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  1. You know, usually I'd stay out of stuff like this, but ^^'s argument is kinda ridiculous. I always thought the point of wearing makeup, being goth/emo/outcast of society, whatever you wanna call it was to be different from everyone else, and yet your whole argument is "it's cool to do it cause everyone else does it." Also, you forgot to mention these guys are all 20+ years old, make tons of money, live in thier own houses, important details like that. My mom has never been one to crack down on what I wear (except occasionally letting me know her "opnion" on how low my pants were when I did the sagging thing. Which was just a nice way of telling me to pull them up), but if she told me I couldn't wear a shirt or something to school, then I wouldn't do it, purely because she's my mom, has put up with me for over 17 years, gave birth to me and has that right to do so. Of course, I'd still moan and complain about it all the way out the door, but that's another story.
  2. Ive always been a huge Eddie fan, so when I read that, I was just in shock. I wasn't expecting to have to read that for a long while. R.I.P Eddie Guererro, you will never be forgotten.
  3. I can't believe no ones mentioned these names already: The Metal Gear Solid series, Final Fantasy series
  4. Aw. If it wasn't for Dream a Dream, I wouldnt even be into DDR. This is indeed a sad day R.I.P Captain Jack
  5. I saw this on another forum of mine and thought it was so cool, everyone should have it. I'll get you all started off. This is for all the people that think video games train people for killing: I play Resident Evil, and yet I've never gone on a zombie killing rampage. I play Hitman Contracts, and it's been years since I've strangle someone with piano wire, or sniped a prominent political figure. I play Call of Duty, Brother in Arms, Medal of Honor etc, yet I have no desire to travel back in time to fight in World War II. I play Tony Hawk Underground, and I'd be lucky if I could land an ollie. I play Soul Calibur II, though the likelihood of me picking up a sword to save humanity from an evil sword is slim to none. I play Metal Gear Solid, and yet I've never tried to infiltrate a high security building single handedly. I play NBA Street Vol. 3, and I'd be damn happy with myself if I hit a 3ft jump shot. I play Splinter Cell, yet I'm about as stealth as a one legged dog on speed. Add more you guys!
  6. ^ Man, Sean Waltman would so win that, and then Chyna will beat his @$$ and take it from him.
  7. lmao You really wanna fight Sabu? I'd be afraid, unless I had someone like Sick Nick Mondo on my side.
  8. Im a wrestling fan, and Raven is probably about my favorite wrestler ever. You can still catch him on TNA
  9. Lumines, I'm so addicted to it, it's not even funny.
  10. Yes you heard that right. The muscle car purists are gonna die lol. No, Walker isnt going to be in it. Lucas Black from Friday Night Lights is playing the lead role, just check out the film on IMDB. For anyone, that truly knows drifting, none of the lead characters will be driving an AE86, which basically founded the sport. For those who dont know drifting, PM me and Ill tell you the basics. Too long to explain on here.
  11. Though it is true that Fast and the Furious 3 is being filmed out here (or part of it anyway) Paul Walker, Tyrese and Ludacris are not in the movie, and most of this will be filmed on location in Tokyo. As a huge a fan of drifiting and the Japanese tuning scene, I severely pray that this isnt another botched attempt at trying to show the street racing culture accurately. Just the fact that there's going to be a classic Mustang with a Skyline engine in this movie scares me to no end.
  12. Wow, CoasterFanatic, Fear was my favorite show when it was on. I almost cried when they cancelled it. I'd like to try and get into games myself, though I have a fairly lofty idea of where I want to work. My idol is Hideo Kojima, and I'm gonna do everything I possibly can to work with him lol. Either that or Square Enix. I'd be honored to work with Tetsuya Nomura as well 8) Not that I don't want to work with you Robb....
  13. "I love all people, but especially black people. If I could take all the black people in the world and put them on a farm..." I probably laughed for about 5 minutes after that.
  14. Alright, I see there's alot of Europeans on this board, so I figure at least one of you can help me out. I have discovered the badassery that is parkour aka free-running. So for all you Euro peeps out there, what's the deal with it?
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