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  1. Got to love social media and how fast news can spread - already on the St, Pete Times website. http://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/cheetah-hunt-ride-delayed-on-opening-day/1172137 This post really pissed me off: "I will be demanding a full refund of my admission today and canceling my annual pass because of the failed attempt of the so called opening of cheetah hunt!" posted Antonio De La Garza. "We waited in line after line just to be turned away!" It's called common sense, get out of line and the sun and due something else! They should take his pass away form him, they don't owe him anything. Sometimes I really hate people.
  2. 'Macho Man" Randy Savage was killed this morning in a car crash in Seminole, FL the town I live in.
  3. Part 5: Day at Sea One of my favorite times on a cruise ship are the days at sea. It's fun exploring the entire ship and experiencing the ship's many different activities. From solving a mystery around the ship, playing a round of golf, and taking a bunch of rides on the AquaDuck water coaster slide, we had a blast! Onto the photos, enjoy! Kevin started the day at sea with a nap. With my Aunt exploring more of the ship. We spent part of the morning helping the Midship Detective Agency solve a case of missing paintings. This was actually a lot of fun. Think of Kim Possible at Epcot but with a interactive mystery that takes you around the whole ship. The ship's art gallery. Classic Disney character art. Bumped into Tink. Had lunch at Cabana's buffet. Cabana's is themed to the movie Finding Nemo. The restaurant features gorgeous mosaics. All of the Magic Kingdom's castles from around the world are represented, including Disneyland. and Walt Disney World's The Magic Kingdom. Tokyo Disneyland. Disneyland Paris. I loved the details in Cabana's. And finally a Nemo friend. The fitness center overlooks the water, a pretty nice setting. Sport's deck basketball court. Had fun playing a round of mini golf. Kevin got a hole-in-one! Overview of the main sun deck, 2 family pools and AquaDuck. Met up with our captain of the cruise, Donald Duck. Time for a highlight of the cruise, a few rides on the AquaDuck waterslide. AquaDuck was a lot of fun! AquaDuck is Kevin approved! The ship's video arcade. We loved the adults-only hot tubs. I promise, I really wasn't in the tub fully-clothed! Our view from the hot tubs. Currents is the adults only coffee/snack bar. We got attacked by Captain Hook! You never know who you will bump into! Up next, I'll finish this TR with a character farewell party and my final thoughts and comparisons of the Disney Dream to other cruise lines. Stay tuned!
  4. Thanks Joey and Renee! Part 4: Castaway Cay Our next day was a full day on Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. It was gorgeous. What I liked was that our cabin key card worked on the island just like on the ship. We paid for snorkeling equipment and any shopping with our card. It was great. The BBQ beach style picnic was plentiful, yummy and like the food on the ship was included. The island had lots of activities for every type of person. Snorkeling, parasailing, glass bottom boat rides, plenty of different beaches (including an adults only beach), wet/dry playgrounds for the kids. One of the best things was the tram system that picked you up at the dock and made 4 stops around the island, very convenient. Kevin enjoyed the island but felt that it was too much like a theme/water park. He thought it seemed too perfect and would have liked it to be a little more wild/natural. He felt it was like Disney went in and probably killed every bug on the island so it wouldn't be a nuisance to the guest. I still liked it a lot and was perfect for me. Onto the photos! Kevin and I in Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. With my aunt. Castaway Cay was gorgeous. With Paula and the Dream in the distance. Castaway Cay features adults only and family friendly beaches. Did a little bit of snorkeling. Saw a few fish. Disney had placed man made coral reef balls to help attract coral to grow. Every so often you would find pieces of a shipwreck, which was pretty cool. Some of the island's shops. With some friends. Good-bye Castaway Cay, you were perfect. Hello again, Dream. Once back on the ship, it was "Pirate" themed night. When asked what my aunt would like for dessert, she said she was full. So our awesome waiter brought this plate in which she got a kick out of. Our entire dinning staff took great care of us throughout the cruise. Pirate night ended with a outdoor pirate stage show and a bunch of firworks. This isn't a good example, I didn't have the best view, but it was fun. Next up our Final day at sea, exploring the rest of the ship including The AquaDuck! Stay tuned!
  5. Part 3: After our day at Atlantis, we had an amazing dinner in The Animator's Palate. Themed as an animator's drawing studio, during dinner, the entire room transforms to the underworld of FInding Nemo. Crush, the totally awesome turtle from the movie interacts with the dinning guests. If you have ever done Turtle Talk at one of the many different Disney parks, this is very similar. After dinner we explored the ship's 21 and up nighttime area called "The District". This area is home to 5 clubs and lounges where parents can enjoy a night without the kids. Onto the photos! Kevin near the main lobby. Tonight's rotational dinning features dinner at the Animator's Palate. Theming was awesome! Cool little touches on our table. Crush interacting with dining guests. Can't decide on dessert? Than try a little of each! Our entire group agreed that our favorite dining experience was the Animator's Palate. Time to check out "The District" a 21 and up only section of the ship that features about 5 bars and clubs. First stop, The District Lounge, Features live entertainment. Pink, is a cozy and elegant champagne lounge. Skyline, a very cool lounge, through "video windows" features a different view of a city skyline from around the world, that changes every 15 minutes. Evolution, is the ship's dance club. Features a pretty cool butterfly themed lighting ceiling. 687, a sports bar showing all types of games on a dozen t.v.s. That concludes tonight's update. Next up our day at Cast Away Cay, stay tuned!
  6. As far as I know, you can visit the waterpark, Aquaventure and most the resorts marine exhibits only if you: - Are a guest staying at Atlantis. - Are a guest staying at an Atlantis affiliated or owned resort. (This is what we did). - On a cruise line shore excursion. Most cruise lines that visit Nassau have shore excursions that visit Atlantis. I believe on our cruise if you wanted to just visit "The Dig" Aquarium it would cost you around $35.00. Our cruise 's "Aquaventure Shore Excursion" cwas around $165 per person. This included a day pass to the water park, "The Dig" and all of the marine attractions. Note: When you have admission to the waterpark, it includes all slides, pools, rivers, beaches and marine exhibits. It doesn't not include animal interaction up-sell tours/experiences. I have heard that there is possibility in off season, you may be able to walk up to the resort and buy a day pass to Aquaventure. But there are no guarantees that this will be available. The resort will want to make sure that their guests and even booked tours have priority. I think I did read somewhere when a day pass was available, it was over $100.00 per person. I believe walking in off the street, you can purchase an admission to "The Dig" aquarium from between $25-$40 anytime. And all of the resort's public areas, lobbies, casinos, mall, many of the restaurants and some aquarium exhibits are free for anyone to roam around at no charge.
  7. Not sure if it is the same show as in Hong Kong. The Dream's version includes a new number from the recent Disney film Tangled. Since I haven't seen the older version of the show on the other Disney ships, not sure of the other changes. Maybe Reed can explain the differences or someone who has been on both? Aquaventure Paradise Island does include 2 Master Blaster slides (The Falls and The Surge) as part of the Power Tower slide complex. I didn't have my camera when we were over at the Power Tower complex. =( "The Current" lazy/rapids river I believe is similar to Dubai that brings guests via belts to the top of the Power Tower, the master blaster slides and 2 different rapids slides. There is also a typical relaxing lazy river that is in the older part of the resort.
  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words! Part 2 features our day in Nassau. My relatives wanted to shop and Kevin and I wanted to go to Atlantis. Due to a work related trip, Kevin wasn't able to board our ship in Port Canaveral. So he flew into Nassau the night before we arrived and stayed at the Comfort Suites on Paradise Island. Once I arrived into Nassau I met him over at his hotel and we walked over to Atlantis. A major perk with Kevin staying at the Comfort Suites was that it is owned by Atlantis and all of their guests get full access to all the pools, Aquaventure water park, aquariums and marine exhibits. This helped us save a little bit of money instead of doing the ship's shore excursion to Atlantis. Since Kevin works for an aquarium, he was really excited about checking out all the exhibits. They were pretty elaborate. I really enjoyed the water park. "The Current", a combo of a lazy river meets a wave pool was awesome. Through a series of conveyor belts it was great to not have to get out of your tube and be brought up to the 2 Masterblaster slides and 2 rapid slides. Even though it is really pricey and can be confusing to navigate, I'm glad that we spent the day at Atlantis, we had a blast. Onto the photos! The DLounge, a family lounge that host game shows and character dance party. Later in the evening the wall with circles moved to reveal a pretty cool video wall that wrapped around most of the lounge. A scene from one of my more recent favorite Pixar movies, Ratatouille. The adults only Meridian lounge and cigar deck. Meridian was quite cozy in the evening. Palo, one of the 2 up-charge adults only restaurants. Loved Palo's glass chandelier. As you can see most of the tables in Palo have a fantastic view. Palo features fine Italian cuisine. Remy, the other up-charge restaurant features fine French cuisine. This view tells us that we made it to Nassau. We made it to The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Inside one of the Atlantis lobbies, a beautiful Chihuly glass sculpture. Yeah finally met up with Kevin! One of the resort's many aquarium windows. Kevin was very excited to see Manta Rays. The Dig, is a highly themed labyrinth full of more gorgeous aquariums. Inside The Dig. Hello large Manta. Inside "The Dig". To get ready for our upcoming Gaga concert, Kevin found his "Little Monster" costume. After "The Dig" it was time to enjoy the resort's water park, Aquaventure. Aquaventure. Aquaventure consisted of a dozens of tropical themed pools. The Mayan Temple features a variety of slides. One of the more popular slides is Leap of Faith, a free fall slide that travels through a shark infested lagoon. "Serpent Slide" was our favorite slide of the day. This enclosed slide ends in a slow moving river that travels through the shark habitat. Splashers is the resorts water fortress/playground. The "Current" lazy river. More of the "Current" lazy river. Challenger Slides are a pair of racing waterslides that are connected to the Mayan Temple. "The Abyss" body slide empties through a waterfall and into The Cenote' - an underground lair of prehistoric alligator gars and fish. We made a stop to enjoy a few refreshing beverages. Who doesn't loves shark tunnels! Shark tunnels rock! That's it for Atlantis. Up next our day on Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. Stay tuned!
  9. Part 1: This past February some relatives, Kevin and I took a 4 night Bahamas cruise aboard the new Disney Dream. I had never been on a Disney cruise before. I had always wanted to but always went with a cruise line that was a little more reasonable. Last summer I earned employee of the quarter at work and I was able to book this cruise as my reward. I figured I'd use the reward on something I normally wouldn't do. What can I say, the ship was gorgeous we had a great time! Disney service was fantastic and since I love Disney, all the special extra details around the ship made for a magical cruise. I'll give my cruise line comparisons and final thoughts of the Disney Dream and Disney Cruise Lines at the end of my trip report. But first up: Part 1 of my photos! This update includes our first day, boarding the ship and exploring some of the areas of the ship. Enjoy! Arriving at Port Canaveral ready to board the Dream. While waiting to board the ship, my aunt and I with our cruise director, Minnie. A cool model of one of the other Disney Cruise Line ships in the terminal. First sight once onboard the Dream, the beautiful main lobby. Off the main lobby lies the Bon Voyage bar. Gorgeous artwork throughout the ship. Once on board, we had lunch in the Enchanted Garden Dining room. Modeled after a French garden, the Enchated Garden magically transforms from day to night during the course of your meal. Pretty clever. Checked out my relatives balcony room. Looked similar to the balcony cabins on Royal Caribbean, but the major plus on Disney is the 2 bathroom setup - a toilet and sink in one part and the tub and sink in the other part. Wish more cruise lines had this design. I've never been so excited to book an inside cabin as I was booking on the Disney Dream. If you don't know, on the Dream and soon to be sister ship the Fantasy, inside cabins have virtual port hole windows that broadcast live video footage of outside the ship. It does really seem like you have a porthole. Every 15 minutes or so, a Disney character may pass by your porthole for a little bit of Disney magic! Exploring more of the ship: It's A Small World Nursery. It's A Small World Nursery. It's A Small World Nursery was too cute. Disney's Oceaneer Club and Lab are highly interactive areas just for kids ages 3-10. Part of Disney's Oceaneer Club and Lab - Andy's Room from Toy Story. Part of Disney's Oceaneer Club and Lab - Monster's Inc. play area. Vibe - a private club for teens. More of the cozy Vibe private club for teens. Vibe is home to individual gaming and iPod stations. Vibe even has a private sundeck complete with a wadding pool, hot tubs, game tables and a smoothie bar. Part of the main shopping area. The ship has about 6 different shops and boutiques. We closed our first night on the ship with a broadway type production show "The Golden Mickey's" in the Walt Disney Theater. The 2 story theater was gorgeous. Even thou the Golden Mickey's is not unique show to the Dream, we found it very entertaining. That's it for now. Up next more exploring of the ship and a full day at Atlantis and Aquaventure. Stay tuned!
  10. We had "Whoomp There It Is" Tag Team perform at our Grad Nite in '94. I missed the show, spent the night riding the rides.
  11. I've also only seen 8 of the 10 nominated films. (Haven't seen The Fighter or 127 Hours). Based on what I have seen, I would love Inception to win, but I know it won't. It felt like the most original story I have seen in a long time. The King's Speech and Black Swan both are favorites of mine from this awards season. Toy Story 3 and The Kids Are Alright were both charming. Winter's Bone was a good surprise, pretty gritty. I enjoyed the Social Network's score a lot, thought the story was interesting considering it took place only a few years ago. It was nice to see a college movie not about screw ups. True Grit was good for a western, but I hate westerns, so I found it boring. But I thought Hailee Steinfeld did a great job considering she was in almost every scene. I saw Rabbit Hole recently and thought Nicole Kidman did a fantastic job, also felt Aaron Eckhart was overlooked. In my opinion, that was the best performance I have ever seen him do. Also enjoyed Michelle Williams performance in Blue Valentine and thought Jeffery Rush was great in The King's Speech.
  12. The Gaga class is epic, I soooooooooo want to do it! I think a TPR cruise Gaga class takeover led by Piers would be amazing. And I'm digging the "Atlantis cruise night" dive show too. =p Love the look of this ship. Thanks for all the updates!
  13. Last night's episode was not one of my favorites, but "Take Me or Leave Me" from RENT was awesome! Rachel and Mercedes knocked it out of the park! Best quote of the episode for me was from Brittany to Rachel: "When people look at you, they don't see what you're wearing. They see a cat getting its temperature taken and then they hear it screaming."
  14. Screamscape/BGTNation are reporting that the park's wild mouse Cheetah Chase is being renamed " Sand Serpent". I guess this way there won't be any confusion between the 2 coasters.
  15. Reed, sorry so late to this - you did a fantastic job showing this ship off - Thank you! I appreciate all the photos. We leave for our cruise on the Disney Dream a week from today and this has made us look forward to it even more! Glad you had a good time!
  16. Gwazi was still running awesome yesterday. I understand that it was slow, but I was sad to see only one side was open. So no dueling like a few weeks ago. =(
  17. Awesome job as always Lena! Great shot in Twister. Bad Girl is one of my least favorite songs, but one of my favorite M videos! I've always found Christopher Walken creepy, but I love him! He was cool in the music video and the Disaster attraction. For all the non-M freaks out there that have no idea what we are talking about, here is the video in reference. Cira early 90's/Sex book Madonna. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmX29GpZMvc
  18. So I checked out the new trains on Sat. I had a nice surprise and bumped into Jake and Dave at the Gwazi station right after opening. We hung out for the rest of the day along with Dave and Jake's friend's Nate and the Adams. Had a blast! Gwazi must have had an Exorcism, because the evil is gone! The ride is much better, a lot smoother. It's an intense ride, still not smooth as glass but a MAJOR improvement. Another plus about the new trains is that they are gorgeous and very comfy! Best surprise, I couldn't believe that they were dueling from opening till closing. I haven't see that in years! The last few years, if I didn't have to, I would skip Gwazi. I think on Sat. I rode from open to close almost 10 times and didn't get a headache! That's a major thumbs up from me! After riding Gwazi in the morning, Kevin came by for a bit to check out the new Walkabout Way. So we were totally suckered into feeding the Kangaroos and buying the phtos, but we loved it! Jake, Nate, Dave and I on one of our last chilly Gwazi rides of the night.
  19. Will, these came out great. I've got to get a better camera, especially one that takes good photos at night.
  20. Such awesome memories! Europa Park is now my 3rd favorite park of all time. We had such a blast, I'm with Melissa I would completely do this entire trip again in a heartbeat! That is Sacrilege talk!
  21. Great trip report! I have always wanted to tout Sally's main headquarters. Very interesting, thanks for the info!
  22. An awesome preview of this Tuesday's upcoming episode "Never Been Kissed" Could this be Kurt's future boyfriend? Warning: this features the complete performance by a new character, don't watch if you want to be surprised. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuGa3ZfAKpk
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