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  1. I know there are a lot of people complaining about the friend zone, but to be honest I've friendzoned people before, like my best friend, who kept making moves on me until I told her I didn't feel attracted to her... Or any girl, for that matter, but that's beside the point.

  2. I recently came out to my parents and I'm hoping to come out to my little brother soon. My parents were supportive, but I'm unsure about my brother; I fear he'll "talk the talk" but not "walk the walk". I'm also out to a few of my friends, who support me fully, despite what some of their die-hard Christian parents want them to believe. Not that I'm saying all Christians are anti-gay, just some people use religion as an excuse to hate.

  3. I've been thinking of doing another park designed to rival Canada's Wonderland and La Ronde. This time, however, it would remain a family-owned park, rather than just another park in the chain. It would, of course, be a timeline park, starting in the 1950's. I'm thinking of putting it in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia (or maybe even PEI). There is a problem though - I'm not good at scenery, and I want this park to look spectacular. I have the story, the ride lineup and the layout somewhere in my mind, and I can build the coasters, paths and landscapes, but if I try to do scenery I guarantee the park will be less-than-perfect. Help is appreciated!

  4. I don't really like buildings I've never been to/in. I just feel I can't claim they're my favorite buildings if I don't know them.


    Here are some I do know:



    Habitat 67 in the one and only Montréal! I've always been fascinated by it; and we pass by it every time we drive/bike to La Ronde (the building is at the foot of a bridge that leads to the park).



    The Eiffel tower... It's so beautiful and so ugly at the same time. My mom and I walked up every step to the second deck and gazed upon the city; it's so magnificent. I also got ice cream. Good times.



    Caerphilly castle is such a lovely place; never mind the lack of a roof.



    Another Montreal building from the 60's. It's the Olympic Stadium, or, as it's known in Montreal, the giant toilet bowl.


    Another "building" (I'm not sure if it qualifies) in Montreal I am in love with is the Underground City (RÉSO). Some cities have an underground city, but none as large as this one. It connects all the skyscrapers to all the malls to all the metro stations to all the rail stations to all the squares. Speaking of metro stations, all of those are works of art too; forget the drab, boring tube or the subway, the metro is fantastic.




    ^That one is my station!

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