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  1. also re reading my post I put that he gave me alot of info and thats kinda true, he gave me lots of info about what we might have got, sorry about that, really it was just cool to hear about what were suppose to get kinda makes u wonder what might have been. Of course he didnt tell me anything huge about the future, just about the haunt and I just had it in my mind he was saying that it was gonna get bigger, he never said anything, kinda random but how would u guys feel about a dark ride, maybe like a shooter one, idk what their called but that might be cool in invertigo old spot, dont know if its big enough
  2. ya your right sorry, but as I said it was just what he was telling me, he told me 90 years I took his word for it, and he never told me anything important he just told me that he wants great america to be better then knotts scary farm, thats their goal, and that just makes me think that they will be adding on to it this year, its my opinion just like u guys have and also rides that we should have got that we didnt, its not a huge deal and im not trying to make it one, im just writing here cuz this is where people actully care about the park
  3. I think they still could put something in this year, and open it up just in time for summer, but in the end I bet new this year will just be an addition to halloween haunt, which I would be cool with, 2012 I feel will be a good year for GA
  4. the park isnt gonna get a coaster but we r getting something this year, however it might just be making the haunt bigger, CGA believes that it can be better then Knotts Scary Farm and it seems like in the next few years they are gonna make it bigger and bigger, the park isnt going anywhere, it has a lease for that land to be use for amusement purposes for the next 90 years. I got a job there this year and have talked to the head of rides and he gave me alot of info on whats coming and should have come to GA over the years, im looking forward to working with him more and more and learning as much as I can
  5. sorry this is random but is their a TPR trip that would include Florida ever gonna happen?
  6. I have read that their is gonna be a theme park called Alien Apex Resort located in Rosewell, New Mexico. I have looked up info but havent come across any real details. Does anyone have any info about this place cause I would love to learn more and find out when it opens. I really believe that aliens are real, call me crazy, but their out there lol Mod Edit: Moved your thread into here as this project is not confirmed at this time.
  7. ^ thats not to bad at all, well im thinking off signing up very soon and also signing up for Club tpr, thanks : )
  8. Im still thinking about signing up for The Road To Cedar Point trip, how long is the waiting list?
  9. Haha sorry about that, but I would really like to get on this trip and just wanted to see if I have a legit chance. I would hate to put in the money and get excited about it only to find out later on down the line I wont be able to go. Thats why I was wondering how long the waiting list is
  10. is their any way u could tell me how many people r on the waiting list for the road to cedar point trip? Or what r the odds that I will get to be on it if I send in my deposit this weekend.
  11. i was there opening night, it was pretty cool. I didnt really notice much change but their are always good scares in the mazes. I really liked the log ride and it had some great scares. If u cant make it out to Knotts Scary Farm this is the next best thing. A new mazes next year would be good and new scare zones, although Carnevil got upgraded this needs to be the last year for it cuz the layout seems to always be the same and it has been there an extra year longer then any other maze cuz it was there in 2007 when they were testing it out and it was open during the day. it will always be the best bay area haunt event so I will always be there every year
  12. im kinda surprized that either not many people r doing the full day or just havent kept up on it but I will be there with adam, we are hitting up magic mountain and universal horror nights the day before, coming all the way from the bay area its gonna be one crazy weekend : )
  13. thanks robb, everything is clear now and also for anyone planning on calling, the person to talk only works monday thru friday, so i had to leave a message and lets hope she gets back to me, idk if this happened to anyone else but it did for me
  14. im gonna be calling tomrrow over the phone so do I need to fill out the paperwork and bring it with me when i go? also I have a guest who is a member of club tpr however im paying for this and am just a regular member, so is he my guest or am I his?
  15. I really like this, is anyone from the bay area in cali going? I would love to tag along with u, I can pay gas and help with hotel, I have anyways wanted to go but I dont drive, if someone could help me out it would be great, if we could go to universal for that haunt the night b4 that would be great too, please if anyone is going message me thanks alot : )
  16. do u have to be a member of club TPR to attend or is just having a normal account ok for this event?
  17. Hey I really want to go to knotts and universal for both of their haunted houses, the truth is I dont drive so im looking for someone to go with, I can help pay gas, hotel, everything, so if your down just contact me, im 20 so someone around my age would be cool, im located in san jose, ca, I would like to go late sept early oct so we beat the crowds, hope to hear from some people and lets have fun getting scared : )
  18. So i heard about this story 2 weeks ago and being a huge ATL fan it gets me mad that they get in trouble for standing up for their fans, Six Flags needs to understand that if they want to put on shows they need to have the right security. They shouldnt have maced anyone...whats your opinions...Heres the story All Time Low banned from remaining Six Flags shows on Bamboozle Roadshow Alternative Press - Tim Karan on 6/3/10 @ 10:41 AM - altpress.com ORIGINAL POST 5/29 10:34 p.m. According to tweets by All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth and Boys Like Girls vocalist Martin Johnson, either a security guard or a police officer allegedly maced fans at tonight's Bamboozle Roadshow date at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas, and that the bands were "locked on their buses" for defending the crowd. A fan report alleges that kids rushed the stage during All Time Low's final song and that it was likely those fans onstage who were maced by security. All Time Low reportedly walked offstage immediately. Gaskarth first tweeted, "I don't care how rowdy a crowd of kids are, there is absolutely no excuse for the police at SIX FLAGS to spray mace in our fans faces." He went onto say, "That kind of protocol is insane for an all ages show at a theme park. A girl who looked to be about 15 walked up to me and said she was removed from the crowd after being maced. Are you fucking kidding me? That being said, you were an absolutely incredible crowd, and that may have been one of the best shows we've ever had the chance to play." ATL bassist Zack Merrick added, "Kids safety is the number one priority at shows and when they compromise that I draw the line." Boys Like Girls' Johnson echoed ATL's statements and openly criticized the police officer who allegedly maced fans, saying, "you mace our fans you fucking die. bands locked on busses for defending helpless fans getting MACED for having a great time at a rock show. i dare security to come backstage." Johnson then took it a step further and tweeted the name of the officer he says maced fans. UPDATE 5/30 12:47 p.m. All Time Low have been asked not to perform at tonight's Bamboozle Roadshow stop at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio following last night's show at a Six Flags outside of Dallas during which fans onstage during ATL's set were maced by security. According to tweets by ATL frontman Alex Gaskarth--who was vocal about his anger over the incident--says that Six Flags banned them from playing tonight but told the public that the band dropped off the date. In a series of tweets, Gaskarth said, "All Time Low won't be performing tonight. We showed up-- Banned because I stood up for our fans who were victimized by security last night. And now they're telling the public that -WE- dropped off the show? Unbelievable. We were told that we 'aren't allowed to perform.' So to all the folks coming to see us tonight, I'm deeply, deeply sorry; This was not our call." He went onto criticize Six Flags over their handling of both last night's events and today's decision. "Its disgusting to see that a family oriented theme park covers up their flubs by shifting the blame and hiding behind shoddy excuses. Big thanks to the park for not only condoning the macing of kids at an all ages show, but also for fabricating stories in order to ban us. I sincerely hope that kharma catches up to these degenerate liars. For clarification, we have been asked not to perform at the 6Flags San Antonio show tonight. I'm sincerely sorry to anyone hoping to see us." We'll keep you informed as more details emerge UPDATE 6/3 According to the websites for Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Great Adventure, All Time Low will not be allowed to play anymore Six Flags dates on this year's Bamboozle Roadshow.
  19. Hey if anyone is from the bay area, ca and would be willing to let me tag along with u please send me an email. i can help with gas and stuff. If u have extra room my dad wants to come also. Get back to me asap if u can help me out thanks
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