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  1. I got that email. I wanna do it but I'm sick of seasonal. Matt u might b over qualified for the job lol.
  2. ^nibbler hit it right on the head. You are overthinking things. Flight deck isn't going anywhere
  3. ^ I'm pretty sure it was cause you went on a Sunday. Some people who were there on Saturday said it was crazy packed.
  4. I'm sorry nibbler. I can understand because you work there. It just yes seems stupid like why would you take a child to an event like this but like I said in the end it's their wasted money. That's kinda always humored me when people get made cause you scared them. It's like isn't that the point? Lol
  5. Sorry about that, didn't know it was that big of a deal. No you haven't talked to me about that before. Now I know. Thanks
  6. Y would they have someone standing there not allowing them in? Great America has warned them but they won't listen. It's their wasted money and it's not doing anything to u so why does it matter? U make it seem as if u were walking through and all u heard was crying from the kid behind u. Some parents are stupid but it really shouldn't be such a bid deal unless it personally effected your experience.
  7. Yep I'm in the blue sweatshirt in one of the crowd pics. I look like a nerd taking pics lol
  8. Got a review from haunt so I went last night and let me just say I have never seen so many people there on opening night. The improvement are pretty good, I was suprized. The old mazes haven't changed much, club blood now starts where u use to exit and the go go dancers are at the end. Slaughterhouse is pretty much a new maze and was one of my favorites of the night, won't spoil anything so u can experience it for yourself. The scare zones did improve but really nothing special. I didn't catch any shows but another tpr member told me "zombies gone viral" was just ok. The worst maze by far was werewolf canyon, not many actors and at least when I went no chainsaws. Like I said earlier all the other mazes were the same but they are still a good time. Overall if it was a fun night and I hope that if we dont have haunt next year we at least have some kind of Halloween event.
  9. I would go Saturday but I'm going to the Winchester mystery house flashlight tour and maze everyone should check it out
  10. Looks like I'm going tomorrow night by myself. If anyone wants to meet up let me know
  11. ^yeah they got to ride and my supervisor kept saying sorry even though it was clearly their fault. Who cares anyways I dont ever wanna work there again
  12. Can't wait it looks like 12 people can ride per train and the station will I bet have at least 2 trains
  13. ^ is the scareactor swimming? I'm pretty sure it's all water after that drop. No platforms or anything
  14. ^ yeah I never understood y no one is up there. It seems safe. They could at least add a covering up there with some fog and strobe lights
  15. U r right about the times but I don't count the top as black widows cavern, no ones pops out once u hit the second lift hill. So in reality bwc is about 1 30 I know because I have seen YouTube videos. When I rode sleepy hollow mountain it was about 4 30. Lift hills don't count in my book cause no one pops out on them
  16. Yeah idk if the log ride will ever b that good cause it's to short. I think bwc is like a minute long while the knotts log ride is around 4.
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