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  1. Visited Disneyland on Thursday and had a great time.

    Wanted to mention to anyone planning a visit to head over to New Orleans Square train station. They have a train parked there and have installed a wooden bridge across the train tracks so you can check out the buildings on the other side. They also have multiple Train conductors who are around telling stories and giving informative history lessons about the park.

    Don't miss it!


    Agreed. They're doing this to still give the guests some sort of Steam Train experience even thought the railroad is closed for a year and some change. Main St. train station has a similar experience. I think it's a nice touch.

  2. I find it quite interesting to see Six Flags so ahead of their usual schedule this year... I mean, SFNE has already built their Larsen Loop, and I could potentially see Joker done by the end of March... Let see if Six Flags fixes their opening date problems from the past!


    Not for SFSTL, Fireball haven't even arrived on site yet


    They only take 2 days to build so fret not!


    You're discussing 2 completely different scenarios. Movement and comfortability inside a park are completely different than the same outside a park. People base their choices on familiarity and if ordering inside at an amusement isn't familiar, they may avoid it altogether.


    "Comfortability"? That's a new one on me.


    There are plenty of quick-serve options at the Magic Kingdom. They're not hard to find.


    Not to mention some of said quick-service options are as good, if not better than some full service options. Just my .02...

  4. ^OK, here goes.


    A city bus is running the morning route. At the first stop, you pick up 36 people, at the next stop, you pick up 13 more. On your next stop you drop off 26. After that you add 7 more, then drop off 20. At your last two stops you pick up 9 more and drop off 3. When you return back to Union Station you drop off 16 of your remaining passengers. If the math is correct, what would the buss drivers name be?


  5. ^ I really didn't know that. Having never seen a control panel, I think I'd just assumed they said warning or caution or something similar. Trouble does seem a much nicer word though, now I just need to see a control panel that says "making mischief" instead.


    Well the more you know.....

    Xcelerator's PLC Panelview is located in the PLC room down by the queue so the operator panels only have a trouble light on them to alert the operators that maintenance needs to be called and then the maintenance personnel will determine what exactly pissed the PLC off by looking at the fault code/description on the Panelview. Any other questions, let me know.

  6. Plus Maverick sits right there, why not get in line there and get a couple awesome rides in on that?


    Personally we just like to mix it up a little. Sometimes at Cedar Point it's nice to take a break from long lines and ride a major ride without dedicating to much time to it. Even with Fastlane Plus Maverick can pull a 45 minute line. We like to mix in some rides like Skyhawk, Power Tower, Gemeni and Mean Streak sometimes since they're solid rides with short waits and just take a quick break from lines. We used to do that with Corkscrew too but lately I just find that thing unbearable.


    True. Last time I went to CP, TTD, MF, Maverick, etc were all pulling 75min+ wait times while Power Tower was a 5min wait.

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