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  1. Now that it's summer, I eat to pass the time. And I have a lot of time to pass.

    Same with me. And I really shouldn't be eating considering how overweight I am. Eating is one of the last things I should be doing this summer.


    I need to eat more and gain weight, which is not so hard considering all the cashew toffee ice cream my family buys...

  2. O Mighty Title Fairy, it is my honor to once again post in your thread, seeking a new title. If you so wish, I will hose off your servants, or make you a vegan chocolate-raspberry cake, or sell you my soul, in exchange for a reminder of your incredible powers (in the form of a custom title). May I, your Honor, request the title "Vive le... NPD" be given to me? I would be forever grateful, your Holy Highness.

  3. DJ: Nice, but I think your RCT2 is better than that LL; I don't think it's wise to do this project (if indeed that's what it is).

    Dotro: I don't like the brake run section; I think you should replace the low-to-ground turn before it with something more interesting and those corkscrews look too close to the drop to be smooth. Also, reverse the barrel roll's direction.

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