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  1. no SCREMO? how DARE you? haha naw my friends have changed me i used to be a rap person...
  2. i have setpmania! (or ghetto DDR as i like to call it) over 400 songs and two metal ddr pads (got them both for $100) well, no actually it never got delivered, so i called UPS raised some hell, and they said they send a new one, after that i ride my bike around neighborhood looking for it infront of peoples houses, sure enough i found it! and thats my '2 ddr pads for the price of one' story. but i'm actually pretty good (duh i'm asian) been playing for maybe a year now, and i can do the faster 10 footers, i suck at all slow songs.
  3. 1 Parktrips- top thrill DRAGster (i had to, i would never for the life of me ride) 2 usroadtripper- Journey to the center of rob 3 twister II- for the fact that he probably had to google 'man boob'
  4. is it just me or are logo's number 1 and 4 the same? number 4 is just shinier. well, they get my vote, as a redering of the coaster would not be that great a indication, as they arn't always accurate. and number 3 looks like simple word art.
  5. hahahahahaha wow your defantion of EMO hits me right on the head.. notice in the post above i stated 'i would shoot myself' no i am emo!
  6. ^^hey thats not nice! alot of my friends are emo... and people say im turning emo... but i refuse to listen to them! if i go emo, i'll shoot myself :o
  7. next contest could be parodying these entries.. or not, seems like this one will never end anyway. mark 'journy to the center of rob... up his butt' w.
  8. YAY FOR REASONING WITH PARENTS! well my dad came up to me and said "i looking into taking a road trip" and first thing out of my mouth is "ONLY IF WE GO TO CP!" and thats the story, it is actually quite a bit longer, but you get the idea. and i would like to be put on the list for "longest drive ever to get to an amusement park" list thank you very much! car from LA to ohio? **shudders** 34 freaking hours nonstop (according to mapquest) but im not sure if it will follow through, i actually hope it does. Mark "PLEASE CAN WE TAKE A TRAIN" W. PS has anyone actually taken amtrak? i see it stops in sandusky
  9. lol ^^^ you better hope he was being sarcastic!
  10. ok, this is goin good you guys, great job! but next time lets make it rtc3 please! havn't seen my copy of #2 in years and my magic mountain was so perfect! anyway, hows about we open it soon? see how the whole place works! see (best iron chef voice) WHOSE SCREAM REINS SUPREME! ahem... yeah
  11. lets put it this way, shall we? you are taking a bigger risk sitting in a LAWNCHAIR then you do riding a rollercoaster, i assume you are not afraid of lawnchairs, right? then again they can be pretty dangeruos ... no comment
  12. that bumps out quite alot, actually! considering the discontinued rollercoaster, giant drop ride, the riverrapids ride, etc. they all arn't actually themes, and rides like dunderhead sorta are, but who wouldn't go on them? sorry if i put down any of your pix im just pointing somthing out
  13. i just realized somthing, alot of these arn't really 'theming from hell' like it says they should be, just my two cents, so should we just vote for what we think is funniest? or the worst theme noone would want to ride like the rules state? (like journey to the center of rob)
  14. eh, thats sorta what i meant ^^^ (slushi) like i was wondering if they just provided slabs or somthing, because i didnt think vecoma would actually make the track themselves. i just felt like putting a little vecoma bashing in my post, because they bash us around all the damn time! but thanks for making me feel stupid!
  15. yes, it is weird, indeed anyway, i assume he just sells the steel, not track, am i correct? 'cuz if he helps make the track you should much him in the face! unless they made Space Mountain's track, in which case give em a cookie! if both, well, punch him in the face and be really sorry about it after!
  16. ^^ no it wouldnt... eh, creative and all, but i like bush :shock: , sorry!
  17. i speak 13 year old internet speak!, but i won't in a few weeks, then i'll speak 14 year old internet speak! anyway, i love themepark review because... computer class goes so much faster with it! friendly people who arn't spelling biotches! very active community elissa is HOTT! haha jk thanks for giving me somthing on the internet to do other then myspace!
  18. i actually thought it was extremely funny! mAyBE ThatS CUz Im AZN! KOREAN PRYDE
  19. ^^ im sorry about that fool, one day, maybe, just maybe, he will, JUST BELIEVE! annnyyway, hey elissa! can i get "please nuderstand the difference" ? or, "then god created donkeys, and it was good." eitherway, i'd apreciate it!! thanks a bundle! (crazy japanese!)
  20. deja vu gives airtime the exact same way superman the escape does. a freefall from the top of a vertical tower, jeez, its the exact same concept yet on one you say it's your best and the other you don't even think it gives airtime. but ill second the motion for S:TE having best.
  21. it probably feels more intense now because it lasts longer. and to clear up a few things i think the point he was trying to get across is that it is 'brake' not 'break' WOOHOO for spelling
  22. i think there's a good chance OE will stay. look at the picture below, i circled the end of the track, it doesnt seem to go under any paving, it just looks like it stops, like they removed a section, couple that with the fact that we heard they were doing just that from other websites, and it all looks probable im guessing they have to bring heavy vehicles and such across the OE area, and they didnt want to damage the track, thus the removal of a section. just my opinion though
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