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  1. I'm thinking you need to re-read the Etiquette thread, Mr. Opinion on Everything. B.A.B. is always asking for comments and criticism. So it's not really that severe?
  2. He didn't say he hated it. He just liked the first one. But nice job overall. Your work is always enjoyable.
  3. jsut a suggestion. i don't think it exactly should be a square. Any shape that contains the number of tiles in the 15x15 square should be allowed. Just a suggestion. Because grading squares after a while might get boring.
  4. There's an offical RCT2 Help Thread. It's there for a reason. Please use it.
  5. looks very nice, dj. But maybe try the long fuller grass pieces mixed in with the medium bare grass pieces if you have them. It makes the foliage look much better instead of having just one variety that shows the ground.
  6. Yeah but the woodie catwalk has supports. Might wanna fix that. Also consider changing the color of the catwalk?
  7. why not use diagonal roofs for diagonal walls? The texture is only a slight difference
  8. No. I think it'll have to be a complete circuit for that to work and non-launched.
  9. I have an idea for the buttons . In the front body. Make 2 full tile round window walls. But make sure you can put something behind there that wont be visible unless you see it through the window. And then put a wall of whatever color you want behind it. The head's executed well, no need to fret .
  10. A tad bit too much path and brown. Yellow is nice splash of color but deep red would work here nicely as well. Awesome atmosphere
  11. Go in chat please. I'd love to talk to you in person. I'm ecstatic that you're working again.
  12. On the top of that beige building. how it suddenly stops at the top of the building is awkward and bare. Maybe add a roof or just try to make the transition between wall and roof more.. smooth
  13. Can you judge my entry? Just imagine it was full of trees. It won't be official and please do not put it into the table. But I'd just like to know what I would've got if i turned it in.
  14. Very very good. But why is the lift return purple? I've known lift hill chains to be black.
  15. Intamin Layout! It's not that ODD to have 2 intamins next to each other.. Is it? SCR127.BMP
  16. The Mega Lite looks very curvy . I like. Sexy Intamins go!
  17. I'm not an employee of TPR but, Really? TPR isn't trying to steal thunder. They're trying to make the site better for everyone to use. "We have worked hard for many years to make our websites great" You must assume TPR was raised in a day? No. It took dedication of the owners to operate and make this site better and better for everybody that appreciates games. So you're not the only one putting in effort, sir. I'm pretty sure none of the people who had this idea in mind had ANY intention to steal people from other sites. So the people of TPR don't deserve improvements because you people own and operate some websites that cross in the same genre? Large sites got large for a reason and it's because of the functions and the people it contains, so maybe you can learn from TPR instead of asking all the hard people that dedicated so much time into this "why are potentially stealing our members?" TPR isn't dedicated to games? Mr. Alvey whom owns this fine website had a part in making some of the RCT series. The very same game one of your sites thrive on. Oh and back on topic: I'll be sure to download some RCT2 parks and upload some images as soon as I have some time.
  18. Try saving the fresh unedited game pics as JPEG's not BMP's. Paint just does that to BMP saved photos
  19. That's not red brick. That's pink path which does clash horribly. Try red dirt, or the red brick shown in robmiester's Disney America.
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