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  1. Sorry for the double post, but I have to tell you how awesome Cedar Point is when it comes to customer satisfaction:


    Two years ago my now-wife Sarah and I visited Cedar Point and are in love with the park ever since then. On the last day of our visit we got engaged.


    To surprise Sarah I asked via the website if there's a possibility to send me merchandise to Germany. I didn't expect anything as they don't have such a thing like an online shop.

    To my big surprise I got a very fast answer and was asked what my preferences were. I desribed her what I wished to buy for me, my wife and our 15 month old son. She went to the merchandise shops and searched for clothes that matched my descriptions just perfectly. When it came to finalize the transaction, she helped me reducing shipping costs by more than 60 percent and gave me an additional discount.

    After eight days of shipping the parcel arrived today via FedEx. Just everything worked fine including German customs.

    We just wrote emails back and forth, nothing really written, nothing signed. The sizes of the clothes she sent us were perfect.


    If you would have such an issue over here, there's no way you would get this service over her. Never ever an employee would walk through different shops, taking photos by him/herself multiple times and do everything that you are satisfied. It's so awesome everything worked so fine. It's just such a big thing Cedar Point lives for customer satisfaction in every part of their business. We love it.


    And I can't really tell anyone how great this experience was since this is the clostest way we can get to the Point in the upcoming years ans now we have some pieces of the Point here in Germany. Ans Paul looks so cute with his Cedar Point shirt.


    Praise the Point, people!


    That is definitely going above and beyond!

  2. I rode Viper today for the first time since it's refurb, and noticed it's received the Goliath treatment. The lift chain now slows to a crawl at the very top, and the MCBR now completely stops the train instead of just trimming it. The ride still plows through the first three loops, but the back car no longer gives that catapult/whiplash effect when cresting the lift hill. I'm puzzled as to why they're completely stopping it on the MCBR, though, as the train already crawled through the heavily-trimmed second half, and now moves even more slowly.


    That's unfortunate. I loved the back car on Viper but this modification is a necessary evil, most likely due to excessive forces being placed on the trains and/or track structure. Happy to hear it has reopened, however.

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