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  1. At one point someone said they are a "finger smacker" type device to warn you not to reach your hands out so far.. No idea how true that is but we pretty much stopped talking about it when we got that answer haha..


    To me they look like sensors but we were told a warning device to warn your hands and arms


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    A warning device is exactly what they are.

  2. ***Update***


    Appreciate the kind words from everyone here. I received a call from Tony Aaron, Director of Food Services, this morning, he was extremely apologetic and went above and beyond in terms of an apology and response to the situation. Cedar Point handled this with class and a true A+ in customer service. He offered to bring my boyfriend and I back for free and include fast lane and water park access. I doubt I'll be able to make it back this year due to work so he said he'd extend the invite to return to any year we can make it back. Very classy response. They identified the employee and spoke to him, and he ralyed the info that the employee felt terrible about the situation and immediately knew what he had done was a mistake.


    Excellent, Glad they took care of you. The world we live in is in a sad state.

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