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  1. I've been told before that a lot of the rocks in the safari area for the tigers, lions etc are electronically heated with the cold temperatures about, both to keep the animals warm and to ensure they are in places so guests can take pictures easily and helps keep them from sitting in the path in the way of the buses.


    Makes sense. Coax the animals into being in positions where guests can see them in the open.


  2. With the amount of problems Outlaw Run and Goliath (Goliath to this day has issues) had around opening for a traditional wooden coaster I'd be shocked (ha) if Lightning Rod doesn't have it's share of issues being RMCs first dabble into magnetic launches.


    Anyone know if IOE programmed Outlaw Run? Brian from IOE worked for Consign who B&M & GCI contract to program their coasters. Consign is a big part of the aforementioned manufacturer's product being so reliable. I personally think LR will be pretty reliable and should any issues arise I have no doubt that the park, RMC, and IOE will get them handled in a timely manner.

  3. Then again it's just the riverboat, sailing ship, train, and Fantasmic so maybe it's not really that big of a deal.


    Columbia only operated on peak days. Only one of my visits saw it running. Every other time I've visited it's been parked against the dock by Splash Mountain. Same for Fantasmic. The show is great but it was only performed on peak nights. It won't be a huge difference in operations for those two attractions to disappear.


    Columbia and the train, however, will have an impact on crowds. Both attractions were huge people-eaters. While they weren't the most popular rides they certainly had their role to play. I'm afraid to think about standby lines without them.


    I don't think losing the train or Columbia will be a huge deal...they are people eaters if they were entirely full throughout the day, but I have rarely seen an entirely packed train or boat.


    Losing Fantasmic will make main street a terrible place to be at night now that all the night time activities will be in that area...


    The trains are quite popular actually as it's an attraction the whole family can ride and the line is usually short but I do agree that the trains are only about 70% full at most times. Losing Fantasmic is a bigger deal to me. The resort offers so much else to do that closing these attractions for a much needed expansion is not an issue worth b*tching about in my eyes. There are fanboys up in arms about losing the Columbia for a year, though. I mean really?!?

  4. having a park/off site hotels/downtown Disney in walking distance was a huge positive compared to the chore of getting around Disney world

    Eh, I much, MUCH prefer the vast "resort" experience of Disney World versus how cramped and crammed into a few blocks of land everything is in Anaheim. We were walking around Port Orleans the other night and were talking about how just that ONE resort hotel at Walt Disney World is probably bigger than all of the land that Disneyland sits on.


    Yes, in a way it's nice being able to walk back your hotel, but there is just something about the complete MASSIVE size of Walt Disney World that you just cannot compare. I agree that the bus system is not amazing, but I have to be honest, I sort of like the fact the the monorail is one of my regular modes of transportation as an Orlando local!


    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've said, ESPECIALLY about the bus system. It's extremely unorganized.

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