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  1. I've unfortunately only been able to go Halloween & Christmas week my only 2 visits in the last few years and it is very much like this. At least Silver Bullet moves quickly but Ghostrider is just miserable when it is long. I still haven't ridden the refurbished version and it is killing me inside.
  2. I think there's a huge difference in expectations. MM is a very great park today and doing a lot better than they ever have for a long time now. If you're going to set yourself up for disappointment don't blame MM. They give you a great bang for your buck as opposed to the past where you felt like they took your money and you entered a park slowly deteriorating. The whole park could look lovely but if you're craving to find out which water jet isn't working on a cold winter, I honestly think that person will never like the park much no matter what they do. MM was ran to the ground at some point so that's their own faults, but I moved on from that cause I want to be happy. I just really don't see what there is to complain about unless you're just the kind of person that lets the past always affect their present. If they were trying to be like Knotts, the same people would complain because there is no way it will ever be able to be on their level with the prices they are charging. I ask myself do I even want another "Knotts" park, and the answer is no. I want MM to be a great coaster park, and it's well on that way as they've literally been attacking every complaint heard about this place. Complain about the rattling on their originals coasters, well they fixed it. Complaints about abandoned areas & buildings, they've addressed in every land but two. Food options, well now we have two BBQ spots, Johnny Rockets, and a lovely new sports bar. Go with a family instead of alone, maybe some of you will really see the difference beyond coasters. The only part I think that will be hard for them is the employees & operations, as these parks will always be filled with teens that just don't care much. I think it will always be consider a "training ground" for people to go to other themeparks. I'm not going to pretend like these issues will change dramatically.
  3. I am probably am completely wrong, but could it possibly be due to the theme going around the coaster? Considering they have to build rock-work, a cave, and water elements, maybe certain parts of the construction need to be done first in order for it to be completed on time. WW obviously doesn't have to worry about plumbing as RR would. WW literally can just be plopped and just have a station build around it.
  4. Wonder Woman is looking amazing. I was curious on how it would look once it’s actually built. This is going to look epic for a park like CGA. Even though they are very differently themed, I will say the yellow on this this single-rail track really does look like WW’s lasso. I really can’t wait to see CGA’s finished product now. I need to make it to this park in the near future, as I’ve always been fascinated by how the coasters come close to or perched right on top of those canyons. Thank you for sharing!
  5. This is MM we are talking about so I understand where that negative thinking comes from. But why even come to that conclusion so early and for something that hasn't even happened yet? They have proven to be doing quite the opposite for some years now. Can we enjoy these areas for their first few years before putting a damper on a possible situation that possibly might not even occur at least half a decade from now? I don't even think the first renovation (Full Throttle I believe) has even reached 5 years old yet and the area is still pulling in people (even though it is my least favorite addition). If MM sticks to this route, the lands should be updated often. As stated earlier, they are almost done renovating the whole park by a year or two. They will have to start adding to their existing lands in not too long, and these days MM has been consistent on fixing up everything that surrounds a new or refurbished ride. Just seems wayyyyyy to early to be thinking about areas not being maintained. Gotta have faith
  6. Agreed. But they can do only one thing at a time and I'm going to give credit where credit is due. They have a long way to go, but if they were just starting today what they did years ago we'd see how much they have done to improve the park. One goal at a time. Soon they will have nothing left to do but beef up the lovely areas they've been fixing up. Why add a bunch of flats when the rundown looking areas of the past would scare off families anyways? I would hardly ever see families hang out in the areas they refurbished before, so they are winning some over. Seeing families enjoy & hang around the area between Goldrusher all the way down to Scream was nearly impossible, and today completely different for a reason. The holidays definitely gave families a bang for their buck too, as MM looked amazing this Winter. I go for only coasters too but my experienced has definitely been plussed over what they were offering a decade ago. The lack of abandoned building, rats running past you as you entered the Batman queue, and the headaches after leaving the two coasters you can say are MM culture (Colossus & Revolution) all definitely affected my coaster experience and I'm glad they are addressed. The passes are extremely cheap and MM has never looked this good for a long time, so as long as they don't think they are Knotts and start charging Knotts prices, I'm extremely happy. Painted buildings while going from coaster to coaster is always more nice than feeling like you're walking past an abandoned park. I'm not sure if I want much more from MM than what they are already doing as they will always be a coaster park, otherwise they will raise those prices.
  7. They really have been trying to turn this park around and it looks great today. The only ugly/dated areas is the area by Apocalypse & Samurai Summit as they are updated Colossus area as we speak. Would be great to refresh Samurai Summit with a publicized reopening of an updated Sky Tower (maybe even replacing it with a new tower that can function more often). They've also done a great job at painting their coasters over the years, as I believe Tatsu is the only faded thing in the park now. I love the updates they did to DC Universe and Steampunk District. Full Throttle was probably the only thing I was and still am ehh about, although the update to Moose Burger was a nice change to the odd area. Not only Magic Mountain, but Universal and Knotts have made tremendous improvements as well. I'm glad the parks are actually doing what they are best at as opposed to Knotts trying to be Magic Mountain or vice versa. I had my first Knotts visit in 2008 and I'm sorry, my family had no nostalgia to distract us from the fact that the park was filthy and dated. Ghostrider & The Saloon looked like they haven't been dusted since it was an actual town. I don't know if I was more freaked out by the animatronics on Calico Mine Train or coming close to that rust water in line. Wow is the park completely different today, nearly updated or touching up everything throughout the park since then. Great time to love theme parks!
  8. Wow I haven't thought about that movie in a good decade but I remember loving it as a child. I'm actually positive I still have the space ship with the action figures of both main characters deep deep deep in my closet somewhere.
  9. Really!?!? Those screens are still very high resolution even for being 9 years old and the animation is super cute and fun. I don't even see it being "incredibly" out of date at all. I mean, one of my MacBookPro's that I use every day is only 2 years younger than those screens, and I'm going to assume that Disney used the highest-end tech possible at that time considering they were going to be touched thousands of times per day, so really I don't think they are that out of date at all! I honestly don't get where you're coming from on this one. I have to agree, although I barely had my first Epcot visit two years ago so I have nothing to compare it too. I love the huge globe in the lobby once you exit the ride as it shows where everyone is visiting from. My family thought it was pretty cool, and I made the most atrocious face ever for the video that had us laughing. The word dated didn't pop in my head at all. I could see people wanting them updated especially if you visit often, but I don't think they are dated.
  10. I feel like it was more of a discussion of the value of re-branding CGA. The conclusion would be that it would do little to change the sentiments of the locals on either park. The criticism was less so of the present days CGA, but the slog that the park went through in the previous decade. We've grown up with these parks, so there's little value rebranding (as seen with Marine World-->SF:MW-->SF:DK | Marriott's-->Paramount-->CGA e.g. we've been through so many re-brandings in the Bay Area) versus actual improvements to the parks. That's all the point was. My exact thoughts as both parks are great. I think the comparisons are mostly coming from many realizing how far California Great America is coming along. SFDK has always been an great park in my opinion. Naturally we are going to compare new events to ones that have been out for a while. Great time to live in the Bay Area for theme park lovers! This year it was nice to have two Holiday offerings that deliver.
  11. I'm way more excited for Incredicoaster than I thought I would. California Screamin' is already a great coaster, this would only plus an already great attraction. I also noticed they were testing water effects as well, possibly bringing waves or a huge splash upon blastoff. The scene they're adding at the end looks like a lot of fun too. I mean, who doesn't love Edna? I grew up by Santa Cruz Boardwalk so the pier always lacked in my opinion. This renovation and hopefully an awesome new Pixar ride in the future would keep me in the area a lot longer when I'm not riding Screamin.
  12. If all that matters is number of coasters, then SFDK has more. SCBB is a far better park and a much nicer place to spend a day though, not even close. And though SCBB only has two coasters, they are both excellent. Giant Dipper is a classic and one of the best traditional woodies out there. Undertow is a very smooth comfortable spinner that gives a very different ride each time and has some amazing views. But SCBB is more than just coasters..take some friends, enjoy the beach, do some shopping, have some salt water taffy and take in a concert. Couldn't have said it better myself. Santa Cruz is way more than roller coasters and I would go there over SFDK any day unless it was specifically to get a coaster fix. Giant Dipper still holds up to being one of my favorite wooden coasters after all these years and new additions to other parks. I visit Capitola and Santa Cruz very often there's so much to do and it's beautiful. The fact that SCBB has plenty of flats, an aged coaster, and old-school dark rides & still manage to not look dated at all is a big plus too.
  13. I'll have to agree completely with you. Growing up in the Bay Area, my family loved SFDK growing up & is a beautiful park today. Great America was seen as the tenny-bopper park with fun but short coasters (no Medusa-like rides in this park). Their Fright Fest season is pretty bad though especially once Great America started their festivities which is clearly better. After visiting Winterfest last year, looks like Great America will be leading in both seasons soon enough. Winterfest being only half open was a bummer but at the same time worked for me as all the rides I would go on were open & lights were just found everywhere due to the limited space being used well. I actually caught myself in a surprise due to actually wanting to go to Great America outside Halloween or Christmas as SFDK was always the winner. Gold Striker & Top Gun (yes I still call it that) are still amazing, Trailblazer looks like fun, & the park just has so much potential for amazing additions. SFDK has been feeling like it peaked a while ago & as much as I wish they could put a coaster over that lake it seems like they've ran out of room for a while now. I'm expecting flats, rebranding, & "coasters" that only go back and forth until SFDK can finally get some more room or take down everyone's favorite ride Kong. Patriot, Trailblazer, Mass Effect, Winterfest, & Goldstiker all just seem like great investments. Just add a hyper, waterpark expansion, continue the events, and build that rumored shopping district & there will be no competition no my end.
  14. The state of this world with violence today is so upsetting. I just had my first visit at Las Vegas in September and caught myself still looking both directions when crossing even though we had the right away due to cars just plummeting people (exactly a week before that horrible mass shooting). Very scary times today. Bay Area has had problems like this. We have plenty of transportation options, allowing teens & young adults access to almost everywhere in mass. One of the things I love about living here is that it’s easy to get around with friends. We recently had at least two mass robberies in the past few months and sad to say I’m not shocked, only upset by this story. I came from a rough neighborhood & thought we were bad, but I realize we truly have nothing on these younger ones today. Great America is what we would call a “teenybopper” park too, although greatly transforming, and I can totally see why Great America was the place for these sociopaths to let out their rage. I’m sure they had the plastic tasers as some have explained on here. I honestly don’t know much as I don’t own one, but I have plenty of friends who do. You can separate then device & just hook the thing that powers the device with your keys. Therefore, the metal part would be blending in with your keys & the taser/stun gun would just be mostly plastic. I want to say be careful of your surrounding, but it’s absolutely sad & ridiculous to feel this way at a themepark where you’re supposed to be enjoying time with family & friends. I remember security randomly following my group around as a teen just by profiling, they might have to start doing that again.
  15. My exact thoughts, especially if they are adding "coaster" onto everything. We already have a looper, V2, Superman, and Cobra for really short, forward & backward coaster experiences. Looks like a fun addition but between my two home parks in the Bay I'm going with Cedar Fair, as Trailblazer & Hangtime at Knotts looks awesome. Edit: I meant Boomerang instead of Cobra
  16. Video is pretty graphic, warning. It's not from a distance like the other video & I had to turn it off at some point. Clearly shows the detached vehicle with 2 riders still in the seats, one in the most horrific position. Gives an idea of what happened though. I really hope those in critical pull through it looks really bad.
  17. M heart goes out to everyone injured during this accident. I can't even imagine how horrifying that must have been. Just saw the video and ran straight here. Many themeparks have them (2 in NorCal), I wonder if this will affect them or just carnivals.
  18. I'm guessing we'll get some artwork next year around the time Avengers: Infinity War comes out. If SWL is open 2019, it would make sense to go into detail with Marvel at the 2019 expo. Also, since Avengers is a two-part movie concluding in 2019 it would be a great year to announce the upcoming new Avengers titles with the new land. Disney has so much going on, not everything needs to be expo exclusive & Comic-Con could cover Marvel instead. But 2018 is a long time of construction since GotG with no artwork, so I think they'lll drop an early sketch of the land sometime soon like they did with SWL. Especially once they start shutting down the rumored areas to go. On a side note, a new season of GotG is being based on the Collector's Tower at DCA so maybe they'll announce the rest of the land once it airs. There's no way marketing isn't going to cross advertise.
  19. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, so much that it prompted my first trip and plane ride ever to Orlando 3 years ago. But if I had it my way Dragons would be staying over Potter. Dragons is truly a unique roller coaster & I was never disappointed by the ride due to my first ride being after they stopped the dueling aspect. Can't hate what I never experienced. It didn't stop my brother & I from riding repeatedly until our locker was out of time. We love our thrill rides & this was our favorite ride to do at night. I hope they keep in mind what they're replacing when building this new Harry Potter rollercoaster. RIP On another note, the queue will be gorgeous if they keep the entrance path intact. Looking at the castle from up there was always a treat. Hogsmeade is much smaller than Diagon too, so hopefully we'll get more room to walk around. I'm curious if this new ride is being designed with the other parks in mind.
  20. Considering the rumor of the Battle Escape Attraction & the Mickey ride are both using simlar trackless technology, I think Ratatouille will be great coming as it is. I'm sure the other two rides will be using more physical sets, so having a screen-based variation of the trackless ride will add variety. I don't think World Showcase needs a Mystic Manor or Pooh right now, just some nice rides to fill in the the long void of attractions in WS. Future World has the attractions but they are stale, I'd rather the budget be mostly used in this area to "wow" up this area. Budget exists, and this ride will perfectly complement the area without putting a dent in the budget. I'm sure the Mickey ride & Battle Escape Attraction will be more appropriate to spend Mystic Manor money, as expectations will be more grand with both rides being the headliners of their own lands. If they are to be using IPs for the Future World redo, which I'm sure they are, I think it has great potential. A very basic retheme of the Seas building to the Marine Institue from Finding Dory and adding a gorgeous Stark Expo pavilion while just reusing the Star Tours vehicles once the land opens, would be wonderful, budget-concious & relevant additions I'd welcome. I think stark would look great where Wonders is, as with the new Guardians ride it will the unofficial Marvel corner of the park. I'm just excited Epcot is getting some love period!
  21. Exactly. What's the next closest JL, Texas? Then St. Louis? Not exactly a large demographic of the typical SFMM guest travels there. Plus, I love how people complain and joke that SF never does dark rides, and when they finally do, people complain it's a clone. You know there are 5 different "It's a Small World" rides out there? Clones! Disney is clearly a loser for cloning. It's not SF where you can drive a few 100 miles from SFNE to GAdv or SFOT to SFFT or GAm to Stl and have multiple clones of their supposed marquee rides. And that's your problem right there. This ride is obviously not geared towards you. You sound like you've had & have many SIxflags at your disposal since 100 miles isn't too far for you. This is the only in JL in California, so I'm beyond ecstatic. I've been waiting for one of these to come over to this coast for a long time, as I haven't watched the YouTube videos yet so I've been dying to ride. Also, Magic Mountain getting a dark ride, which is a pretty big deal in my opinion. I'm surprised people still find things to about complain here. Justice League finally has a base in SoCal, that's a cause for celebration! Maybe if they were opening one at SFDK next year I'll feel kind of like you guys, but even then that's al least a 6 hour differencez I also read that this ride was to be different than the others and will be the only one to include Harley's Quinn, who was a insanely popular last year. Sixflags is smart marketing this ride around her, many will want to see her.
  22. I still call it Top Gun, naturally. I'm lucky that most people still know what I'm talking about as only the very young crowd gets confused. Flight Deck doesn't roll off the tongue as easy as Top Gun did which makes it more difficult.
  23. Considering it is taking the exact structure as a stage would, I think it's temporary. Are they doing another announcement soon? I'm sure someone can elaborate. Edit: It's a stage taking place in one of their parking lots.
  24. At least with my experience, SFDK has been very accommodating with changes. I remember buying a season pass on the last day of their season pass promotion, only to get an email for a cheaper deal a few hours later. They were very nice about letting me use the new deal instead of the old one I had just purchased. I just had to call them.
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