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  1. I' ve been to: Germany (obvious) Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Bavaria , USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland
  2. When I lived in Duesseldorf my local parks were Phantasialand and Movie World (each 45 min by car) but since I live in Emden my local park is Heide Park Soltau ( > 4 hours by train). But this year I had no chance to visit it.
  3. One male opera singer has the same surname. But no one else has the same given name and surname like I do.
  4. Like most people around here I don't like spiders, especially those with long legs. They really freak me out.
  5. I got 49/50 with a 4 mile average. Not that bad.
  6. Welcome to Santa's driving school.
  7. Oh my god. It seems to me, that some people have too much spare time. But instead of using normal light bulbs a lasershow with a flying santa would be extrmely cool.
  8. I hope this one wasn't posted before. to be continued???
  9. One of the roughest coasters I have ever ridden is Bandit (Wild Wild West before they renamed it) in Movie Park Germany. It really hurts and so I couldn't ride it more than two times in a row altough the whole park was empty.
  10. Nice photos Sören. But don't drink and drive.
  11. - I like to eat oat flakes "swimming" in cocoa - roller coaster - hockey - the fact that I study physics
  12. High School: Class of 2003 University: Class of 2008
  13. I play Monkey Island, but I don't want to be a pirate. I play Day of Tentacle, but I don't put rodents in a microwave. I play diverse Star Wars games, but I am studying photonics and I will finish my light sword when my Siemens Air Hook arries.
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