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  1. With Fantasy Island gone, Darien Lake pretty much has only one other park to compete with in the US, Seabrezee in Rochester.
  2. I doubt that Six Flags or Darien Lake would want to buy any of Fantasy Island's rides or would they?
  3. RIP Fantasy Island! (1962-2019) Haven't been to Fantasy Island in years, but the Silver Comet was the best ride out of all of the rides at Fantasy Island. Their loss in terms of attendance would be Darien Lake's gain.
  4. Maybe Darien Lake is planning on building a second water park that is will be closer to the hotel and campgrounds. I don't see why they couldn't build Wahoo Wave on the other side of the existing water park bridge that has been abandoned since 2013.
  5. I just got two question regarding Darien Lake's new slide: 1. Wouldn't it make sense to build Wahoo Wave on the site of a certain set of defunct water slides who's initials were CF? 2. Why did they decided to build the slide on the other side of the park near the campgrounds other that convince for campers who want to go swimming, but not want to walk all the way to the main gate area?
  6. Then why is Hook's Lagoon still open if the water blasters and dump buckets aren't no longer working and the slides closed off?
  7. My guess is that spot next Shipwreck Falls since the other end of the bridge where the current water park is now get very crowded with people let alone it's already crowded with attractions. If they get rid Hook's Lagoon for Wahoo Wave, they won't have any kiddie water slides.
  8. As far as i'm concerned regarding the wave pool is fine for now, but the playground looks like it needs to be replaced. I'm guessing a new splash pad and kiddie slide complex for 2020 to replace the almost 25 year old Hook's Lagoon.
  9. Darien Lake could just pull a Great Escape and rename Rowdy's Ridge "Timber Town" as for the "Seaport" kiddie land, I don't know if Darien Lake would ever bring back the Looney Tunes regardless of this season attendance and membership sales.
  10. I haven't been to Fantasy Island in years, but with all this talk about how trashy the park has became makes me think that Fantasy Island should close after this season.
  11. I went to Darien Lake this past weekend and some part of the park were showing their age. I was disappointed by the one train operations and also the run down likeness of Sleigh Ride with, they didn't even run it backwards and Corn Popper and Tantrum weren't even opened, but I saw some workers on Corn Popper taking some lights off it.
  12. Drachen Fire (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
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