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  1. I'm not sure what you mean. Wishes is 13 minutes and the new Disneyland Fireworks are just shy of 15 minutes. Also remember that Wishes throws up a TON of huge pyro in the air, shells that Disneyland aren't even allowed to use because of being in the middle of Anaheim, and those are expensive! But as far as the length of the two shows goes, they are very similar.


    Good points. No idea why I thought "Forever" was longer than Wishes.

  2. B&M stopped using photoeyes on their lifts probably for that exact reason.

    I don't think B&M ever used photo eyes on their lift hills. They've stopped using photo eyes entirely as a part of their control systems too. I'm really not sure why SF is still using them, let alone using them on lift hills, which is very uncommon. They use photo eyes at every block still, too.


    B&M used photoeyes on their lift hills. I know this for a fact. Scream has a couple at the top of its lift as does Silver Bullet at Knott's. You're correct though that they stopped using them.

  3. ^It's to reduce the G-Forces exerted on riders in the helix.


    But does that require coming to a complete stop and just sitting there? I get the need for the brakes, but a complete stop (and wait) seems excessive.


    I agree with you that a complete stop is not necessary but that's the way the ride was reprogrammed. I've never really been a fan of Goliath so really matters little to me.

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