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  1. For one thing, Thunderhead is just atrocious anymore. The park seriously needs to dump some money to get it fully re-tracked. Not just sectional track work. It is nearly as bad or worse than the Son of Beast rides I had prior to all the modifications. It's downright brutal, and I have high tolerance for tougher wood coasters.


    Pretty bold statement, sir.

  2. So now you all are just going to jump on the bandwagon.




    I was the true believer! Just as I believe that the Chargers will one day win a Superbowl before I die, I believe in Dolly! I believe in RMC! I believe in the Schilke! I saved the remainder of the puppies! I and I alone!


    You can all thank me as you see fit. Preferably with money. In large denominations. $20s, $50s & $100s. And don't worry if you don't have that kinda coin all at once, you can send me monthly installments. I'm flexible.


    You're welcome!


    Here's your payment....


  3. The "flag" would be the square tube welded onto the tread plate on the right wheel housing. If the wheel housings were indeed new, one would imagine everything would have been thoroughly painted.


    Interesting. I never noticed that square tube before. Why is it called a flag, what is it for, and why does it appear to only be on the very last car of the train? My first guess would be it's an old school sensor to let the computer know the train has cleared a block.


    The flag is what the ride's sensors "see." Rev also has proximity sensors that "see" the wheel bogies as the trains pass by. (Highlighted in image below)

    Any part of a train can be used as a flag such as: Car chassis, Wheel bogie, or brake fin. It all depends on what the programmer of the ride's control system is trying to monitor.


  4. You keep insulting teenagers but keep in mind that people like Coaster Studios or even the guy that created All american thrills are both teenagers. You shoudn't judge a person based on a comment he made online. Yes there are some dumb teenagers but there are also some very stupid adults in this world like Trump. You just can't stereotype a certain group of people.


    Yeah the layout of this coaster looks awesome but all of the supports and the I-Beams just make it look like unfinished ride even tho they're not done building it yet. Without the I-Beams, this ride would look like a more polished ride but the I-Beams are crutial for the type of inversions that these coasters do. Taking out the I-Beams would create immense stress on the supports that could lead to the supports tearing up easier.


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