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  1. Lena, awesome job! You got some great shots. The whale photos are beautiful and the shots of Dawn are a nice memory of her. I really love Sea World Orlando, I think it has come along way since I was kid, a really world class park. Love your trip reports, keep up the good work!
  2. Still a great ride and not a bad way to end the work day! I made it out to the park last week one night after work to check out the construction progress and experience some of the Summer Nights festivities before they end this weekend. I couldn't believe how many walls had gone up and the new pathway from the Edge of Africa looks pretty good. It will be good to hear an official announcement hopefully this fall. Here are a few photos I took. The park's Summer Nights program keeps the park open until 9pm or 10pm. This is late for Busch Gardens Tampa. I had to check out the new Walkabout Way. I must say this is the first time I have ever seen an albino Kangaroo. I thought the park could have made the look of Walkabout Way a little more elaborate. But the experience is pretty cool. How many places can you hand feed kangaroos? It was nice that the animals in Walkabout Way were able to free-roam around the exhibit. Hopefully this time next year, this view will look dramatically different. The new pathway from Narobi over to The Edge of Africa. Preview of good things to come! Other side of the new parthway. The Serengeti Safari's new loading/unloading area. Taking the new pathway to the Edge of Africa area near the Lion exhibit. Entering the Crown Colony area. For all the wall lovers, these next few photos are for you! Maybe the new coaster station? Feel the Speed! More of the Crown Colony area. Heading back to Narobi. Looking back at the Crown Colony area. Near the Narobi park entrance. That's it for this update. Glad to see so much progress is going on for next year's big attraction! Almost forgot, I checked out the Kinetix Summer Nights rock show. The stunts were pretty impressive!
  3. I totally agree. I had been so excited to finally ride Revolution after many years of wanting to ride since I was a kid. (After seeing the movie Rollercoaster) Once I did ride in 2008, boy did I get a major headache from the head banging on that ride. I wish I could have ridden it when it just had lap bars. I'm enjoying your trip report so far, looking forward to more updates! -Eric
  4. Our Europe tour closed with our last park day at Efteling in The Netherlands. Like the other European parks, Efteling was beautiful. The place was huge, lots of unique dark rides, coasters and atmosphere. We had ERT on the park's latest attraction, Joris en da Draak - dueling wooden coasters that had just opened a week before. I enjoyed both sides of the wooden coasters. Since they were new, they were very smooth, which is my kind of ride! The coasters feature a great animatronic dragon and a nicely themed station. We also had ERT on The FLying Dutchman. I actually really liked this water coaster type ride. The Flying Dutchman's station and queue were great. I enjoyed the small dark ride elements complete with fog, a storm and the large ship. I thought it was all pretty dramatic. If the inside dark ride portion could have been a little longer it would be perfect. Like the other parks on the trip I really enjoyed Efteling. It was a great way to end the trip. Onto the photos! Our home for the night, The Efteling Hotel. Park management welcomed us to the park and brought us to the coasters for ERT. First up, ERT on The Flying Dutchman water coaster. The queue building for Flying Dutchman was very well done. More of the outside of the Flying Dutchman. TIme for ERT on Joris en da Draak. Tour members enjoying ERT on Joris en da Draak. Crazy red eyes - OMG how did a Cylon get on this ride! On Joris en da Draak, the race is on to the finish line! The station was complete with waving flags and cheers for the winning side and boos to the loosing side. Joris en da Draak's queue featured a pretty cool looking vending machine. All of the park's flat rides were well themed, like this pirate ship. Efteling's mascot. Surprise, surprise - another beautiful park! Loved the large trees that filled the park. Snack time! Melissa with some type of waffle goodie. I have no idea what Alfredo was eating here? He said it was good though. I joined Andrew for his last slushee of the trip. Droomvlucht, the fairy-themed ride was a surprise of the day. I think we all really loved it. I loved Droomvlucht's entrance. After riding Droomvluch a couple of times, Melissa and Christine give their impressions of a fairy. Villa Volta, another madhouse attraction. Inside the pre-show of Villa Volta. It was a fun madhouse, but I'm going to have to stick with "Magic House" at Gardaland as being my favorite madhouse of the trip. Gorgeous. Into the hedge maze. I had always wanted to experience a hedge maze. The excitement lasted just a few minutes, before long, I was tired and ready for the exit! Cute spinning teacup ride where people are the items being cooked in a brew! Had a great last lunch with the tour group and locals that came out for the TPR day at the park. Vogel Rok, was a very cool indoor coaster in the dark, featuring lots of special effects. "The Real World TPR Europe" conquers Vogel Roc! The Carnaval Festival - It's A Small World like ride. The ride featured a catchy song, that was hard to get out of your head! In the storybook area. With awesome Christine on the acorn monorail type ride. More awesome people, Joey and Amy behind us. Looking in front of us. The park had a really nice 4-D movie called Panda Vision. From what I saw of it was well done (I fell aspleep through most of it). It was dark and air conditioned and the last day of the trip, we all were pretty tired The park had brightly painted live birds, is this even legal? I guess it is in The Netherlands! More of the storybook land. Famous crapping donkey. Inside this building housed a few neat attractions including a large miniature train display, a water fountain show and a very ornate old carousel. The rather old but beautiful carousel. We ended the day with a relaxing 20-minute boat cruise around the park. On the boat ride. On the boat ride. Efteling like the other parks on the trip, was absolutely gorgeous! Next up, our last night. Stay tuned!
  5. No! We walked through the room pretty fast - I thought it was just a statue! After looking through other people's photos I now know see that she was indeed a live person! I'm like you, if that had happened to me, I would freaked out!
  6. Cont. Mystery Castle looms in the background. I loved Mystery Castle, a indoor highly themed drop ride. The queue for Mystery Castle traveled through rooms featuring scenes like this one. River Quest was a different kind of themed river rapids ride. Alfredo and I on River Quest. The girls came prepared. River Quest featured lots of really cool elements not found on to many rapids rides. The splash battle boat ride. We didn't really battle anyone, so we had our own splash battle on our side of the boat. I see you hiding Spaceship Earth wannabe! Favorite area of the park, Old Berlin. This area of the park had a lot of charm. Loved that the park had costumed people wandering the streets. Absolutely gorgeous! The group enjoyed the cooling fountains, More of Old Berlin - kind of freaky how washed out this photo is, its like the end of the street just vanishes! More of Old Berlin. I don't usually go gaga for carousels, but this took the cake! That's it for this update. Next up our last park day on the trip. =( Stay Tuned!
  7. Phantasialand cont. Inside Wuze Town. Home to the unique coasters, Winjas: Fear and Force! Winjas got a thumbs up from Alfredo and Andrew. More whimsical theming of Wuze Town. The southwest section featured a very good mine dark ride. Colorado Adventure (aka Michael Jackson Thrill Ride) was a fun mine train coaster. The dueling log flumes! I LOVED Talocan! It was a pretty intense top spin! The park had an old wacky shack type attraction. I forgot how these attractions really mess with your equilibrium!
  8. Our last day in Germany our tour visited another beautifully themed park, Phantasialand. The park featured a very whimsical theme. The coasters were all great. Had great ERT on Black Mamba and Winjas. All I can say about these 2 coasters is wow! I loved all the unique elements of WInjas, a definite favorite of mine.And Black Mamba, loved the way it interacted with it's surroundings! Onto the photos! On our way back to ERT for Black Mamba. The African section of the park, like our hotel, Matamba was well done. Almost to Black Mamba! Andrew was happy to ride Black Mamba. During ERT on Black Mamba. What a fantastic ride! The other gorgeous on-property hotel, Ling Bao. Ling Bao hotel. Amazing details! Ling Bao borders the Chinatown section of the park, Inside Chinatown. More of Chinatown. Inside this building featured another cool Madhouse attraction. A whimsical area of the park, Wuze Town.
  9. Thanks guys! ^^I'll try to post Phantasialand later tonight when I get home from work. ^Glad I have a Blue Fire buddy!
  10. Our last day in Germany our tour visited another beautifully themed park, Phantasialand. The park featured a very whimsical theme. The coasters were all great and this place had a lot of charm. We stayed on property at the amazingly beautiful African themed hotel, Matamba. Along with Europa Park, both of these 2 parks have moved dangerously close to DisneySEA as being two of my all time favorite parks! First up, Hotel Matamba! Our hotel during our stay, Matamba at Pantasialand. The detailing of the hotel was fantastic. Hotel lobby. Looking down into the lobby. Looking up. Inside Fran and my room. Our roller coaster lover's dream view from our room! My awesome bed. Except for this. A closer look. Since I don't like snakes, I'm glad I didn't notice this till the next morning. But actually this shows how much detailing was put into creating this hotel. The second bedroom. More of the outside of the hotel. Coming up, our day at Phantasialand. Stay tuned!
  11. That reminds me of the time when we were going into Universal right after each other and the Universal team member did a double take after reading our annual passes. She gave us a look like are we trying scam her!
  12. Strike a pose Christine! The fair had a great ghost ride. On the haunted house dark ride, looks like Andrew and Alfredo enjoyed the last scare by a live actor at the end of the ride. Haven't forgotten you Olympia Looping! Christine and Melissa met some new German boys. Our group rocked! The fair was so much fun! Thanks to Robb and Elissa for arranging this special treat! Next up another favorite park on the trip, Phantasialand! Stay tuned!
  13. Continued: After the beer tent, we decided to check out the rest of the fair. The Real World Europe conquers the Wurzburg Fair! Oh and the fair had amazing food that I didn't get to enjoy from being stuffed from the festhaus tent. =( The fair had a pretty elaborately themed log flume. A gem of the fair, the Psychodelic House! The Psychodelic House was a fun-house 3D walk through where you got to where these fun groovy glasses! More groovy peeps! Everyone got in on the fun. The girls breaking it down in the The Psychodelic House. It was pretty trippy. I'm trying to make it through the spinning tunnel. Get down with you're bad self, Christine! Melissa met some new Austin Powers friends.
  14. Our next day Robb & Elissa, arranged for our group to visit The Wurzburg Fair in a small German town. The main perk was that we had ERT (extra ride time) on Olympia Looping. Olympia Looping is one of the largest traveling coasters to ever travel in the fair circuit. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever ride this coaster, so it was a great surprise to have this added to our tour! After ERT, we enjoyed a couple of hours in the festhaus-beer tent. Lots of yummy German food and entertainment. This was opening day of the fair so the town's mayor was on hand to kick off the opening ceremonies. It was a lot of fun and it was nice experiencing a true German activity. Onto the photos! On our journey through Germany to The Wurzburg Fair. There she is, Olympia Looping! It was pretty to cool to ride the rare Olympia Looping. 5 loops to represent the Olympic rings. A worker "lubing" up Olympia Looping for a smoother ride. With Christine and Olympia. After ERT on Olympia Looping it was time to spend a few hours in the festhaus beer tent for some festivities. Inside the beer tent. Since this was opening night of the fair, the mayor of the town was on hand to help kick-off the festivities. Christine and Melissa get into the spirit! As do Amy and Joey. TPR tour members enjoying the atmosphere. These were giant pretzels! There was so much food! This was for 2 people! Part of the kick-off tradition was to give away free beer from a keg. There were lots of TPR takers! Larry tries to climb the famous pole and ring the bell. As does Josh. Then Elissa tries. And then Ben. Then some of the locals decided to show us how it's done. They formed a human ladder. That's what I call teamwork!
  15. Thanks guys for all the nice comments! - I hope so, soon! Quoted for truth! I love this park! That walkthrough cave that interacts with the powered coaster and the log ride is one my favorite spots there. The World of Diamonds walkthrough was a true "gem" attraction. There is so much to explore in this park, I probably could spend 2 full days there!
  16. Good job on the video, it was a great way to re-live the fantastic trip!
  17. Europa Park Continued. We now head over to Portugal for Atlantica Supersplash. Animated scene in Atlantica's queue. The drop was pretty cool. Other than the drop and the little backwards part, I guess this and Journey to Atlantis at SWT aren't that exciting to me. The theming on Atlantic was nice, just wish there was more to the ride. Pirates in Batavia was a great Pirates knock off boat ride. Pirates in Batavia was well done, but I got to give it to Gardaland's Pirate boat ride for being my favorite. Real Worlders on Pirate's. The Jungle Rafts were nice. The Jungle Rafts featured a few animated village scenes. In the Italian section of the park. More gorgeous theming. Ghost Castle was the park's version of the Haunted Mansion. Ghost Castle was pretty elaborate. Am I the only one that swears they saw 3 KKK figures in one of the scenes during the ride? Ciao Bambimi is a cute small world like dark ride. Andrew met some new friends while in Russia. Riding "Bench the Ride". Actually it's called Sleigh Ride "Snowflake", a animated children's ride. Check out that slide! Car ride. On a relaxing boat cruise. This boat ride was very calming. The Puppet Boat Ride was nice. But featured creepy clowns! Alfredo and I survived the creepy puppet boat ride. As did Amy. More creepy puppets. I was surprised by how much the boats spun! Gorgeous! In England. Usually I don't care that much about riding bumper cars, but how cool are these! Football Scooter was awesome! These are the coolest themed bumper cars I have ever riden! We ended our day on the Fjord-Rafting river rapids ride in the Scandinavia section of the park. Fjord-Rafting river rapids ride - will Larry and Andrew get soaked on this ride? Or will this side of the boat get it? Actually none of us got too drenched. Unfortunately this concludes our stay at the Europa Park and Hotel Colesso. What an amazing time! Time to get back on the road. Next stop a traditional German Fair - stay tuned!
  18. ^ I really wanted to check out the Gardaland Hotel's pool too! I guess it gives another reason to come back someday! When we arrived in Germany, we spent a day and a half at my favorite park of the trip, Europa Park. This park was gigantic! Featured gorgeous gardens and agazillion attractions all themed to many different European countries. I highly recommend this great park and resort. Words can't describe the awesomeness of this place so I'll let the photos do the talking! We have made it to one of my new all-time favorite parks and favorite park of the trip, Europa Park. Entrance plaza/German section of the park. Entrance plaza/German section of the park. Entrance plaza/German section of the park. Colorful arcade in the entrance plaza/German section of the park. Fountain in Germany. Monorail station. Monorail gliding through Germany. Europa Park really rivals in my opinion as being one of the most beautiful parks in the world! The first morning at Europa Park, we had ERT on the awesome Blue Fire coaster. Blue Fire features a small dark ride portion, then an incredible launch, multi inversions and lots of speed! I fell in love with this coaster that morning! Cameron and Renee were excited to ride Blue Fire too! Joey and Amy during ERT on Blue Fire. Blue Fire I miss you Blue Fire =( Along with Blue Fire, the park's newest attraction, Whale Adventures Splash Tours round out the Iceland section of the park. More gorgeous scenery! On the way to the park's wild mouse coaster. "The Real World TPR Europe" In line for the wild mouse coaster, Matterhorn-Blitz. Even the queue for the wild mouse had great theming! Lots of nice animated farm house scenes. Joey and Amy on Matterhorn-Blitz. More flowers! Another coaster credit, The Swiss Bob Run. Looks like Alfredo already won the bobsled race! Amy on the The Swiss Bob Run. Next up, another favorite coaster of the trip, the awesome Euro-Mir! Euro-Mir is this weird but amazing spinning coaster like no other I have ever ridden. The techno Euro-Mir song stays with you long after you get off the ride! I see you Blue Fire! The French area of the park. More of the gorgeous French area. Next up was Eurostat, the park's space themed indoor coaster in the dark. Another highlight of our time at Europa was on the second morning at the park, we had ERT with the lights on Eurostat, it was great! The queue for Eurostat was pretty trippy. The park even had a dinosaur themed ride named Universe of Energy. Sound familiar? It was actually pretty good. We grabbed lunch at a cheese counter. Even though the cheese shop/counter smelled absolutely gross, it was really good. And the best part was that they had ice for the drinks! Heading over to the Greek section. This area featured a Atlantis themed shooting dark ride. But the main draw for most people in the Greek section is Poseidon, a pretty good water coaster. Poseidon's entrance. Andrew and I in line for Poseidon. Loading area. Poseidon was fun, a little rough. Splash! Since it was really hot out, I wish we could have gotten more wet. Another awesome perk of our time at Europa was on the second morning we had unexpected ERT on Silver Star. It was great! Thanks again to Robb for aranging this fantastic surprise! Silver Star in the distance. Some of the group on SIlver Star. I know some people thought Silver Star wasn't that thrilling, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. The mine train coaster. The mine train coaster, Alpine Coaster "Enizian" was actually a lot of fun. The mine train coaster, Alpine Coaster "Enizian". An animated scene in Alpine Coaster Enizian's queue. A surprise of the mine train was the indoor section that traveled through "The World of Diamonds" walk through. The Flume traveling through the World of Diamonds. World of Diamonds featured a mining group of trolls. To exit the World of Diamonds, you walked through this underground street. Featuring lots of little buildings as Amy trys to explore. Lots of animated windows. The mine train and flume. Log Flume. Andrew as always, was overjoyed to have a slushie or ice cream.
  19. Once arriving in Germany, we stayed at a fantastic resort for 2 nights, the Hotel Colosseo at the Europa Park Resort. It was funny now that I think about it, we left Italy, arrived in Germany and now was staying at a Italian themed hotel! But what a gorgeous hotel to stay at! Every inch of this hotel was gorgeous. Along with Europa Park, this was probably my favorite stop on our tour. This photo update is just for the amazing hotel, next update will include lots of photos from Europa Park. Stay tuned! New country credit, Germany! Our gorgreous hotel for the next 2 nights, the Hotel Colosseo at the Europa Resort. Inside the lobby. Inside the lobby, looking up. The lobby's ceiling. Through the lobby and you enter the main plaza area of the Italian themed hotel. Complete with Roman Colosseum style steps. More of the main plaza. The plaza featured many cafes and bars. A view from Fran and my hotel window. Another view from our window. I loved this hotel! A more secluded area of one of the hotel's cafes. Beautiful flowers lined many areas of the hotel. The children's pool area. The hotel's main pool was located at the base of the backside of the Colosseum. Some of my fellow "Real World Europe" castmates enjoying a swim. The main outside pool had a river that connected into the inside pool/spa area. The indoor pool/spa area. The main restaurant was elegant featuring dozens of lit candles decorating the dinning rooms. Our group enjoyed a delicious meal. As did Derek, Amy and Joey. As the sun set, the hotel really came to life. Enjoying the view from the Colosseum steps with Melissa and Christine. With my awesome roommate and new friend, Fran. Elissa thanks again for pairing us up, I thought we were a great match! The girls enjoying the evening. The Colosseum was gorgeous at night! Some of the Real World Europe cast hanging out in the "Cave" bar. After awhile we then moved to the lounge for a few drinks. Hotel Colosseo was fantastic, a top notch resort! Next up: agazillion photos from our 1 & 1/2 days at my favorite park of the trip, Europa Park. Stay tuned!
  20. ^Thanks Jordan! You are so right. I still don't know what happened in that Terminator thing. It was so weird! It was such an epic fail, so much possibility. I'm not sure what was more disturbing - the shortness of the "show/experience" or at least in our group's pre-show room a dozen school kids started to laugh uncontrollably during the part where the earth gets nuked!
  21. ^ & ^^ Thanks Alfredo and Davon! You guys are too kind. Davon - lol- You didn't ruin the Magma fire photo, actually it looks like your chin is going to catch on fire! And I loved your Europe trip report - keep up the good work! Alfredo - I'm loving your Europe trip report on Facebook! You got some great pictures of the Alps too. I took agazillion photos of the Alps, out of about 100 photos, the 20 I posted of the Alps in this thread are the only ones that kind of came out ok!
  22. After leaving Italy we took a long, but beautiful drive through the Swiss Alps to get to our next stop in Germany. We enjoyed a long dinner rest stop in Switzerland. All I can say is that the Alps are amazing. Leaving Italy. During the bus ride, Fran won his very own Prezzemolo! Gorgeous! At the Swiss border. Yeah, new another new country credit! I felt like I was looking at a model railroad train set. We stopped for a long nice dinner. Enjoying dinner with Renee in the Swiss Alps! The air was so crisp and clean up here. With the lovely Melissa and Christine enjoying the beautiful Alps! Back on the road. Breathtaking. Another amazing view! That's it for now. Next stop: Europa Park! Stay tuned!
  23. ^Thanks! Our last day in Italy consisted of a visit to Movieland Studios theme park. As people had warned us, Movieland Studios was like Universal Studios without any type of rules. I don't think movie licensing was a real issue to the park. They seemed to have attractions based on whatever movie they wanted. Even though the park was kind of small and the operations on a few of the attractions were kind of bad, it is a cool little park. Next to the Studios, was home to Aqua Studios water park, which we didn't have time to check out. From the people that did do the water park, they said it was a lot of fun. I think Movieland Studios has a lot of potential. Onto the photos! On our way to Movieland Studios. More of the Italian countryside. Movieland Studios entrance, looks kind of familiar. The park had some nice movie theming. These type of rides are fun except this particular one scared the crap out of me since my shoulder restraint moved about 2 inches during the ride. I guess it was a true thrill ride! The Bedrock area of the park. Even though the flume was compact, it was a lot of fun! An interesting ride. Christine and I enjoyed, Shag: The Ride! As did Alfredo and Drew. The Magma attraction had fire so it was awesome! And lots of water too! We checked out the park's Terminator 2: 5D End Game attraction. Too bad it wasn't as awesome as we had hoped it would be. But at least 3D glasses were involved! Time to head out and leave beautiful Italy! The countryside was gorgeous. Next stop, a dinner stop in the Alps! Switzerland is next, stay tuned!
  24. We stayed till close both nights and somehow we missed the fountain show by Rasmes - thanks for documenting the show!
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