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  1. SeaWorld Killer Whale Dies at San Antonio Park Following Illness


    An 18-year-old killer whale has died after a months-long illness at the SeaWorld park in San Antonio.


    A Sea World sign is seen in this file photo taken from the marine park's Facebook page.

    A Sea World sign is seen in this file photo taken from the marine park’s Facebook page.

    Unna, a 4,600-pound orca, died Monday.


    “We are saddened to share the passing of Unna,” SeaWorld said. “Unna had been under the constant care of the SeaWorld veterinary team and outside experts for the past several months.”


    She suffered from a resistant strain of a fungus called Candida.


    A necropsy will be performed to determine the cause of her death.


    SeaWorld said it canceled all killer whale shows at the San Antonio park for the day.


    A sea of troubles


    SeaWorld’s reputation was badly damaged in part by “Blackfish,” a 2013 documentary co-produced by CNNFilms.


    “Blackfish” begins by showing the unseemly practice of capturing orca babies in the 1970s and casts SeaWorld in a harsh light for raising the whales in dark and cramped conditions.


    The film blames SeaWorld for causing one killer whale, Tilikum, to become a psychotic killer. Tilikum has sired 21 calves, but killed three people, including the SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau.


    The film generated criticism from lawmakers and advocacy groups like PETA.


    Attendance at SeaWorld’s theme parks has waned, and its San Diego park has been particularly troublesome. There is also a park in Orlando.


    An earnings update last month left investors worried about the company’s outlook.


    SeaWorld said the attendance dip was due to “brand challenges and is being addressed through the company’s reputation campaign, which is designed to share facts and correct misinformation.”


    To help its boost the company’s image, SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby said the company will “aggressively communicate” its animal care and rescue efforts.


    SeaWorld is also planning new attractions and changes to its pricing.

    Link to Article


    This is sad to hear. I know how much Sea World Vets and trainers care for their animals and I can only imagine how devastating this must be to them as well.


    Cue PETA a$$hats in 3......2......1......

  2. ^Re-ads are usually given out as 1 per group and the CM writes the group size and signs the re-ad. There are both single attraction (only valid for the attraction you got it at) re-ads and Resort wide (every attraction is fair use, with exceptions) re-ads. Haven't seen the Resort wide ones in a while though...


    CM's don't write group size on "Paper Re-Ads." They are defaulted for 6 as that's what it has printed on it.



    Re-Ads are now issued electronically (via guests ticket/AP) in the event of a downtime or service recovery. 1 ticket can be used for an entire party as long as the party size doesn't exceed 6. CM's are supposed to refrain from issuing the pass for resort-wide use. It should be limited to the attraction that had the downtime or at most, that particular park. IE: Screamin should be issuing Re-Admission passes for Screamin or if needed DCA. "Paper" Re-Ads are supposed to be used when electronic system is down or if the guest in need of the pass doesn't have their ticket media readily available.

  3. There are only about 10 B&Ms that I haven't ridden, and comparing the inverts, Silver Bullet IS probably one of the more forceless ones out there. The entire layout up until the helix is completely floaty and graceful. There isn't anything intense about it at all. The helix just starts to get good and then BAM, the ride ends. What a shame. I think the bad rap it gets is completely justified.


    Now I'm curious.

    What B&Ms haven't you ridden?

  4. If I had to guess it's some kind of jog to keep the train at (roughly) the same pace as the chain. So when the chain engages it doesn't murder everyones back.


    B&M feeder motors (If equipped) are located at lift approach just prior to the train reaching the chain.




    Also, The wheels I'm referring to on Hydra are only making contact with 1 side of the train where as feeders (as shown in image above) would need to be on both sides to grip train.

  5. Rocket Rods was plagued with issues and is now defunct. The track which is the same as the People Mover track is still there, sitting unused.


    Electrical Parade is at Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Disneyland has the Paint The Night parade which I highly recommend making time to see.


    Define "affordable."


    My personal favorite restaurant in the resort is the Carthay Circle Restuarant. Expect to pay $30-$50/person but the food is excellent.

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