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  1. Back then Premier Parks (now Six Flags) really revamped Darien Lake into its current form and also wasn't the water park where the kiddie rides were before they opened the current kiddie land?
  2. Tony Hawk's Big Spin (Six Flags Fiesta Texas)
  3. No word on the return of Superman to Ride of Steel and/or the Looney Tunes yet. But I'd just like wish Six Flags the "best of luck" on giving a Darien Lake a second chance at being Six Flagged.
  4. Fact: sports video games are the most common bargain bin and used games out there.
  5. Boomerang (Darien Lake and many other parks)
  6. I like it how Six Flags decided to put a blue roller coaster in the background of their usual logo. It's kind of a somewhat change of pace from the usual Six Flags logo with just the park's name tacked on it.
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