possibly the lake had a great effect on this?). It was more funny than annoying cause there were groups of people, myself included, were dodging and ducking the swarm of bugs as they flew through the queue. That line is horrible but since Cedar Fair took over there usually has been an attendant on top of the stairs assigning rows or if not waiting at the station usually doesn't take long due to there being 4 seats each row. Reason why I never get too intimidated by Medusa's line at SFDK as well, having four vs. two seats makes a huge difference. Typically GCA is nearly empty weekdays or the first few and last hours anyways so the only time I've actually waited was during Halloween Haunt. IMO Gold Striker has the worst queue. If there is a full queue and you're near the entrance, you're literally waiting an hour in the direct sun until you get to the final step in the station, which just contains rows no queue. But the ride is so great I've never regretted it once, and got a nice tan in the process haha.
  10. I've been reading from many reports the they are actually smaller -_- But they've added more to the alley behind the stores which I thought was pretty cool. They had to try to fit this thing in the upper lot so I pretty much expected this.
  11. I was able to ride twice in a row during the recent Halloween haunt. It's just as great as when it opened. Zipping through the ride at night with that long tunnel and many walls added a lot of excitement. I'm glad the Bay Area is able to keep two of my favorite woodies in great shape (the other being Giant Dipper).
  12. As much as I love my homepark SFDK, they do the same thing which leads me believe it's a Sixflags thing instead of specifically MM. Every year Roar & Kong only had two train operations only during the summer months. It made the offseason & crowded Halloween season a little less fun, considering the only coaster besides those two that can hold a descent capacity is Medusa. V2, Superman, and Boomerang are the only other coasters and they obviously can only hold 1 train. Kong I wasn't upset about because I'm not trying to come close to killing myself when visiting SFDK, but with Roar it was always disappointing. I'm sure with the Joker this won't happen anymore though. I can't confirm they did this the past year as I just stopped visiting offseason due to this. Even in the summer lines are never that bad here and at CGA, especially on weekdays.
  13. You mean this will (most likely) be included in the HHN haunt list so they can cut another haunt off the event. Maybe they'll repeat one or two haunts again just like last year, leaving us with two, maybe three new ideas if we're lucky, all while increasing the event price again and still no return of VIP. They may surprise me but after last year's deliberate price-gouge compared to years past, I'm not holding my breath. I really think last year was an unusual year which many have to consider. We knew Walking Dead was going no where, and neither was AVP due to it's huge budget. We technically only lost House of Horrors as the 3rd maze in the backlot was moved to the lower lot. With Insidious & Purge having a new movie, I wasn't surprised they came back either. This is the End was the unexpected bad decision so no pass on that one. It really was a year where repeats or similar material was becoming popular again. I got the most scares from Crimson but that movie wasn't out so they hype wasn't there. This year I know TWD will have it's own area and AVP is gone, doubt Crimson, Insidious, or TITE or coming back, so we have quite a bit of potential. You could be right though as I remember the area TWD took place last year is rumored for a new dark ride. If they don't add another maze back on the backlot or elsewhere it will be disappointing! There is quite a bit of material for horror this year. I honestly hope they do AshvsEvilDead as that's rumored for another season and they like to reuse material.
  14. I hardly have any Orlando themepark experience as I'm a newb to it all, but I did just take my first trip in June which included 4 days at Universal & 2 days at WDW. We had to fit a lot in for WDW as well, being our first time at the parks. 1) I think you'll be better off hitting them by park. It depends if you are planning to arrive at opening as well. I suggest hitting Diagon Alley early due to it being new but we actually waited for FJ during the last hour & got on 3 times in a row. Yes we had to walk through again but there wasn't a wait. Dragon Challenge should hardly have a line throughout the day as well making Hogsmede a little easier to explore. The land is beautiful at night & IOA has so many rides that can get long lines so you can hit those first (Spiderman, Hulk, water rides...). Also, hotel guests already get in an hour early so I'm not sure how busy the lands would be already once the park has officially opened, I'm sure someone has better input on this. 2) I suggest driving to AK first. Once you've paid for parking, you are good the whole day. Also, AK is so far out from the other park it will actually save you time and stress. Park at Epcot after, then take monorail to MK & back. You might even get done with AK earlier if you're just looking for the top rides, but the park is huge if thoroughly explored. Being limited on time, we hit the KS first, Everest, & Dinosaur & got to our car by 11.30 as we felt other attractions could be saved for our next trip. So driving back to Epcot after will definitely give you bit more time rather than taking bus. Epcot & MK are so huge I'd like to spend as much time as I could with those two parks rather than AK.
  15. Exactly it just depends on the area mostly. Both SFDK & CGA have had them installed but I noticed about 2 years ago CGA stopped using them, even during the Haunt they only had wands I believe. Comparing the area around Silicon Valley to Vallejo, which is really bad in some areas, I see why SFDK has continued to use them although I haven't been for a year. SFDK handles way more crowds as well, as CGA can be almost empty on weekdays and it's mostly full of young teens. I personally never seen anything above childish shenanigans at CGA but SFDK I've seen quite a bit, even security tackling this huge dude who was a second away from landing on a baby walking behind. I do think GCA looks way more inviting without them but I understand the need.
  16. Really grateful I just took my first trip out there recently. Granted, it was only a short 2 days for my first time in WDW, but now my only picture I have in-front of the hat will be even more special. Very excited to see the changes in the park.
  17. I love Disney, but I just skim through many die-hard forums cause of this. Most want everything to stay the same as when they were children even if beaten to a pulp & unknown by 99% others.
  18. I did a presentation in class where I used RMC as 1 topic & everyone was nothing but excited & shock when I showed them TC. It's funny seeing everyone's face when I show them what's coming to Cali as Medusa is our mega coaster growing up (pretty much still is) in NorCal. To go down that thing twice is going to be crazy, I'm not sure what new tingly feelings I'll feel throughout the ride I'm beyond excited.
  19. Exactly how I feel. Every since Texas Giant I've been wanting to ride one of these so bad & now one is actually coming to Cali. I'm more than grateful & I'll be happy with any addition the next few years. I can still see them adding something decent though as this isn't exactly a "new" ride, though I definitely consider it one. I feel like they've actually done a good job at addressing the crappier portions of their rollercoasters these past few years, they might want to add another 1.
  20. That's how they've been running it but now it's actually on the other side & this new corridor is meant to mask the backstage area too. So you can enter/exit over by the First Aid building (Tomorrowland) side) or over by the parade entrance on MS. It's planned to be used only during busy times like during the fireworks or parades as they want people going through the corridor as quickly as possible. I'm actually very happy this is here even though I don't visit too often, as MS can be crazy during peak times. Many were expecting something along the line of DLP's arcades which are open all day but Disney never announced that to begin with. I'll happily take this pretty 30-second walk over what they've been doing any day, major improvement.
  21. When does the construction for the underground show building start? I'm really excited for this ride & I have to love that picture of Kraken attacking the Boardwalk. Saving Knotts from monsters sounds like a blast, especially it being four minutes. I'm sure this is a ride I'll want to ride over & over again.
  22. I agree 100%. I haven't been on the ride my past few visits because it just seems so pointless now. Medusa is usually considered the top coaster in the Bay Area, so converting Vortex to a floorless coaster would be disappointing considering I grew up here. But if it would actually make the ride enjoyable, I'm all for improvement. I don't mind Grizzly leaving as well now that we have Gold Rusher. I know how to hold my head on Demon so I actually like the ride. It's been a while since they added anything to their water park though I'm wondering if they'll do that & add a flat to Invertagrass. I can't imagine them leaving that there for another year. Maybe even an eatery as it's right next to the food court.
  23. I've personally always enjoyed a ride on Riddler's Revenge. It has a pretty long track which I enjoy due to Vortex's very short one.To be fair going from Vortex (Great America) most of our life to Riddler's really impressed my family when we first went to SFMM, as well as many other coasters. Today I really don't mind missing it, especially if it's 25+mins. I hardly ever hit Vortex, might even be years & I visit the park often. As many have stated, I think it was just a fad but not a failed concept. Standing up on a coaster seemed fun at first, but over the years everyone wanted to try new things & standing up just doesn't seem as impressive anymore.
  24. Universal can't catch a break. Californians are more sensitive than ever it seems. I guess it is all fun and games watching her call everyone else every name in the book but when it was their turn to get picked on they want to cry about it. I mean all that lady does is talk sh*t it's pretty obvious what you are in for, considering it is an adult event it makes me sad that this can even be a lawsuit. I thought she was hilarious myself, as they cut Bill & Ted already.
  25. Seems like it will be improvements this year which I can't complain. Just hit CGA for the haunt last weekend and Top Gun (I still call it that hehe) looks awesome red. I am hoping for a new coaster or water park addition the following year though. Gold Striker is still awesome and I'm just glad we have it, still feels brand new.
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