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  1. But Wes, love has no age; neither do relationships.


    And, to those of you who think it's a "100% divorce rate", it's only because you're not married and neither are your parents or their friends. The majority of my friends have happily married parents; as do I.


    And about high school, most of you are, to some extent, correct. However, some of my friends report having been "in love"; their theory being that you can't know love until it's taken away from you. Of course, it's high school, so you have a giant student body getting crazy and horny off of hormones, so you'll notice a large amount of students have "boyfriends" and "girlfriends" even though they never speak or interact with one another.

  2. Sorry to triple post, but I've got some VERY Six Flags news:

    We are currently planning a new area in the Ontario park. It will be themed to the hero Batman (as well as other characters such as Joker, Riddler and Penguin). This will essentially be tacked on to the Spanish/Mexican area and will be a dead-end. Currently, 3 rides (two of them, roller coasters) are on the priority list, although in later years more rides may make their appearances. The first ride will be a clone of the ever-popular Batman: the Ride found at many other Six Flags locations. The second is a "shuttle" roller-coaster (the technical name of which is "Boomerang"), relocated from another park in Europe and re-themed to the Riddler. The final ride planned for opening day is the Blizzard River, a get-wet rapids ride with a layout unique for its theme; there is a relatively lengthy underground portion. On to photos:

    Riddler's Revenge.BMP

    Batman area.BMP

    Jokers' Cafe.BMP

    Blizzard river.BMP

    Batman second half.BMP

    Gotham Layout.BMP

    See you opening day!

  3. UUUUUUUUUUUgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


    Some kids' freaky paranoid parent people complained to the school board that their kids would, quote, "roam the streets" when they left the exam rooms all week two weeks from now. So, of course, the "concerned" (read= evil) school board wondered, "hey, why not tack on another two and a half hours of regular class AFTER the kids' exams? And for almost every exam day, too!".


    So, of course, EVERYONE has to suffer because a few (maybe about 4) kids, who happened to live near the head offices of our board, were just crazy enough to have to stay in school three hours longer. And this means I can't visit my friends, buy ice cream, work on RCT2 projects or even just take a well-deserved early afternoon nap.


    If I ever go to Dorval (the place where the board makes its "big decisions" [read= evil schemes; mischievous plots; money-wasting plans]), I've got a couple things I'd like to say.


    Today, the local "Six Flags Ontario" park officially ended their new Chupacabra coaster's test phase. The first to ride the roller coaster were the park's General Manager Robert Adelin, the people who worked on marketing it, the engineers who constructed and designed it, and one lucky lottery-winning guest who does not wish to reveal their identity. Here is the official photo, provided by the park's marketing team:


    The ride is sure to put this park up there with the largest, most famous ones in America; the park expressed its desire to attract at least as many guests as Toronto's Paramount Canada's Wonderland amusement park.

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