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  1. Kong and Roar only having 1 train most of the year doesn't help either.
  2. I was pretty ehhhh about Lux Luther but after looking at the video I'm pretty excited to ride it in August. Don't like drop towers much but the views and it being on Superman I'm going to have to force myself to ride.
  3. Wow the ride looks amazing! Looks much longer and intense than I thought it would be. Can't wait for a daytime pov.
  4. I was just watching out Chelsea Lately & they were taking about the coaster. I was like whaaaa! Glad to know its a PR stunt. They were cracking jokes saying Heather Mills, Paul Mccartney's ex-wife with 1 leg, was riding the coaster lmao!
  5. Nope nothing. They said last week they would avoid speaking about Potter so the focus would be on the new 2012 attractions.
  6. Wow everything looks great. I have no complaints. The ride has such a beautiful, natural landscape to work with as well. The station, trains, lift-hill look amazing. I sooo hope to be able to visit this park one day!
  7. I don't think so. I believe the stairs to the station would be right next to or right behind the truck.
  8. I agree. It's just personal preference. SFDK is really close to me & I find Medusa far superior. Scream is just boring to me, with the area & theme very blah. I'd rather they removed Scream as well. I do enjoy it for what it is, but it's my least anticipated coaster out of the park. If I didn't have Medusa, it would be a couple spaces up.
  9. Best: X2, Tatsu, Giant Dipper, Big Thunder(I just enjoy that ride a lot)! Worst: Grizzly, Revolution (I hate to say it though =/)
  10. SFDK also has a New Years event. MTV seems to have a deal with them. Nitro Circus (another MTV) filmed there with the crew jumping off Superman with a parachute.
  11. haha I know right. Viper isn't too bad. But I knew how to hold myself, unlike all my friends I took for to SFMM forthe first time in April. It was their worst ride. haha I do the same too. Expert coaster riders!!! haha
  12. I hate waiting for Tony Hawk too, which is pretty much the same capacity. I hope this ride is worth waiting for though, Tony Hawk is a cool ride but for a more than 25+ wait. With Roar & Kong only using two trains from late jun-August for as long as I can remember, the lines in this park always suck. Weekdays & Christmas time are only times I go.
  13. "It's not that bad. You just got to hold yourself certain ways, make sure you get a certain seat, & hold your head right or you'd get painfully beaten up & have a bad headache." lol =p
  14. How'd this removal topic even start? SFMM already removed a couple flats, Deja Vu, now Log Jammer. Psyclone and Flashback not too long ago. I wouldn't even think they would remove anything else for a while now. They have so much room to build new things at the moment. Unless something became more costly to run than its worth (like I heard Log Jammer was & basically everything they've removed so far) I don't think they would remove anything for a while. All the coasters & rides currently there seem in good shape & have a purpose. Colossus & Revolution still seem to have a couple years to last, & I feel like they would give them a nice rehab/redo since they are a special part of the park instead of removing. Ninja & Goldrusher seems in good shape & provide like others have said some of the few family coasters. I'm not sure so I could be wrong, but don't Batman & Viper hardly have super long lines due to them having high capacity. Their lines always move so fast. I think them being old doesn't have much to do with it, Batman at least still packs a punch & people love it from what I heard. Viper maybe not so much popular but it still seems to be in great shape & take in a lot of people. But like I've said, there's so much room to grow & everything seems to be in good shape for the next couple years, I would be thinking what would they be adding instead of removing at the moment.
  15. & Most of the time Kong & Roar only have 1 train running when it's not summer.
  16. How were the lines when you got back upstairs? I was planning on doing this or doing one of the popular upstairs mazes (La Llorona or The Thing) right away, then heading downstairs which I'm hoping to still be pretty empty. Since you were able to do them so much times, I'm guessing hitting one of the two upper mazes wont hurt? I heard La Llorona had the longest waits all night too. So I would love to get it done first.
  17. Good point... That's actually kind of what happened with one of our local malls. Since adding the Bayfair station, that mall has attracted a lot of the 'ghetto' crowd from the depths of Oakland. That mall's gone down hill sadly...and when I was a kid, it was a thriving place. While BART is convenient, it just may be too convenient. Bayfair is just sad now. My friend working at Stoneridge mall said a lot more stealing has been going on in the stores too now that bart opened up a station there recently. Great America would have to be prepared for all of that, its always so chill when I go. Like others said, I doubt bart would go there though.
  18. Here's the pr. http://m.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-terror-tram--scream-4-your-life-experience-at-universal-studios-hollywood-sets-ghostface-killer-loose-on-the-world-famous-backlot-127885823.html
  19. Aww noooooo! I love Deju vu.! Sad to hear it might leave. But looking at the positive... the Deju Vu site & the area they cleared out next to it can be put to good use. Maybe the whole area will get spruced up.
  20. I have to agree. SFMM's haunt quality is nowhere near HHN or Knott's haunts. Though I will say, going through the haunts on a very empty park day was nice. I personally don't get that scared feeling going through Knotts & HHN because everytime I've been it's crowded, but going through a maze by yourself at MM was terrifying. But the haunts being free, hardly no line (for the rides as well), and having about 2 or 3 decent mazes made it a great time for my family. I would only really go if I had a pass though, since it won't cost you anything. The mazes aren't anything to pay a park ticket for. This was the first weekend of October btw, wouldn't be so empty other weekends I'm sure. I liked HHN 2010 better than when I visited Knotts in 2009. Both were my first and only time I visited the haunts. Thought both were amazing though, but I just felt Knotts had more mazes than they can handle. Wish they took out three or four of the weak ones & put the actors in other mazes. Plenty of the mazes had too many empty spaces, even the new-at-the-time Terror of London maze. Universal had actors all throughout their mazes. Nothing is like Ghosttown during the Haunt though!
  21. That would fit perfectly! Though I wouldn't get to excited about it, myself, due to there being one at SFDK. I hope GA gets a longer, bigger, coaster than the ones they have now.
  22. Just got back home in the Bay Area from Magic Mountain yesterday. Audio on X2 still isn't working. =/ But otherwise the park looks great since I visited last year. All the rides were loaded at a fast pace. The employees seemed happy & entertaining at times. Green Latern is great and a new experience. Got lucky due to us arriving at 10.35 (lil late past opening) we thought we would have to wait a while for it. But once we arrived in DC Universe, it was still being tested. We hit Batman, no wait, then had our first meal at Teen Titan's pizza place. Until we seen them open it and darted to the line (left the food with mom). First ones to ride it that day, no wait. It was pretty awesome. Just wished it spun more, watching the ride I only seen few cars twirling around like crazy, was kind of jealous hehe. Superman is much better as well. Sat in the front, going down I can feel all the air going into my eye sockets lol. It was crazy. The air conditioned line was a plus too. Got to hit every ride once with my family, except Tatsu (hopped on empty seats as my bro & I were exiting) & Deja Vu twice thanks to single riders. Longest lines we waited that day was X2-40 mins. Superman-45mins. (had about a 15min. breakdown though) Tatsu-30. Everything else was 20mins or under. Nice day at the park! Wish they stayed open later though, 9pm just seemed to early. I pretty sure we stayed till 10 last summer, we always go the second week of August too so it wasn't different dates.
  23. Yes they do, if they are still doing it. I remember seeing workers with name-tags with the countries they are from around the park. That was about two years ago though I believe. Maybe last.
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