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  1. I have an LG Optimus (running Android). It's my favorite phone out of the three I've had.



    Current. Very easy to use thanks to actual buttons for certain functions.



    Recent. Easy to use, inevitable to lose on SFNE's Batman! I kept cursing my karma for insulting the phone, but I can't say it wasn't true. It malfunctioned frequently, and had the worst battery life of any phone I've ever heard of.



    Not sure if this is the one but it's close enough.

    Old. Piece of c*** hand-me-down phone; at first I though someone had carelessly dropped their phone in my stocking. I almost wished it were true after a few days.

  2. I would ask why my Facebook friends can't spell, but I won't, because it's not true. Everyone passed English, as far as I know. I'm reasonably certain they have a basic sense of proper grammar and spelling. And yet, I find myself combing through oceans of statuses that are deliberately misspelled; that ticks me off more than anything. Do they really need to act stupid to be popular? Don't they realize that if everyone was smart and knew what each other were trying to say, we'd still have popular people? Most of the time, I can handle "OMG", "LOL", "GTG" and other abbreviations (even, on occasion, an improperly capitalized word), but these people lengthen words by about 3 times the original length by adding extra vowels. When I picture them in a normal conversation after reading their posts and statuses, they either sound incredibly whiny, or incredibly undead. I don't know about you, but to me that seems like the opposite of "cool" and "fun to hang out with".

  3. Hmmm... in order of playing them...

    1. RCT2 for PC

    2. Mario Kart for N64

    3. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for N64

    4. Banjo Kazooie for N64

    5. Banjo Tooie for N64 (probably my favorite game of all time!)

    6. Mario Kart for DS

    7. Wii Sports Resort (that counts as a video game, right?) for Wii

    8. Crash: Mind Over Mutant for Wii




    I don't currently have a 9. or a 10., because most of the other video games I've played weren't my type. In any case, those two are reserved for Portal and Portal 2, as I hope to get them for Christmas!

  4. "This page has heard a lot of stuff about the rollercoaster tycoon franchise and you guys are going to be very happy in your future."


    I don't know about this... Whenever anyone has told me I would be happy in my future, something has gone horribly wrong and/or the result was a pile of junk. I'm not exactly as patient as a could be right now, so those people had better hurry up!

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