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  1. Six Flags has a grand total of 0 Windseekers in their chain. A Starflyer is much more likely, if that kind of attraction is likely at all.


    I don't really understand the desire for a ride which at the end of the day is pretty much just a taller version of Lasso, or whatever other generic Yo-Yo type ride. The added height is cool from a taking in the sights perspective, but I personally would much rather have the money spent on something unique, or forbid fixing issues with the park in the appearance or maintenance departments.


    But that’s not the Six Flags “Keep building rides while the infrastructure around it deteriates” way!

  2. Sounds like the new Skywarp may be one of the worst investments SF has ever made. SFOT and SFGA, respectively, have been having tons of problems with their new ABC Tourbillion rides. But apparently you guys are having even worse problems with your new Skyline attraction. I hope SF doesn't end up regretting that they bought these rides.



    Does anyone know if X2 was partially responsible for Six Flags going bankrupt? I'm guessing rides like Kingda Ka, El Toro, both Goliaths and Tatsu were probably responsible for SF going bankrupt.


    Six Flags was responsible for Six Flags going bankrupt.

  3. Twisted Colossus is running 3 trains today July 10th. The green train was on the storage tracks the last few days and it’s in a rough shape. On the green, Row 11 doesn’t work and some of the restraints make a squealing noise when pushed down and up. The refurbishment order went Orange, then Blue for what felt like a year, purple is getting refurbed now for what also feels like a year, and green should be next to go when purple returns. This is based off my observations of the attraction since it opened.

    That sounds logical. I remember green was the last train to go into service so it sounds right that it would come last in the rotation. The one issue with RMC's I've noticed between the two I ride often is they seem to have a lot of issues with the sensors that tell when the restraints are closed. I see it all the time on both TC and Joker. SFDK often has to take one of their two trains out of service for a day or two when it keeps happening repeatedly on one of the trains. Perhaps once they take it out of service maintenance has a way of excluding that row from the computer so they can then put it back in service without using that row and the computer will allow it to dispatch.


    Back of each car has a restraint bypass which makes it easy to take rows out of service which I think was a great idea.


  4. I just got off at SFMM and it honestly doesn’t feel too crowded right now. Yesterday was another story though..


    As I said in an earlier post. I found out Sunday's attendance was 19,000. That's incredible! Today was much better. Only the 3 lot was full. No overflow parking today. I think it's all due to "bring a friend free" promotion.


    With as much space and as many rides as SFMM has, 19,000 people shouldn't feel busy at all if that number is accurate. But that also assumes the coasters are being operated at anywhere close to theoretical capacity...



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