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    Thursday, February 11, 2016 08:56AM

    PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby announced Wednesday the union's annual summer picnic will not be held at Dorney Park as it has been the past four years.


    And it's all because of the park's treatment of former employee Chris Emery.


    Emery, a 12-year employee of the park who has special needs, was initially told he would not be re-hired because of his performance during a new interview process. Park management later apologized and reversed the decision.


    Emery was offered his job back at the amusement park for a 13th year, but he declined.


    The story went viral and resonated with people across the country, including the FOP.


    McNesby says what happened was unthinkable, telling Action News the FOP's annual picnic hosts 4,000 people and costs about $250,000.


    When asked where the picnic will be held this year, McNesby says, "Anywhere else that will take and support kids with disabilities."


    Mike Fehnel, the Allentown park's general manager, has said the company respects and values all of their workers.


  2. Definitely a shame as shoot the rapids was a decent attraction albeit it did have its fair share of maintenance issues.


    Cue "Intamin Hater" bandwagon in 3.....2.....1.....


    I like the Intamin coasters in the park plenty. STR though? Awful. How do you build a log flume that can't float in the 21st century when randoms were able to figure it out in the 1920s?




    You know its true. Lake Winnie's log flume predates penicillin. It ain't rocket science.



  3. Well they just showed off the new ride system for Mass Effect. Turns out the old system is gone for good.


    I was kinda hoping they'd work with Simex-Iwerks on the new system since I know they had an updated version of the old one that has built-in 4D effects. But I'm just glad they didn't get Triotech to do it. Though I'm unsure who actually developed this. Judging from this picture, it looks like the ride might not have as much motion as the previous system (mainly due to the lack of seat belts). I am interested to see how it will work in action.


    This is Cedar Fair we are talking about so since there's no seat belts there's probably no motion at all.....

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