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  1. ^ You are going to need to put supports on the other side of the tower to reach the track. There is going to be a new release with a tower that will fit Luke's Eurofighter track mix. New tunnels that will fade to black!
  2. Carolina Cobra has got to be the smoothest boomerang I've ever been on. Those new trains sure do make a big difference. I've only been to Dorney once, but it was a great trip. I have yet to ride Talon though, we didn't have time for it. Invertigo is going to attract a ton of people, especially because the GP has no idea how bad Vekoma's are.
  3. It's a work in progress. Meaning it's not complete. The little details will be added when I get to them. I know what WIP means, It was just a suggestion since you didn't say it was a WIP.
  4. ARROW DYNAMICS MINE TRAIN Special Thankd to Techno_Dude for animating! Please read the Readme and enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/?89ywsoilbymbubw
  5. Welcome to Lake George Amusement Park, a _Brandon_ & Techno_Dude collab __________________________ December 29th, 1990 1991 is right around the corner! I cannot wait, this years new addition is going to be great! Construction is set to begin on the new coaster January 3rd, 1991. I wish I could be there, unfortunately I'll be in school. I'm going to be at the park opening day so I can get photos of the new coaster. I hear it's going to be revolutionary. Either way I am only going to be able to imagine what kind of new coaster is going to be coming to Lake George. Until then, I have some pictures of park construction from back in 1984. Enjoy! -Rob West -Rob West
  6. Needs more, textures. Like information and a "how to use".
  7. Jurassic Park River Adventure: My eye was soaked when the Dilophasaurus squirted the "posion" directly into my left eye. It hurt.
  8. Waiting on Kingda Ka's launch platform. Slight drizzle, brakes release and car prepares for launch, at that very moment torrential downpour occurs. Lets just say takin raindrops to the face at 128mph isn't the most fun. I literally had red marks on my face from where the rain hit me. Picture bieng in an ice cave, looking up and seeing thousands of small, sharp, icicles falling towards your face. About equal pain.
  9. I asked a construction worker at Great Adventure for a shard of GASM track. And I got it
  10. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on theming. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. Does it help in some cases? Sure. Can it turn a crap ride into a great ride? Hell no! Case in point: the Dark Knight coasters. ^Edit: I'm not sure on what crazy planet KK would ever be considered as having more theming than TTD. Cedar Point might not go all out with theming on many attractions, but TTD has dragster-styled trains, grandstands, the Christmas tree lights both next to the launch track and on the tower, the soundtrack before you launch, the start/finish lines, and the speedometer. KK has.............? Some trees.
  11. ericm95- It looks great. The only thing I would change is the awning colors on the purple building. Other than that, really good job!
  12. ! I was at the park the day the lady flew off it. I have never been on it, it was closed all that day. I guess, unfortunately thats my home park. I prefer to say it's Great Adventure though. Adventureland: Hurricane, Frisbee Great Adventure: El Toro, Twister
  13. No I would use Maylenes. Either way, I don't want to do the contest. Sorry.
  14. We have to give you the file? Why can't we just record a video, I'm going to be using exclusive custom content that I cannot distribute. I guess I'm out.
  15. Which one do ya think? My old username was brandoXcommando.
  16. Ok, thanks! Also, do you remember me? You banned me about a year ago.
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