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  1. I was there this past wedsday and with the course of 7 hours I got on pretty much every ride (non kiddie) at least once. There were lines but there weren't any hour plus horror storys. And every coaster was running multiple trains except deja vu and superman of course, with no break downs that I encountered. My college is now off this week (april 12 - 16) for spring break.
  2. Im about 200 lbs so I notice a great ride experience difference between the outside and inside on x2. the outside is a much rougher ride than the inside. I love scream and batman but they are not re rideable to me because b&m loopers seem to bring out my motion sickness side. Which is weird because they only one I can go on for hours over and over without feeling anything is silver bullet. So bullet even tops tatsu on my list for that reason alone.
  3. Thats what makes rides like scream and viper among the best rides in the park. Not because the ride experience but the fact that they are multi looping machines without a long line the majority of the time. That if they were at alot of other parks they would usually have long lines.
  4. Its been a long time since...actually ive never seen scream's line down the stairs. Whenever I go on a crowded day scream is usually my salvation for waiting in long lines. The last time I saw riddler with that long of a line was when I first went on it about 6 years ago and they were only running one train which came out to be a good 2 hours plus wait. But hey it was my first time on it.
  5. ^Agree, I have avoided seeing any videos even the test videos just so I can go see with a open mind without previous influence to have me predict what is going to happen during the show.
  6. In regards to the sick of riding the coasters question. I do actually do get sick and tired of the coasters so I usually never spend a full day there if I'm by myself. But it dosen't stop me from wanting to come back as often as possible. I really think mm needs to invest more effort in improving their live entertainment collection. One thing I really miss about mm is the batman stunt show. I always found what I call the corny, low budget, batman themed waterworld to be very entertaining. With the xtreme stunt show, I saw it once and couldn't care less, because you can go all over and find those anywhere. But where can you go to see batman fighting the joker or the riddler in a pyrotechnical spectacular. And recently I was comenting to somebody about how they use to have a firework show a few years ago. I would also love to see them get a glow in the park parade next year considering disneyland might not have the electrical parade next year. I know mm is mainly about the coasters but I personally do love to watch shows or other forms of live entertainment too, that also might distract some people from going on the coasters, thus making the lines slightly shorter.
  7. Hey guys when did they change the lift hill lights on goliath, was it during the repaint? For going on it for so long with the green lights it felt really out of place to have orange lights instead.
  8. ^^Overall I would to rank goliath better than desperado due to the roughness. But I do give desperado a way better first drop and it has those 3 really good airtime hills as aposed to the 1 goliath has. Just my opinion.
  9. I was there to wedsday. And they were filming alot under the beginning of bullet's lift hill.
  10. Personally I think they should put more attention to inproving park itself before building a new killer coaster. I vote for more tranquil, flat, and family rides just to improve the park. Along with continuing to remodle the bathrooms and fixing up the food places. Yes a strata coaster would be great but I like to see the park itself become better, simlar to a kind of west coast cedar point with a whole lot of rides of all shapes, sizes, and types. Plus im 100% for a intamin gyro drop on the top of the hill. That puppy would be really high up, 250ish foot tower on top of the hill will make it feel like your 400 feet high.
  11. Agreed. Actually I find just about all food lines at MM unreasonalbly slow, so I think they all need major improvements. There would be 20 places to take your order and on a crowded day only 8 if lucky would be open. It almost feels like the post office. One thing I like about the Waterfront food area is they had just added those new giant blue and white umbrellas (and at a few other areas in the park) they make a great addition for those july or august shorchers.
  12. I have been able to stay on thunder mountain and splash mountain before when there was no line, so im pretty sure its not a disney thing. Mabey the ride-ops were in an unfriendly mood that day. (wait a dl cast member in an unfriendly mood......shocker)
  13. I KNOW!!!!!, And as everyone knows space has one of the longest exit to entrance walk arounds anywhere, and it felt 10 times longer that day. And with the staff only alowing to walk, not run. I had actually had taken pictures of the station. But I was shaking so much from my sock and excitment that they didn't come out legible at all.
  14. 1) it was a wedsday in november. 2) the park was closing at 5 for a private party so attentance was lower than normal, 3) Disney failed to mention to its guest that the east side (Tomorrowland, Main Street, and Fantasyland) would remain open till 6. This is what disney calls a soft closing. For that a good 95% - 98% of the guest left at 5. I had got on space at 5 and at 5:15 I was walking past star tours and found out it was still open. 4) there was only about 20 of us who knew and were going on space over and over. The major problem was that even though there was litleraly no line, the staff still made me walk around. But not many people can say that during normal operating hours had gone on space 5 times, 1 of which was solo in less than an hour. I like to remember this as the greatest 40 min I had ever had at DL.
  15. Back in November I was able to get a solo ride on Space Mountain at DL Ca. I still can't believe it.
  16. I appears to have the best of both worlds with extreme positive and extreme negative Gs.
  17. I think its stupid to replace it with a small park with trees and benches. Not that I have anything against having those in parks. It just from last I check they are getting a big verison just around the corner at the WOC viewing area.
  18. Talk about being scripted. I think with how Albert seemed to be so intrested in the theme park industry and wanting to become CEO. I think he should have been able to tell who he was even with the beard and glasses. Just my thought.
  19. This is a great opportunity to get some new or unique photos from angles that were unavalible before.
  20. I just got my free refills coupon from funatics and it to expires on May 12. BTW with the free parking reward, I have the xtreme pass so its usless to me, but does MM even have preferred parking?
  21. I actually really enjoy going by myself, and usually prefer it. Expecially when if the park offers single rider lines. It great just to spend time at a park doing what I want to do and when I want to do it. Alot of my friends are really nick picky about what rides to go on and when to go on. For instance they would never go on a water ride after 5pm, which is when i like to go on them because there is usually no line. Also if I go on a saturday by myself I would experiment on different schedule stratagies and walk around to check out wait times for certain rides at certain times of the day, just for something to keep in mind for future visits, which is something I wouldn't get the chance to do or find out if I was with a friend or family member. Then since im not waiting for someone or depating on what rides to go on next I can pretty much go to a park and get on all the major rides in under 2 or 3 hours (depending on crowd levels). And then I can go a check out different food venues scatered around the parks that my friends wouldn't want to wase there time and money trying. My family are those "disney only people" which really becomes a pain. Not that I have anything against disney, because I go to Dland more than any other park every year. It is just after 30+ visits a year to one park, I get kind of sick of it. Because I actually don't know very many people other than you guys who would like to go to a six flags or cedar fair park for the big, nasty, sexy looking coasters. And just based on how my work/school schedule is, im usually out and about on weekdays during the day. Which having a park open on a weekday during the off-season is just way too tempting to pass up. But I do enjoy going with people I know from time to time, just so I will have someone to talk to while I am waiting in an hour+ line. And it does feel weird going a river raft ride with some family I had never meet before.
  22. ^Agree, I remember when Scream first opened I thought the paint job was really cool. I actually like it when coaster have mutiple track colors for the rails and ties, rather than having one color for supports and one for the track. Example: Scream, Tatsu, Silver Bullet, etc.
  23. The Child Swap at least the way it works at disneyland. Is for parents who are with kids who each want go on big rides without leaving there kids alone. So one will wait in line and go on the ride. Then when they get off the other one gets a fastpass or for this case a flashlane pass and go on the ride rather than both waiting in 2 hour lines each.
  24. It was funny when I rode it yesterday it toke me to after I got off and walked down the stairs to have it cross my mind that there was no audio. I guess it shows how much I pay attention. Does anyone know why terminator's audio dosen't work alot. Because I have yet to go on X2 with the audio off. Whereas Termy it seems to be off more than half the time.
  25. When i got in the park at 11 and rode viper first, x2's line was pretty much to the vending machines, but when i went on it at like 3 or 4 it was just a 2 train wait.
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