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  1. I'm really excited for haunt. It sucks no new mazes but improvements are always good. If they do another overlay next year for the log ride I wouldnt mind seeing sleepy hollow mountain cause it's amazing at knotts
  2. The way it's looking now I will only be going to great America once a year when I visit for haunt. Unless something new comes in. I'm not bitter for the place firing me, it's just I think we can all admit it gets kinda boring some times. I would hope that they will make haunt into something really big cuz it's always my fav time of year
  3. ^thanks I hope I find one soon enough.... They did hear my side but it was alot of he said she said. I can understand and see where they r coming from but I would never tell someone they are gonna fall out. To tell the whole story 3 people came up I took their tickets and then they said I was being rude and called me a d*** (idk if u can swear so I bleeped it lol) then he said " I shouldn't say that to the person strapping me in" and I said " yeah u shouldn't" I guess then thought it was a threat and told on me. This is how they claim I said they would fall out
  4. ^ it's all good I think is for the best cause I live south San Jose so it was a ways away and I need something more steady then a seasonal job. Yeah I remember u, glad u had fun.... Their was a misunderstanding between a guest and I and they thought I said they were gonna fall off the ride. I was hoping they would but no luck lol jk. They were just being rude and then complained about me. People at skyflyer r pissed and think it wasn't fair
  5. Haha I would so ditch her but she would get lost forever lol great girl But not to smart
  6. Haunt should b cool I'm going with a first timer plus she's scared so I'm ready to b held on to lol
  7. ^ the only awesome part about skyflyer is sometimes during the week we can go 30 minutes between cycles
  8. ^i say go on Sunday shouldn't be to bad and sad news I'm not doing haunt now cuz I lost my ride home and the lightrail doesn't run that late
  9. ^ went to the park as a guest today and it was short lines for most but we skipped survivor cuz it was more then 30 minutes
  10. Being it was the first day of closing at 6, when it came around, it seems many guests were unaware of it, they likely still thought we closed at 8. It's 10 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday and I think Labor day weekend it's 10 on both Saturday and Sunday. After we had closed our ride and finished the last cycle, many were still going up past the garbage can and getting in line, thinking we were still going to run the ride. What's it like at Skyflyer to work there? Didn't know u could only have one profile. So the other one got banned..... Skyflyer is fun. U meet alot of people and u get to ride for free and sometimes we get alot of free time lol
  11. ^ where are u getting this info from? Jw u seem to know more then us workers do
  12. Do u think that nothing new this year means something big next year? Or it really doesnt matter?
  13. ^ that's greats news nibbler, I'm looking forward to it. Sure it won't probley b as scary cuz some r just starting out but at least it's something
  14. ^Let's hope so, a new ride would b nice. Did u go to tpr day at great America? I was working skyflyer lol
  15. Your right about stealth but not so sure about invertigo. My boss use to be the boss at invertigo last season and he told me it was not the bad press that lead it to be taken out, it was just like stealth it broke down a lot
  16. Can someone fill me in on carnivals update i know a new soundtrack but I think the layout was the same
  17. That's semi true, they really don't care what we think. Lots of people liked invertigo, stealth, even 7th portal and it's all gone. Popular doesn't really semi to matter at least that's the way I see it
  18. I also wish I could see these upgrades but we never get to visit any of the other houses someone told me
  19. It's not like i don't like carnevil but come on its 5 years old, let's get something new up in here. I'm excited to work it but am disappointed with no new maze but like I said curse of Sarah winchester maze at the Winchester house looks awesome
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