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  1. On weeknights? I don't usually spend those two hours outside, but La Ronde is certainly less crazy on weekdays, so you'll probably be fine, especially since the fireworks are over (and so is Osheaga, I think). The only things I'd worry about are the incredibly horrible park operations (as in rude, incompetent, underpaid staff and almost complete disregard for English (or distaste for English-speakers), and getting on and off of Montreal island and Saint Helen's Island (if you didn't know, our bridges are trying to kill us). Just take the Metro; it's just a bus stop away from the park if you get off at either Papineau or Jean-Drapeau station.

  2. La Ronde should bring back their waterpark in the next few years. I mean, of course it will have to be a separate park because all of La Ronde's space is exhausted. Also, even though Six Flags was technically supposed to start influencing way back in 2009, they've done practically nothing. Here's the year-by-year to-do list I've come up with


    To Do List

    Waterpark. Do it, La Ronde; all the cool parks have. So what if it costs a gajillion dollars to enter? The nearest good waterparks require either a passport or countless hours in a car, and it's hot here (more than you'd expect). Build it on the other side of the bridge, even if it means killing trees, hills and historical landmarks [2013 to 15]

    Goliath may not need a repaint at all; it's already colored like Superman, so a simple name change, new station interior and possibly some special effects should do it. [2012]

    Vampire is the most likely of all the coasters to be re-themed. It's a Batman clone, so it's not that hard to imagine it becoming French Batman; it even has most of the colors it needs, although I still think a re-paint is in order because it would look nicer. [2013]

    Cobra is almost certainly becoming Riddler's Revenge or The Riddler (in French, of course); it's a short distance from Vampire, it's a Stand-Up coaster, and it's already green. A few color changes to the supports and it'll fit right in! [2013 or 14]

    Super-Manege is old and ugly. Repaint! [2012 or 13] Also, both it and Boomerang need newer, safer, more comfortable ride cars; not only are they memory loss-inducing, they've also caused the park a great deal of trouble when they've malfunctioned. [ASAP, probably 2012 or 13]

    The whole area near Vampire and Cobra will need a re-theme as well, and it shall of course be themed to Gotham City or DC comics or something like them. [2013]

    Fort Edmonton must die. Just burn it to the ground (except for Pitoune) and hide the ashes behing a filing cabinet. Then, rebuild it like Crackaxle Canyon; make it believable and put actual shops in among the decorations. [my hope: 2014. Reality: never.]

    Ribambelle. Let's be honest, that huge owl-bear-cat-thing is creepy and probably has lost the park more money than they care to admit. So fire her, her weird flower-bee-frog friends and bring in Looney Toons. Maybe there'll be fewer live shows, but it doesn't matter because people are more inclined to dance with Bugs Bunny than with the monster in their closet. [2014]

    One final thing: The fireworks zone. We spent ages wrestling through unsympathetic crowds to reach our seats in the Bronze section. We missed the entire Ringo part of the Beatles tribute! Queue lines would be nice, as would forcing the stupid crowd members to form a passageway (after all, we actually paid to sit here!). [Probably never. Sigh.]

  3. I'm pretty sure I'll major in either English, Urban Planning (and Civil Engineering) or Culinary, once I've reached University. I'm top of my class in English; and after all, the language is so fascinating (to me). I'm also semi-obsessed with subterranean transport, and city infrastructure in general. I also cook

  4. My favorite thing about Google+ is the distinction between "Friends" and "Acquaintances". On Facebook, I've added everyone I've met who is online, but the status updates and photos of those who are less "intellectually advanced" keep showing up in my News Feed. Often, I miss out on the stuff I actually care about because it's hidden in a pile of chain statuses, misspelled stuff that's supposed to be inspiring if you can read it, and "updates" about hanging out with the same friends they were hanging out with twenty seconds ago. Whereas on Google+, all your brainwave-intensive friends can go in one circle, and those friends you only speak to when you're bored or forget what class you have second period go in another.

  5. You may not know these people, because they're mostly Canadian, but:

    -David Acker (he plays "Doubting Dave" on YTV's Mystery Hunters)

    -Jack Layton (Leader of NDP, the official opposition to the Tories of Canada)

    -Jennifer Seguin (she voices Caillou's mother on the kid's show Caillou)

    I've also met several other politicians and I've been in the same room as the Montreal Alouettes football team.


    So, not that many, not that famous.

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