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  1. ^Rick Santorum is a politician, not a celeb.


    My list:

    1. Nicki Minaj - She looks like she has a weird disease and she sings like she's a small rodent.

    2. The entire cast of Jersey Shore - I swear you lose brain cells just thinking about it.

    3. Kristen Stewart - She could probably pull off the role of a zombie without actually trying.

    4. Skrillex - Untalented and nothing more.

    5. Justin Bieber - I don't hate him, I just think his music is annoying and repetitive. Really it's his fans that make me upset.

  2. A list:


    Found almost every non-end and non-nether element. No strongholds though...



    Star Wars: Completed all six movies, unlocked all characters, bought all extra levels. And yet only about 50%.

    Harry Potter: My friends seem more fascinated by this than I, but it's still fun; just not as much so as Star Wars!

    Indiana Jones: Meh.

    Batman: Meh. My little brother keeps murdering Alfred.



    Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask: Found them really fun, but we got them used so we pretty much had everything unlocked.

    Phantom Hourglass: Not gonna lie, it kinda sucked.

    Twilight Princess: My dad bought a counterfeit copy that crashed my Wii after Link became a wolf. We got a new copy. Me gusta.

    Skyward Sword: I LOVE THIS. My favorite Wii game EVER.



    The only real PC game I like. I just love the almost limitless capabilities of it, and the graphics are better than those of its successor.



    I love anything and everything Mario. What can I say? I'm a Nintendo guy.

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