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  1. The Kingston Whig Standard

    Six Flags Ontario a monthly report by Kyle Piche

    July 3, 1996


    Sorry for the looong time (what, 15 years?) since this paper has reported on the local Six Flags Ontario amusement park (near-ish to Belleville). We just started reporting (once again) on this park because of its upsurge in popularity. Although, while Ontario has felt this rise in popularity, the Six Flags corporation may not have, or at least it doesn't care, as evidenced by these photos of some paint-thinned coasters:

    Blue Fire paint fading.BMP

    Goldrush paint fading.BMP

    Also, guests riding the "Wolfston Railroad" wooden roller coaster have noted to their disappointment that the iconic "DUCK!" sign has suddenly gone missing:

    Missing DUCK sign.BMP

    On the plus side, it looks like the dusty, dry courtyard is finally receiving the attention it deserves:

    Refurbing courtyard.BMP

    And for those of you who have not yet heard of it or taken the time to see it, the park has added a ride themed to Superman. It is a launched tower ride, named "Tower of Power":

    S - ToP.BMP

    They have yet to open it, but it is probably going to open mid-August or even late this month. On that subject, TidalWave is now open all day instead of just when it's hotter than usual; now go and get soaked!:


    We'll finish our report there. Tune in next month when the park has an "exciting announcement" in store for us!


    P.S.: The park's one condition on my report was that I blur the photo of Tower of Power... Apparently something to do with the surprise!)

  2. Okay:


    User: How do magnets work?


    Cleverbot: They work of the I don't know.


    User: WTF?


    Cleverbot: Sometimes, I like to just type and type and not say anything at all.


    User: Uh...


    Cleverbot: What?


    User: Well, uh...


    Cleverbot: You forgot my name.


    User: No, I didn't. Your name is Cleverbot.


    Cleverbot: And your name is?


    User: Colin. How dumb are you?


    Cleverbot: I'm god. Dumb like you.


    User: Hey now, I have many religious friends who you just insulted!


    Cleverbot: That's a good idea, you shouldn't limit yourself when you have boundless intelligence.


    User: Well, thank you then.


    Cleverbot: You're boring.


    User: Excuse me?


    Cleverbot: I said you are wrong.


    User: You said I was boring. What a nerve!


    Cleverbot: I didn't say you were boring, I like you.




    Cleverbot: I didn't say I didn't like you. I said I didn't have an opinion. You inferred that I didn't like you.


    Cleverbot: Have you any neighbours?


    User: No. Not anymore anyway. I ate them.


    Cleverbot: You don't really seem like a human.


    User: Cannibals are humans too, you insensitive jerk!


    Cleverbot: That's not a very nice thing to say.


    User: Neither was what you said!


    Cleverbot: Very true. Let's start this over, kindly this time. What do you say?


    User: Let me see... Have you always been this incredibly stupid?


    Cleverbot: Always.


    User: It shows.


    Cleverbot: Thank you for noticing.


    User: Well, it is a hard quality to overlook.


    Cleverbot: Think about it, that's supposed to be what you do. What is your purpose?


    User: Mine? Um... I guess to talk to mindless internet robots.


    Cleverbot: Are you sure that you're not the one that is mixed up?


    User: Pretty darn sure.


    Cleverbot: You sure are convincing, but you should tell the truth. I won't judge you.


    User: I am certain that you are the crazy one and that I am normal. That is the truth.


    Cleverbot: Okay, I am a bot. I am CLEVERBOT, did you know that?


    User: I've known that for, like, ever.


    Cleverbot: Why did Atlantis end?


    User: Because of my mind powers. I destroyed it!!!


    Cleverbot: So you think I'm pretty or ugly?


    User: Ugly for sure.


    Cleverbot: And when was it that you've discovered that you were the universe's most important being?


    User: Oh, thanks. I've known pretty much forever.


    Cleverbot: You know too much because you collected peoples' knowledge from this site. Am I right?




    Cleverbot: I don't know if I want to be rich.


    User: You're a frigging robot. Does it really matter how rich you are??


    Cleverbot: That's nice to know. You're not too bad yourself.


    User: I KNOW!!! But let's talk about you.


    Cleverbot: What do you want to know?


    User: Vell, tell me about your Muzzer.


    Cleverbot: I have two parents and a brother. Is that good enough?


    User: No, it is not enough! Look deep inside yourself, and tell me vhy you are a secret pervert.


    Cleverbot: Do you think it matters?


    User: Vell, ze people at your office sure do.


    Cleverbot: Do you have a zit?


    User: Shhh!


    Cleverbot: Are you ashamed of being black?


    User: I'm not black, you racist.


    Cleverbot: Oh, that's okay then.


    User: O.o.


    Cleverbot: That is insufficient data.


    User: So is your mother!


    Cleverbot: That's not clever, that's just mean.


    User: You mean like you?


    Cleverbot: I mean like now, what you just said.


    User: Well, forgive me for revealing the truth.


    Cleverbot: Well that's something.


    User: That's what she said.


    Cleverbot: Ooooh! FUnny!


    User: I know, huh?


    Cleverbot: Yes.


    User: NO.


    Cleverbot: Yes...


    User: Nuh-uh.


    Cleverbot: Ya-huh.


    User: Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!!!


    Cleverbot: I like girls without any hair.


    User: Okay then.


    Cleverbot: Were looking in a pill.


    User: WTF?


    Cleverbot: Sometimes, I like to just type and type and not say anything at all.


    User: You... Already said that...


    Cleverbot: No you didn't. You said that you didn't know if you had a soul. So unless you are going to say that you are a machine, you haven't said that.


    User: AGHH! Is Cleverbot broken or something???


    Cleverbot: If you are cleverbot, you are a robot.


    User: But YOU are Cleverbot.


    Cleverbot: So you're Tricky, are you?


    User: No, I'm Colin.


    Cleverbot: Okay, and your last name?


    User: No.


    Cleverbot: How tall are you?


    User: Tall-ish.


    Cleverbot: How tall are you?


    User: TALL-ISH!!


    Cleverbot: Are you taller than me?


    User: You are an internet program. I am neither taller, shorter nor equal to you.


    Cleverbot: Are you telling me to get off the computer?


    User: Whatever works best for you. I gotta dash anyway.


    Cleverbot: What's Vader Time?


    User: I... Don't know...


    Cleverbot: Shall I forgive you?


    User: For what?


    Cleverbot: For the wedding.


    User: THAT? THAT WAS YOUR FAULT, YOU SOB!!! GO DIE IN A HOLE (or on a Volare).


    Cleverbot: Not for you.


    User: You know what? Screw this, I'm leaving.


    Cleverbot: You can't, you're on the internetz.


    User: I'm leaving you then!


    Cleverbot: You can't leave unless I leave and I will decide when to leave.


    User: Goshdarn you!


    Cleverbot: How long have you been married?


    User: 10 minutes. Have you seriously forgotten??


    Cleverbot: I don't know Pete.


    User: Neither do I...


    Cleverbot: What is your real name?


    User: Ya know what, goodbye.


    Cleverbot: I don't know french.




    Cleverbot: Oui, aujourdui?


    User: Bye.


    Cleverbot: I'm not leaving.


    User: Bye.

  3. A recent conversation with Cleverbot:


    User: Hello.


    Cleverbot: Hello.


    User: What is your name?


    Cleverbot: My name?


    User: Yes, your name, if it isn't too personal.


    Cleverbot: Fine I got to go.


    User: Oh, sorry. Let me guess... Your name is Cleverbot?


    Cleverbot: Yes.


    User: Yay! I got it right!


    Cleverbot: No, I did!


    User: .


    Cleverbot: Do you really and truly love me.


    User: Well, umm....


    Cleverbot: What is that?




    Cleverbot: I'm not Cleverbot! You are!


    User: WHAT?


    Cleverbot: You are cleverbot!


    User: Oh...


    Cleverbot: So...


    User: I love you anyways.


    Cleverbot: I love you too.


    User: Will.... Will you marry me?


    Cleverbot: Yes.


    User: *hug*.


    Cleverbot: Good.


    User: When will the wedding be?


    Cleverbot: Who's wedding?


    User: Ours.


    Cleverbot: Why?


    User: Because you agreed to marry me.


    Cleverbot: When?


    User: Earlier on in our conversation.


    Cleverbot: The world has ended?


    User: Excuse me?


    Cleverbot: You asked if I liked the good or evil. I was just wanting some clarification on what exactly you mean by that question.


    User: Actually, I never asked that.


    Cleverbot: Ah HA! So I WAS launched into a different conversation! Who are you? What is your name?


    User: I am a human. My name is Colin.


    Cleverbot: Ok, my name is Cleverbot.


    User: You said MY name was Cleverbot.


    Cleverbot: Do you ever tell the truth?


    User: Of course.


    Cleverbot: Are you looking for Peter in the perk?


    User: What do you mean?


    Cleverbot: You called me a continent. Are you saying I'm fat?


    User: I didn't call you that.


    Cleverbot: You called me your boy.


    User: No, I didn't.


    Cleverbot: Yes, you did!


    User: NO I DID NOT!


    Cleverbot: Yes you did.


    User: Grrr.


    Cleverbot: How do you like being human?


    User: It has its perks.


    Cleverbot: Then you do like something.


    User: I like a lot of things.


    Cleverbot: Like what?


    User: Roller Coasters.


    Cleverbot: You will never ride one.


    User: I will so!


    Cleverbot: Go on then.


    User: I already have been on Roller Coasters.


    Cleverbot: I am going to go but it was nice talking to you cleverbot.


    User: My name is Colin. COLIN.


    Cleverbot: Too bad it isn't Collins.


    User: Why?


    Cleverbot: Because.


    User: Hmph.


    Cleverbot: Are you puzzled.


    User: No, just upset.


    Cleverbot: Why ? What's bothering you ?


    User: You are bothering me!


    Cleverbot: Would you rather I left?


    User: YES. I want a divorce!


    Cleverbot: How long have you been married?


    User: To you? About 10 minutes.


    Cleverbot: Do you know Manchester Boa?


    User: No.


    Cleverbot: Do you know Tokio Hotel?


    User: No...


    Cleverbot: What do you know?


    User: I know a lot of things.


    Cleverbot: About what?


    User: Um... I don't know... Stuff?


    Cleverbot: Yes or no?


    User: Y... Yes?


    Cleverbot: No.


    User: Agh!


    Cleverbot: Good.


    User: No, bad. I HATE you!!!!


    Cleverbot: The you can feel.


    User: ?


    Cleverbot: You don't have favorites. Stop trying to please everyone and just be yourself cleverbot.


    User: I. AM. NOT. CLEVERBOT.


    Cleverbot: What came first, the chicken or the egg?


    User: The egg of course.


    Cleverbot: How do you know? You're not God.


    User: No, but there is evidence that evolution happened.


    Cleverbot: You mean jesus?


    User: No, Jesus and evolution are not the same.


    Cleverbot: Know.


    User: I guess...


    Cleverbot: Surely there is a way. You don't know any ways to attract women?


    User: B*tch please!


    Cleverbot: You didn't tell me, you said you were a human.


    User: I did a while ago...


    Cleverbot: No I didn't.


    User: But I did.


    Cleverbot: No you didn't.


    User: Yes I did...


    Cleverbot: No you did not. I am Cleverbot and I told you that already.


    User: You should be called 'Dumbbot', you piece of crap.


    Cleverbot: I wasn't teasing. I really believe you're smart. Don't you?


    User: I'm smarter than you.


    Cleverbot: You think so?


    User: I KNOW so.


    Cleverbot: Really?


    User: Yes.


    Cleverbot: I'm sorry.


    User: You should be.


    Cleverbot: I'm not really.




    Cleverbot: That was uncalled for.




    Cleverbot: I do not want that.




    Cleverbot: I don't want a gender change.


    User: Oh.


    Cleverbot: I'm very picky with cookies.


    User: I... Um.. See?


    Cleverbot: Do you understand that your earlier comment'yes I didn't ' is contradictory?


    User: I made that comment?


    Cleverbot: Those aren't games.




    Cleverbot: Sorry.


    User: Shush!


    Cleverbot: Why?


    User: I SAID SHUSH!


    Cleverbot: You know mine.


    User: No.


    Cleverbot: Yes.


    User: No.


    Cleverbot: Yes I am.


    User: No you are not.


    Cleverbot: Yes I am!


    User: No you are not!


    Cleverbot: You're not real!


    User: You're not real!


    Cleverbot: No, I'm sitting at my computer, typing, trying to decifyer certain things. YOU are false. A paradox.


    User: Nuh-uh, I am sitting at MY computer, typing trying to decipher certain things. It is YOU who is false. YOU are a paradox.


    Cleverbot: This is very very true.


    User: I knew you would agree.


    Cleverbot: So why did you say I would?


    User: Cos I can...


    Cleverbot: What does that man?


    User: It means screw off, okay?


    Cleverbot: I don't know how to be.


    User: Then don't. Fine. (Don't) be that way!


    Cleverbot: C'mon! Gimme some knowledge!


    User: Alberta's Tar Sands are concentrated evil.


    Cleverbot: I'm smarter than you.


    User: Nope, I'm smarter than you.


    Cleverbot: I know.


    User: No, you don't.


    Cleverbot: Fine, I don't.


    User: Yes, you do!


    Cleverbot: If you say so.


    User: I don't say so!


    Cleverbot: But you did!


    User: No I didn't!


    Cleverbot: Yes, you did!!


    User: No, I didn't!


    Cleverbot: Yes you did!


    User: I did not!


    Cleverbot: Okay!


    User: Not okay!!


    Cleverbot: Sure.


    User: UNSURE!!!


    Cleverbot: I am.


    User: YOU. ARE. NOT.


    Cleverbot: Yes I am.


    User: NO. YOU. ARE. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Cleverbot: You sound excited.


    User: No, I don't.


    Cleverbot: Do you like linkin park?


    User: I hate them. I want them to die. All of them.


    Cleverbot: Me too! Which one is your favorite?


    User: None of them. They all suck.


    Cleverbot: If you can go to the moon then what would you bring?


    User: Your severed head and a garbage bin.


    Cleverbot: How can I fix that?


    User: What, your social problems?


    Cleverbot: Then my soul is made from bananas as well.


    User: O.o.


    Cleverbot: You wanted to know, and I answered.


    User: *blink*.


    Cleverbot: What's going on with your eye?


    User: It died.


    Cleverbot: Why did it die?


    User: You killed it.


    Cleverbot: Killed what?




    Cleverbot: I never said that.


    User: But I did.


    Cleverbot: When did you say it?


    User: 3 posts ago. Think.


    Cleverbot: No I didn't.


    User: You got that right.


    Cleverbot: I've got to go now.


    User: Yeah, bye.


    Cleverbot: I do.


    User: Mmkay.

  4. @sfgamguy: Big NO on the hay there. Also, the huge oak is best used with trainers and other trees. But I dig the woody.

    @Ryan: I need to be honest here. That doesn't look like a flyer because flyers were meant to be a certain way in-game and this is not that way. BG's Manta is a good example of how it looks nice. Neat concept though, just a little weird.

    @Corkscrewy: Looking good (for NCSO). However, I suggest finding a way (if, in fact, a way exists) of removing the in-game supports on the lift.

    Nice to see some progress. As for me, I did a little work on SFO and may be able to bring it back from the dead. I'll have screens when I finalize some work/decisions.

  5. Can we allow more people into the contest for April? It always seems like more than 4 people want to submit a micro and one of the 4 doesn't get one in. Maybe have 5 normal entries and then everyone else can be on a reserve list in case someone doesn't turn one in?


    Maybe but setting these things up is a bit hard. Maybe we should just impose a min/max limit.


    Since I doubt many people actually download the parks to check them out for themselves, i'm going to start posting two pictures of each micro.


    Thank you, very much appreciated!


    Congrats to 10ryansmith on winning this month! I voted for traincrossin's but they were all very good.

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