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  1. i been planing this trip for ever so dont wana cancel





    so im going to cedar point this Friday and Saturday.

    how often does the weather change up there? Should i post pone?


    No, you shouldn't "post pone". In-fact you should really shouldn't post anything, anywhere, of any kind.


    But actually the forecast looks fine. A passing storm Friday and intermittent showers Saturday isn't really a big deal.


  2. It's amazing how many enthusiasts don't want to admit that modern B&M wing and dive coasters are mostly forceless, probably because they're easily impressed.


    Look at this guy. See this, this is why I don't like enthusiasts. This right here.


    Okay, so where do we begin? First of all, tons of people are "willing to admit" that B&M coasters can be forceless, but that doesn't mean they're not a ton of fun. No, just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn't mean that they're "easily impressed". That's incredibly arrogant. My fiance for example has been on (I hate doing this but it's necessary for the argument) over 250 coasters now, including things like El Toro, Wicked Cyclone, Maverick, Intimidator 305 and Fury 325 and what's her favorite? Gatekeeper. I don't get it, I never will... but it doesn't mean she's easily impressed. Some people just like different things. Your opinion does not reign supreme. There's a reason Gatekeeper and Valravn pull huge lines despise their great capacity.


    So rather than wasting $20 million on a crappy forceless dive coaster, more parks should save up for even more thrilling GP crowd pleasers like launchers and alternate position coasters


    If I were you I'd call up the parks and let them know. Since you're an expert on what everyone wants and what coasters deliver the best return on investment you should call up their management divisions one at a time and inform them that you've crunched the numbers and that they shouldn't "waste money" on a Dive Coaster that you personally wouldn't like when they should be investing in "alternate position coasters".


    There's a reason Maverick is now more popular than Gatekeeper despite being in the back of the CP


    And finally this gem. You were hoping to bury it so that nobody would call you out on your bull*** weren't you? Surprise... there's absolutely no measurable way for him to prove this point. He just made it up. He's sure as hell not going based off of ridership numbers (I believe they were last released in 2014). Gatekeeper did 1,898,204 riders, Maverick did 1,153,896 riders. Gatekeeper destroyed Maverick in this department. All of the B&M's are likely destroying Maverick and Dragster in this department since the Rougarou conversion has made that ride more popular, added a 3rd train and sped up dispatch times).


    Now I understand that this isn't entirely fair. Gatekeeper is a high capacity people eater with 32 passenger trains. Gatekeeper also has incredible up-time. Maverick is a low capacity coaster with 12 passenger trains that breaks down constantly. It never had a chance to give more rides than Gatekeeper, but at the same time since you're not going based off of ridership numbers and the capacity argument removes your ability to use some anecdotal explanation like "Maverick has a longer line, therefore it's more popular" since it holds a MAXIMUM of 12 people per train, it's clear that you're pulling this statement that you're trying to pass off as fact straight out of your a**.


    It might be true, but there's no way to measure that. You made it up to make it look like everyone else agrees with you. Sorry, they don't. Personally I like Maverick way more than Gatekeeper and Valravn but that doesn't make me right and I don't speak for everyone else. And more importantly I like all 3 of them and would be thrilled to have any of them in my home park.


    Just because you make sh*t up confidently doesn't mean you're not making sh*t up. Peace.




  3. Is the VR really that good on a roller coaster? I never did this so I'm a little curious as to the overall experience.


    I prefer riding without VR but it's cool to try it once. I like it better on smaller and less exciting coasters though. I didn't care for it on Goliath at La Ronde but I liked iron Dragon VR (though I still like it better without VR and we made sure on out last day at Cedar Point we got a ride in before 5 PM so we could ride it the way it was intended to be ridden. VR was a nice change of pace though.


    I think this whole VR on Coasters thing is just a fad and will pass with time. Like you said though, it's cool to try once.


    2) 1:08 is priceless. It's almost as if he didn't realize that if he poured a ton of gasoline on a shirt and set it on fire it would go up in flames. Luckily gas is cheap now or his dad would have been really pissed at him wasting gas.

    I got a good laugh out of that too. Like, what were you expecting? I also love the huge gas can sitting right next to the flames.


    Robb, how many people took you up on your free T-shirt offer? I love your responses.


    He nearly burned his face off when the fumes ignited.


    That right there would've made the video worth watching more than once.....

  5. Fahrenheit has a manufacturer set temperature limit at which point the attraction is allowed to run. The park is required to follow that. I believe the same is for Great Bear. As for Storm Runner and Skyrush, I believe those aren't open for the fact that it would be very uncomfortable for guests.



    And while I do agree that Skyrush would be very uncomfortable for guests, that doesn't stop them from running it in the Spring, Summer and Fall.


    Anyway please feel free to keep talking about Hershey's cute little Christmas event all winter and how running fast rides in the winter is uncomfortable to riders but please understand that we won't be able to hear you over the deafening B&M roar at Great Adventure.





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  6. Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me with this....I'm going to USH early August and saw there is early entry at 7:00 am for prepaid tickets, but that this has a certain capacity. Do you have any experience with this early entry and how early I should be at the front gate to be sure I'll get in?


    Thanks in advance!


    As long as you purchase your ticket online you'll have no issue getting into early entry. Be at the front gate 10-15 minutes prior to early entry and you'll be fine.

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