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  1. I build just get a piece of track under the drop and bank it to whatever degree I want the drop, then align the drop with the banked track's heartline. That works great for me.
  2. Hello everyone, most of you do not know me, but I have been making CS and CTRs for almost a year now. I will be updating my progress as regularly as possible here. Most of the stuff I will show is released already, so there will be lots of downloads. Enough of me, heres the stuff you want to see! Custom Scenery 1.Vertical Tower Supports Tired of the amount of effort it takes to support a Eurofighter's vertical lift? Well now it's easy! This set will let you construct a vertical support tower using only 3 easy pieces, a footer, tower section, and a track connectors. Cut down time and lag with my Vertical Tower Supports! http://www.mediafire.com/?3l61xsn8u59dy83 2. Parks and Rec: A small set, containing 9 pathcovers, a picnic table (does not sit peeps, scenery only), and an iron fence (in the fences section of your scenery menu). http://www.mediafire.com/?0dhkhzer44sbvco 3. Realistic Roller Coasters 1: Wan't your RCT3 Creations to be more realistic? Well, with this set (and future additions to this set) you can do just that. I have been doing some looking around and I found some stuff that RCT3 lacks, but needs if your goal is realism. This set contains station lockers/cubbies, station platform, catwalk, on ride camera, and B&M Sitdown and B&M Hyper test seats. (NO PICTURE) http://www.mediafire.com/?xsvzokl78wcqc0n Custom Tracked Rides 1. Floorless Beta: B&M's Floorless roller coaster design. Full release coming soon! http://www.mediafire.com/?ot1zag24cyv7vt4 2. Vekoma Boomerang/Looping and Arrow Looping: Vekoma's new MK trains, featured on Carolina Cobra. Arrow Dynamics looping trains, very bad quality, my computer crashed after 1st test import so this is all I had. http://www.mediafire.com/?p7osp4m3rs3btqk 3. LogMine: A mini coaster train, perfect for small coasters but can work with big coasters to. http://www.mediafire.com/?gwlmewoqwjy WORKS IN PROGRESS: CS: Wooden Coaster Tunnels, Eurofighter V2, Realistic Roller Coasters 2 CTRs: Wooden Coaster Set: Millenium Flyers
  3. Thanks to everyone who has joined as a participant or a judge! Only 2 spots left for the judges.
  4. Nobody said you can't make anything realistic with no CS, they said that you can't make it look as good as you can with CS.
  5. Yes, I may enter depending on how many people join. If there are more than 6 I am out. I can get some friends of mine to judge it.
  6. I'm working on a new Wooden Coaster CTR set! Right now I'm working on GCI's Millenium Flyer trains.
  7. The Great American Scream Machine was a legend at its debut. It was the tallest and fastest, had the most inversions and was one heck of a coaster. For 2011, it's bieng replaced with Green Lantern, a relocated B&M Standup. Surely Six Flags Great Adventure could have done better! In this contest, you will design the coaster that you think should have taken over GASM. It can be any type of coaster, as long as you think it is better than Great American Scream Machine was. *Note, it does not have to be themed to the Green Lantern! I need 3 people to volunteer to be a judge for this competition, as I would like to compete. Rules: 1. Must fit in the guidlines located in the track file. Download at bottom of post. 2. MUST have realistic G-forces! Nothing in the orange or red zone! 3. Should be able to safely run 3 trains/ 4. Be as creative as possible, creativity counts! 5. All entries must be submitted by Feb. 25th Judging: 50 pts- Realism! 20 pts- How well your coaster is incorporated into the given area. 10 pts. Coaster's name 10 pts. Colors 10 pts. Coaster type chosen - try to veer from what SFGAdv already has! Contestants: - _Brandon_ - inflameswetrust21 - Jay20016 - thrillrideseeker - The SETGO Guys - - - - - JUDGES: 1.Gmaster562 2. 3. Please join! Remember to be creative and have fun! ***Template Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?xhyf1c0omcjb9ab
  8. I am working on a few things at the moment, so I will post a picture or 2 of each of them. This flat ride is located right next to a B&M Floorless coaster, called Harlequin. The top spin is currently unnamed. Another unnamed ride, an Intamin Space Diver. Space Diver overview. And we will finish off the pictures with the first ingame picture of my new Intamin Vertical Lift CTR (Fahrenheit at Hershey Park). This CTR is part of the Intamin Super Pack, which is a group of four CTR creators, including myself. We are creating every Intamin roller coaster train there is. I don't know if it is allowed, probably not, but if it is someone let me know and I will post a link to the Intamin Super Pack thread on Shyguy's world.
  9. They are from the warehouse; from a user tickTACK (the title is B&M Rct3 seat). Yea thats me. Well, WAS me. If you are going to go through with that project, I have way better seats...
  10. Vigil, that looks awesome! Quick question, are those my seats? From the warehouse? If they are I can give you much better ones.
  11. Oh wow. Chang looks really good there. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all.
  12. Ummm. Can you maybe post a link to the POV? Thanks. By the way, sounds pretty cool!
  13. B&M's are more reliable. ^, I would love to see Chang there, but I would also like to see Chang go to Six Flags Great America and for Great Adventure to get something entirely new.
  14. Incredible Hulk, Incredible Launch. The scenery is perfect. I love the feeling of flying into the zero-g roll over the bridge and diving towards the water. It was my 1st launch, and a great one at that. The Mummy gets #2 just because I wasn't expecting it at all. KingDa Ka is #3. It would be #2 if it was more forceful and launched you into more than just a tophat.
  15. •WHO: 25 winners will be chosen; winners may bring a guest. •WHAT: Show us your biggest SCREAM face! Post a photo or video of you screaming as though you were on Great American Scream Machine at www.facebook.com/sixflagsgreatadventure. Guests that shoot a SCREAM video or include patriotic items are more likely to be chosen as winners. There is no limit to the amount of entries. Winners will be announced July 15, 2010. Be creative, have fun and keep it clean •WHEN: 10 p.m.-11:30 p.m., July 18, 2010 •WHERE: Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure. •WHY: To make room for a new attraction in 2011, we’re celebrating Scream Machine with the send off it deserves! •Event Details:Guests invited to the event will receive ERT (exclusive ride time) from 10 p.m.-11 p.m. Seats on the front and back row of the last train of the last ride (dispatched at 11 p.m.) will be auctioned off; other seats during the last ride will be $50 each—details TBA—and all proceeds will benefit the NRCMA (National Roller Coaster Museum & Archives)!!
  16. Kingda Ka last 2 rides of the day a few days ago. Backseat once and Fronseat the other. Backseat ride had a faster launch so we flew over the tophat which equaled immense airtime, front seat was really cool cause it was dark
  17. I stayed at a Holiday Inn a few miles away, but that was only for one night.
  18. Destroy The World Cup forever! Although that plan didn't last very long because Chuck Norris heard their thoughts and ascended up to heaven where he then...
  19. but is then pulled over and asked to provide a narration for Vekoma: The Ride in Disney Digital 3D. Morgan Freeman accepted the deal, but then fell and hit his head on...
  20. On Topic: GASM is still open. Great Adventure has confirmed GASM's removal is a possibility, but not very likely to happen. As for Chang, SFGAdv is not even 100% sure if they are getting it. If they do, they have many options as to where it will be located. If they do an expansion, I would like to see something like this (provided Six Flags owns this land). http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/854/sfgadvexpansion.png
  21. This summer I will be going to Six Flags Great Adventure, Hershey Park, and Carowinds. Do you know if these parks allow people to bring video cameras on their coasters? Thanks.
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