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  1. Darien Lake needs a new kiddie coaster that kids under 48" can ride with their parents. I find it kind of a shame that Darien Lake has a kids only kiddie coaster, but no true family coaster for kids under 48" and their parents.
  2. ^Well at least the "Seaport" kiddie rides can be replaced since Zamplera and many other manufacturers still make part for the 1996 kiddie rides at Darien Lake. I wish I could say the same thing for for Pirate and Corn Popper.
  3. Kiddie area is in good shape What about the balloons kiddie ride? I saw a recent picture on here that showed the balloons dismantled and my guess is that Darien Lake is going to take out said kiddie ride?
  4. If Darien Lake is just going let their only two vintage Huss rides, the kiddie balloons, and Sleigh Ride dormant, then maybe it's time that Six Flags invest in a new flat ride pack for 2020.
  5. The Predator first opened in 1990 so Predator must have been ranked “9th best coaster in the world” in 1991.
  6. Since most of my favorite rides are still at Darien Lake like Viper, Scrambler, Superman, and Tornado, I do some favorite Darien Lake rides that are gone as well. The defunct rides that I've rode will be in bold lettering. * Raging Seas * 'Cuda Falls * Floodgate Falls * Rainbow Mountain (Cuda's predecessor) * Cascade Canyon * Crazy Quilt * UFO * Ranger * Nightmare at Phantom Cave.
  7. Might I just ask, is Six Flags Great Adventure going to be the last Six Flags park to have a Huss Top Spin ride?
  8. I think the Sleigh Ride will go before the Pirate Ship does, just saying.
  9. Pretty much almost everything in the park has looked like crap for the past few years now most notably, "Superman" Ride of Steel, Viper's station, and I think some of the kiddie rides in the "Seaport" area.
  10. I just have one question was the current roadside sign install when Six Flags first owned Darien Lake?
  11. Maybe they just want make more money off on concert weekends for people who don't want to camp out in the park.
  12. I kind of feel like that the vacation packages, water park, and concert are like (Six Flags) Darien Lake's bread and butter now.
  13. And why exactly would they do that? The building I was talking about next to Shipwreck Falls is the one where a certain defunct water complex was. It's currently being used as a locker house. The lockers can be moved elswhere in the park and they expand the old Barracuda Bay entrance building to accommodate Sleigh Ride and its que line.
  14. I know of at least two places where Darien Lake can move Sleigh Ride, Either the old Nightmare at Phantom Cave/Galaxy Theater building or that building next to Shipwreck Falls where a certain defunct water complex was.
  15. Speaking of Darien Lake, I made some recreated art work of Nightmare at Phantom Cave on Devaintart. http://fav.me/dcna3rp The entrance mural http://fav.me/dcna3j4 The logo
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