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  1. Ya this year is about making what they already have and expanding it, let's hope they get rid of carnevil next year and put something new in
  2. I'm in a picture lol. I was doing control on skyflyer and James asked if he could fly. Seems like u guys all had a great time. Hope to see u at haunt I will b in toy factory
  3. I honestly have no idea lol, they seem to be on an odd schedule this year as far as when things are being updated etc.. Welcome aboard You'll probably see me during your HAUNT training as I'm usually up there talking about Slider practices etc for those of us in scarezones (I train our Slider team) A lot of us have pride for our zones/mazes, the season is a friendly competition (Mazes vs Mazes, Scarezones Vs Scarezones) Awards at the end of the year etc etc etc as well as some incentives for showing up all weekend every weekend.. Maze wise Toy Factory (TF) won Maze of the year back in 09', last year CarnEVIL was the winner for the mazes. Thanks, I'm excited about this I just hope I don't go crazy with that toy factory song lol
  4. ^im pretty sure is just an interview, they r having a Job fair tomorrow. They asked where I wanted to be and then told me what I would b doing.
  5. Ya this is my first year as talent but I have experience in another haunted house
  6. I was hoping for a new maze maybe next year, in tf I'm like a garbage pale kid or something like that but they said I will b in a new mask
  7. ^ oh that's really cool. Me and my friends wanted to build but they were full so we did talent cuz we need the hours. Didn't even think about that wave pool thing, but I'm still surprised they haven't made one in the pavilion
  8. It's not in the house it's on the estate and they r doing the flashlight tour also, pretty much it will go around the house. Check it out on google, looks fun
  9. I'm pretty sure we will at least get a new scare zone to replace that one. My friend who does haunt said he hadn't heard about one but let's hope. On the subject of Halloween they are making a haunted house at the Winchester mystery house that looks amazing, so at least that's new if ga doesn't get anything
  10. Didn't great america claim that survivor was a coaster? I swear I remember reading on their website something like "worlds first reality coaster"
  11. If we r talking about maze areas their are so many. U could put like two in the pavilion which is used for the backyard BBQ, u could set up a maze where the wave pool is at, maybe one in one of the theaters, where invertigo use to be, that's all I got right now
  12. Nibbler i was jw how u know whats coming for haunt? My co worker also does haunt and he said as of right now he knows nothing about the upcoming haunt and says they never tell him anything
  13. I cant say if its worth it or not cause I dont pay, but lots of people seem to like it and think its worth the money
  14. does anyone ride xtreme skyflyer? I work it and no one ever seems to mention it lol
  15. I will be working at xtreme skyflyer that day : ( come say hi and I might be able to get some people on for free
  16. did anyone go last week on weds? It was like in and out day and it was crazy at xtreme skyflyer, didnt get to see how the other lines were but we were busy all day
  17. the grass is nice, I think we will get something good to replace invertigo..lets hope
  18. went to the park today both tops of invertigo r gone, it might all be gone, cant tell cuz with all the stuff in the way.
  19. ^ you have to admit it would be pretty cool to have the super bowl in the bay area, they need to make improvement on old ones or build a new one, that would be the only plus I could see with having the 49ers in santa clara
  20. ya true and thanks for the adivce, idk what would b good for GA but it seems like we all want a coaster
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