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  1. "Six Flags president John Fitzgerald previously said that putting the panels in the theme park's parking lot would be too close to the public and would put visitors at risk of injury or the equipment in danger of being damaged."


    Having potholes the size of the Grand Canyon in the parking lot puts visitors at risk of injury and tires in danger of being damaged.


    This! This. Right. Here.


    Meanwhile, In the SFGAdv parking lot......


    I'm just glad we opted for the insurance on the minivan we rented.

  2. Xcelerator got stuck on the top hat for a couple hours today. It had come down by the time I got there, but I guess the wind and cold and moisture during morning testing got the best of it. A big gust gave it enough of a jolt to knock it off balance so it could come back. I got sent a video Snap Chat, but couldn't save it and the picture doesn't really let you see what's happening.


    My XC operating days were filled with watching the trains stall on the top hat for 10-15 seconds. My favorite thing to do was launch a train that had been sitting in the waiting block during a downpour. Watching all of the water dump out of the train is fantastic.

  3. Has nobody said anything about how this ride's rebranding is due to an error with RMC painting the tracks the wrong color?

    Is that a assumption, a joke, or are you actually being serious?


    I'm being 100% serious


    Nobody had said anything about the ride being rethemed because The Jolly Green Giant and Grimace broke into the park, shat on the track and changed the colors either.


  4. ^I agree. PLC programmers are the reason the rides run (or don't run).

    Outlaw Run's issues were mostly programming related to my knowledge. Twisted Colossus' nagging issues with the lifts are sensor/programming related. I'm currently working on my PLC programming certificate and only have a few months left so I'm excited. Unfortunately, most of the courses are aimed towards students looking to go into the manufacturing industry. Yes, Amusement rides are lumped into the "Industrial Machinery" category which is technically true however, programming a packaging machine and a ride are 2 completely different experiences. Hope that makes sense....

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