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  1. I just took my little cousin to see the Avengers. For what it was, it was a really fun movie. For the first time, I felt the Hulk was used successfully. The mix of action and light comedy really worked well. The movie moved along at a quick pace and I never felt like there was too much information being thrown at the audience. Even if you haven't seen the various 'prequels' you are brought up to speed effectively. Plenty of eye candy for the boys and girls as well. A
  2. I can definitely see the logic in putting a coaster in, next to the Skyvue Wheel project. It's funny that they will have to compete against the other giant wheel project, the world's tallest wheel-the High Roller being built near Imperial Palace/Flamingo for Cesar's Linq project. As long as Skyvue holds its own, this relocation project could be a winner if built.
  3. What an absolutely gorgeous park. Thanks for pics. I am somewhat surprised at having such a heavily Buddhist themed park in a communist country. This makes me curious about Vietnamese society. Clearly a great deal of care, effort and money went into the park.
  4. Woohoo! First play, first win, K.O. I really like how they set up the site, very creative and nice to look at.
  5. Been going through the Hefe-Weissbiers, just tried a Weihenstephaner from the Bavarian state brewery, (how cool is that), so far it is my favorite. Interesting flavor profile where the bitterness is entirely integrated as part of the whole rather than a separate punch.
  6. Hmmm, I was with a group of friends and others who absolutely wanted to ride X no matter what. We ended up waiting over 4 very painful hours. That wait took away from that ride as well as the rest of the, by then, night at SFMM. Though I did learn a great deal about the people I was with, fortunately, as most of them are no longer around me. I would never do that again for a ride in a local park. Of course, what is local and common to me in L.A. is unique and exciting for someone from another country and might be a must do. If I was elsewhere in the States or abroad, and I thought it might be my only real chance to ride a great unique ride or experience a one of a kind attraction, then I would feel I would have to wait. I'm not going to travel 8 thousand miles and not do the thing I most want to do. If I knew I was going to a place that will likely be crowded, I would do everything I could to limit my wait time, since, there are almost always ways around long waits. (TPR Trip anyone?) If I couldn't afford what it took, on my own, then I probably wouldn't want to go until I could afford what it took in order to maximize my experience.
  7. The camera on the game screen was still out when I played, right now, so it was like Elissa said, randomly moving the claw about. I will try again if I hear the camera is back on.
  8. ^^^That sucks, I've got an hour to go, so I hope they get it fixed before then.
  9. I voted for it, I do like Harry Potter and that kind of thing and so I would like to have something similar, though not identical to Florida. I've never thought of USH as a destination park. The place certainly has some cool elements and rides and I do like Citywalk, but it seemed more for out of state tourists to get a "taste" of Hollywood. It doesn't really feel the same if you live here. With Transformers and Harry Potter the amount and quality of attractions would take a leap forward and provide a bigger experience. I remember way back in High School, when anyone with perfect attendance for the year (nerd alert!) would get a field trip to USH. I stopped going on them because there just wasn't that much to the place. My relatives from Oklahoma came to visit and the park was one of their top priorities. I've only gone back for HHN and didn't really care to come back during the day. These additions would certainly change my feelings. As for where, I've heard rumors about them taking out the amphitheater off and on for years and seriously, Waterworld is still there after all this time? Take them out and the disruption to the park would be minimal. But....taking out Terminator and building Hogwarts in the space would provide a huge opportunity to build a true marquee structure that would be directly visible from the freeway and many miles around. How could they say no to that?
  10. Youtubing, ended up checking out some classics from way back, including Joy Division "Love will Tear Us Apart" and the Mamas and the Papas "Creeque Alley"
  11. Such IAAPA goodness, I feel so lucky to have you guys there giving us the inside view. Love the pics, and can't wait to see the all the interviews and inside scoops you can share. Very excited. If there is any info about any American purchases of the newest KMG rides, I'd be all ears, though that is usually kept pretty secret. I wonder if Mondial showed any info about Artistico, their version of a KMG XXL. I have to say I got extra jealous when Elissa mentioned perfectly mixed Coke, my Holy Grail of soft drinks. Why is it so hard to find?
  12. Apologies for the 4 post 'clutter,' I just like the idea of responding to each person individually, It just seems more polite... Onwards! The fair itself is really large and while I was stuck in the scarefest of the midway for several hours, I did manage to limp around and check out some more sights at the fair, though not even close to everything I wanted to... Former site of the Hi Miler coaster, RCS brought out their old large Bumper Cars to fill in the space. They still put up their other large Bumper Cars, the much nicer Dodgems. Oddly, the older version seemed to have almost the same size line as this one. The other main credit, a spinning mouse. It is pretty good if you can get the right off balance. My little cousin's first 'major' coaster. Crazy Coaster Lift Hill G-Force, KMG Afterburner, a favorite of mine. Oddly, With the ride playing dance and techno, I've seen club kids dancing in front of it at night. Then again, this ride has played at the Electric Daisy Rave. Lawyer-fied Tornado, some delicate flower might get a blister while grabbing the central support while trying to make it spin. American Carnival sized Star Flyer, still fun. New LEDs really make it look snazzy at night. Elissa approved... We will be the first in line for Knott's Giga, they started building it right? I miss the Big Yellow Slide, operated by Hot Dog on A Stick, of all people. It was permanent and a family favorite. I remember riding in my Dad's lap, it was there that long ago. I don't think people will have the same memories on this slide. KMG Tango, Intense, a touch uncomfortable, especially if that metal 'blade' on the shoulder restraint catches your pants when it is locking down and pulls down hard, you don't really notice the ride after that happens. Otherwise a great ride and very busy. Most expensive ride, 16 tickets I think. Low capacity and long waits, but very good. To conquer Luthor: Drop of Doom, I have to conquer this first. Extra Flash, most midway providers don't go to the trouble or expense, to do something you might see at a Fun Fair. This sets RCS apart and I appreciate what they do. Yo Yo, La Grande Wheel, Evolution, Mega Drop and Sky Ride (one of 2) Ummm, looks like a pair of hairy....never mind. I'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere... Aha, the greatest piece of carnival art ever. A devil shooting a lazer Broom Handle Mauser at an Asian Super Hero shooting a semi auto AR-15 lazer while his girl has had the behind of her pants ripped off by another devilish character. On a Kid's ride with Dragons. AWESOME! I'm seeing a trend. Hard Drinking Blonde Scary Blonde in a Bikini and a hole in her head. Moving on, Rethemed log ride, again, a hint of what they do in Europe. KMG Experience, RCS loves KMG, and why not, they have been very innovative the past 10 years or so. Evolution, there seem to be some rumours of its sale. It was doing good business and the new lighting package really makes it pop. You mean I don't have to drive into LA to get a good hot dog. 2 please. Blues Brothers approved? La Grande Wheel, claims to be the largest transportable Ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere. I haven't seen anything to make me doubt it. The returning Bungie Jump and the other big Ferris wheel, the Grand Wheel, made by Kroon from the Netherlands, predecessor to Nauta Bussink, themselves succeeded by Ronald Bussink. New LED package was running a spectacular program. Both big Ferris Wheels. Sartori Techno Jump, a fun bouncy family ride. The fair's newly installed permanent Merry Go Round. The infamous Chicken Charlie's, purveyor of deep fried goodness. Funny, no one remembers you can get healthy, grilled kabobs here too. New items this year are Deep Fried Kool Aid, Deep Fried Ribs and Deep Fried Caramel Apples. Food Truck Central, while I think the we have reached the back side of the wave, they still seem cool to me. The fair is supposed to have a few more famous ones like Coolhaus and Fry Smith during its run. Piaggio's, Argentine food, looked good. There are actually quite a few food choices that are not just deep fried sugar and grease on a stick. Want to see what you are damaging with all that fat, salt, sugar and grease? I think it is pretty awesome that they could have this kind of display, formerly available only in science museums. Separate admission, 8 dollars. Not sure how large or small it is. Looks like someone found a good one. Yes, these are the same people who run the shop at Knott's Berry Farm, very nice, very knowledgeable. B.A.P.-Big Ass Pumpkin, though smaller than last year. I could live in this thing. Already idiots were taking small chunks out to see if it was real. *sigh* Oooo, Fun Land, could it be an arcade or other silly activity or performance. No. It was a display of a neon sign collection, part of the "Eclections" show at the art museum. Yes, Art Museum, small but cool. Next door to the NHRA Hot Rod Museum. See, "Art." Thanks for letting us know. Old sign from the fair. Many original buildings and structures have been torn down over the years. I miss the Art Deco Fun Zone sign and the monorail Really, surprisingly good, slightly salty, with a hint of sweet chewy goodness. Make it a dessert or dinner. Fry Bread came from the time when Indians were first put on Reservations, land where "Americans" couldn't find anything they wanted. With no way to support themselves on the lands left over, Indians had to rely on what meager rations the government gave them. Flour, salt, lard were brought together to provide sustenance but in the end created community. Go to any Pow Wow or gathering of Indians and Fry Bread will be there. So go and try it, taste the history, and feel part of a disparate and unique people. Though I don't think Indians actually run the stand, lol. Like I said, I didn't have time or energy after Typhoon to do and see everything I wanted. They had a live shark display, bears, a lumberjack show, an 'exotic' animal display, a garden display, vendors, a miniature train display I wanted to get some pictures of before my camera battery died, more night time shots of the rides, the corny 70's band that performs on a stage that travels around the fair and can gather a bunch of people to dance, the trapeze artists, the pseudo cirque show, the Chinese Acrobats, pig races, wiener dog races and so on and so on. Nothing is ever really top quality, but, considering it is "free," I can be entertained for several visits on a season pass. My friend calls it Ghetto Fabulous and a second home, especially after one year, being really sick, going to the fair, having a frozen lemonade, and leaving healthy(True story, we call it the Miracle of the Fair). As long as I can pretend to nitpick the entries in the Tablescaping competition like the too serious judges("Gasp!, That off kilter dessert spoon offends my eyes, How DARE they, oh, I need my fainting couch, now! oh, me, oh my"), I am a very happy person. Creating happy memories with friends and family is really why the fair has meant so much to me for so long. From the earliest days I can remember, being towed around by my parents, only wanting to watch and ride the rides, to today, when I can appreciate all the heart and work needed to put every single unique piece of the fair together. But, the fair is more than the sum of its parts. Yes, there are too many rude and self involved people at times, and you see too many parents letting kids get away with too much, but I can put that out of sight when the people I go with are gathered around, exhausted, yet, smiling, as we dig into some unique food, drinking our lemonade, examining our purchases and talking about the day, together. Performers who attached elastic bands to their feet and danced like puppets almost. Looked better than it sounds. They performed several dances and used plastic bottles as instruments. They worked damn hard. "What are you looking at, so what if I got a feather stuck on my beak, I'm a damn bird and I'm covered in these things!" "and why haven't you tried Indian Fry Bread yet?"
  13. Thanks for that, I try and the fair just hands it to you on a golden platter.
  14. The mantra of the enthusiast, I love it. That's how I felt before I rode it, too. And it goes for every credit out there....
  15. Agreed, though, it is almost Halloween, time for zombies like this that want to eat your brains and bodies. And thank you guys for the condolences, I pass them on as well to any who challenge themselves to this ride, you will earn them, as I did.
  16. Probably why I thought a frosting shot was a good idea afterwards. But yeah, if you could send most of them away to the ER, the day might go better, but then who would buy little bronze roosters, lead filled toys for the little ones and deep fried chocolate covered pickles. The place would go broke I tell ya!
  17. I suffered so you don't have to... September in the L.A. area means school's back in session, a hint of dryness in the air-a prelude to the Santa Ana's and the coming fires, (though not today, it was crazy humid with a touch of rain) and the L.A. County Fair. One of the largest fairs in the country by attendance and actual size. Seriously, me and my friends go back several times just to cover every section, bit of entertainment, and every sinful morsel we want to try. Sadly the economy has not been kind to the fair, a big draw was the sheer number of vendors; several large building, the spaces in between and two other sections were filled. Not anymore. To fill in the space, the fair was compacted, the carnival moved inward to the center and all the vendors they had left put into the building areas. Nonetheless, the fair is still huge and offers a wildly varied array of things to see and do. Food, animals, shopping, educational displays, museums, horse racing, ethnic and commun... BAH!!!, I know you don't care about any of that....Credit info now, then more fair stuff when I can....I am rushing the Credit Info in case anyone in the SoCal area wants to subject themselves to the pain before the fair closes on Oct 2. Ray Cammack Shows has been the midway provider for 26 years. They do provide, I think one of the best midways in the country. They always seem to look to Europe for inspiration, and try to get the most up to date rides that are available and able to be transported on our roads. ( Our roads suck, a big reason why the big rides can't be brought here.) They do try to put more flash on their rides, as well as provide a compact footprint, meaning there aren't the usual big gaps between rides. They are practically on top of each other, a cool effect. Alas, they don't always have the best luck with what coasters they can get. They have had: a Pinfari Looping Star, a Wilde Maus that never ran, a Reverchon Spinning Coaster, that did not spin or coast without being hurty, they might have had a Zyklon, but that might have been the provider before RCS. Anyone who has been to the OC Fair, Del Mar Fair, Arizona State Fair, Houston Livestock Show or LA County fairs know the line up has been a Spinning Mouse called Crazy Coaster, a few kiddie coasters and the Hi Miler, their signature coaster that is similar to the Scandia Screamer, same builder, just smaller. A few years ago, a small theme park in Illinois closed down (red alert, red alert) and RCS bought that little parks' signature attraction for $250, 000. For the past few years RCS has been trying to sell the thing without every having run it, without success. I guess RCS finally decided to try to make back its money, with a touch of paint, and some of the finest brand spanking new jenga blocks around to put the ride on, they have brought the ride to the LA County Fair: I Present to You Dear Reader, if you dare,..... New to the fair, but certainly not new to TPR founders Robb and Elissa. Unless Illinois was sold to Germany, or rather Italy, then this is nothing but lies. Must have borrowed some paint from Knotts...It was tough to get good shots, the ride was elevated off the ground and it was very crowded. Yes, Typhoon from Santa's Village in Dundee, Illinois has come back to life after 5 years, I believe, of merciful death. I saw a hint of the ride in some of the pre opening pictures from Fairplex. I looked up the ride and it just seemed strange, a smallish, but large for a carnival coaster with an inclined loop made by a manufacturer in Italy, Top Fun, which, even RCDB can't find much info on. Then, of course, I turned to TPR to see if anyone had every heard of or ridden this coaster. Of course, Robb and Elissa had, you can see a face full of joy... What could possibly be wrong with a new coaster at the fair... What choice does an enthusiast have, an unusual credit, just dropped in front of me in an unusual, yet convenient location? I had to try. Opening weekend, Hot, Humid, crowded due to $1 dollar entry, 45 minutes to get in, pay $10, park and get to the front gate. At least we got to drive down the NHRA drag racing strip. The wrong way, but still kinda cool Awww, the carnival used to be right here, along with go carts, and the ejection seat and a bunch of other stuff. When I finally got to the coaster, it was not running. As I took some pictures, a worker at a food stand next door said that it hadn't been running at all this weekend, so I expected the worst. "Lucky" for me, Typhoon was set to have its grand opening on Sunday at 5 o'clock, only a couple hours later, a fact I found out only when I went by again. I'm not sure why the delay from opening day Saturday. Of course, 5 p.m., was right in the middle of the 3 hour $1 dollar per ride offer, which meant the whole midway was packed, muffin tops, strollers, and wannabes crowding, jostling and rubbing against you, dodging the gluttonous remains of deep fried goodies flying through the air and laying like minefields all around was a new sport, sheer idiocy capturing the logical mind in tangled weaves. Why?, Oh, Why? was the Filipina lady standing in front of the entrance to a ride, blocking it, telling people to go around her, over and over, why not move 2 feet to the left and then talk on your phone? Sigh, Anyways, I was only planning to ride Typhoon this day, until I found a bunch of money on the ground, then game on. So after a few free but packed rides, I went back to Typhoon on a hunch, and voila!, a huge line of people waiting for the ride to start operating after its grand opening. People were very curious. Inclined Loop, certainly unusual. Helix of the Uncomfortable Bad Touch Who wants to play Jenga? Actually looks fairly impressive for a carnival midway. Lift Hill. One of two trains. Close up of car, with OTSR with lots of padding, (hint, hint). Chain Lift. Shot with the Nauta Bussink R50 Ferris Wheel "La Grande Wheel" in background. So with a bit of a flourish, the ride finally opened with the Typhoon crew getting the first official ride. And then, that's when a large number of people left the line. To be fair, the first run through seemed pretty slow and I think that is why quite a few left. After that first run, Typhoon picked up some speed. Still there were obvious issues. The 3 car trains seemed a bit heavy and jerky through the course. The flexing track did not help the smoothness of the transitions at all. In fact the smallest transition seemed challenging to the riders. And then there was the inclined loop...As might be expected with short trains, the trains entered the loop, slowed down, then once the last car cleared the top, the whole train was hammered forward. I knew the rep, but to see it in actual motion filled me with more dread. It took some time to get on board. The crew took a few cycles before they started to get into a rhythm and get the line moving. Typhoon has a separate station for loading and unloading, but they were only using on train. I suppose when they need to and really get comfortable they might add the second train. I must say, I was very pleased with the crew. They were extremely friendly and helpful to all the riders. If they wanted to make a good impression they did. Plus, they were were the Sunday uniform of shirts and ties, so they looked good. I must say I was amused by the 'ticket' taker lady (they do not use tickets only pay as you go card or wristbands.) As she had time and being on the plus size of things, she went out of here way to have discrete conversations with larger guests about whether or not they might fit into the seats. She clearly spoke from the heart and did not want guests to feel embarrassed if they could not ride. She also had pep talks with female riders about how "the girls" might make riding uncomfortable. She was sweet but also strict about loose personal items and earrings. With the strict rules, clearly RCS knows the issues the ride has. Very high height requirements, no earrings, glasses or hats, they know. Ride Entrance. Rules and Regs, Height and Age restriction? Normal price, 19 dollar a ticket and the most tickets needed by one ride-16. A wristband can cost 35 or 50 dollars. The ride experience is difficult to enjoy, to put it lightly. I put it slightly higher than Huracan at Belantis, a Gerstlauer Euro Fighter that absolutely wrecked my head and neck and made the rest of that day (Woot, TPR Oktoberfest Trip 2010)unpleasant. The seats are a bit snug and close to your neighbor with OTSR restraints that have a belt to attach the restraint to the car. The restraint has a fair amount of padding, the car could use more behind the head and on the sides. Oddly enough I figure a larger person might have a more comfortable ride as they won't be rocked side to side as much. Up the lift hill isn't so bad, though it does sound like it struggles at the top, I am sure it is fine. The curving drop actually picks up some speed and then your first transition to cross and climb to the loop. It's like a sugar addicted child desperate for a fix, needs to get your attention to buy more candy. It just shouldn't be that rough, but it is. At that point I just wanted to survive. You head over to the section above the loop and slow down before dropping into it. I just don't understand why anyone thought that was a good idea. Did it have to be inclined so the car could make it through? The incline, well, almost any part of this coaster, has the effect of whipping you one way or the other hard. Then, as I noted, the train slows down, just enough so your head wants to move forward, then hammered forward, so your had gets thrown back into the seat. Then you travel around the coaster, every transition making itself known, moving not exactly fast, but with enough speed to get through the course. Such a paradox, no speed but pain. You finally get to the Helix, and normally, I love them, the increase in g's and directions done right pushes you, but in a fun way. Oh, no, not here, again the paradox, not enough speed, but plenty of knocking around, on a curve, How? Dear rider, oh, how you wish it was over, but, alas, Typhoon gives you a "gift", in order to leave the helix, you face the challenge of one last whipping transition before the unload station. The kid next to me said one word the whole ride, "Ouch." I agree. Typhoon does not seem to have been engineered with concept of human comfort in mind. Perhaps in the world of K'nex this would work, not with real, live, fleshy, soft, people. I was sore all over. Since I wear glasses normally, riding rides without them makes me feel off anyway, but add this treatment and...yeah....I had to relax with a nice ride on the KMG Tango they have. If you know the ride, it is a whippy, spinny, high in the air, extreme ride with a floorless seat that "could" be more comfortable. I loved it. Then I topped it off with a frosting shot. mmmmm, good times. I feel bad for RCS, they probably saw an opportunity to provide a unique larger scale coaster to its midway and at least per my ride turned out to just not be comfortable at all. My hope is either they can find a way to fix it up, or earn enough to entice someone to buy it, so they can get something better. The second train through, the poor souls, they have no idea... Long line of people waiting, the ride did have a long line for the rest of the day and night. Down the curved drop. The first "ouch" moment. I noticed how close the barrier was to the track, as short as I am, I could get into a position to touch the track. How long before some idiot decides to lose some fingers because they cannot be responsible? Very close. Control Panel Separate Unloading and Loading Stations, Hopefully they can start using both trains so people don't have to wait so long. Though with separate stations, the new riders can't be warned how to ride. Almost time. Inclined Loop of Death I wish my camera's battery had held out, RCS has invested in new LED lighting packages making the rides very good looking at night, very European Fun Fair-ish. I may share some more pictures from the fair later. I have to say I really appreciate anyone who does one of these photo trip reports, they do take time to put together, plus, you lose a great deal of free time in trying to get shots that you hope will look ok, especially action shots. They are tough. The light was not my friend, the mix of clouds and sun kept changing conditions as I tried to take shots with my dinky little camera. For now I guess I should leave you with this night shot of Typhoon... Typhoon at night. But for the cuteness and feel good factor, I want to leave you with the Piglet Collective... It starts small, but resistance is futile... We will add your distinctiveness to our own... You will all be assimilated. I half expect next time that all the animals in the Big Red Barn, will gather into One Big Sleeping Animal Collective. Too cute
  18. Is it bad that the first thing that happened when I saw this was I felt like hyperventilating? I don't mind heights, but the unexpected drops get to me. I forced myself several times to go on the Mega Drop at the county fair to try to get over that feeling, didn't work so great. I could handle a launch, but this, wow. The intimidation factor will probably keep the lines more manageable than people would think. All that being said, being the record version of a drop ride, I will force myself on this ride somehow. Liquid courage anyone?
  19. I hope now that Windseeker is open, we can now get some hints as to the future soon. It is unfortunate, they have lost the bulk of the summer season for Windseeker. Really, based on history, Knott's could still announce and build a large coaster by the end of 2012 as their addition for that year while in a practical sense being more for 2013(similar to how Ghostrider ended up). I would be disappointed if Knott's did lose out on a Giga coaster (to CW) and would only have Windseeker to be the marquee new attraction for the next couple of years. They haven't had a large addition since Silver Bullert, (sorry CGA.)Though when they added the Intimidators, one was a B&M and the other an Intamin, so there is still hope that an Intamin could be announced. Does anyone know how many Intamins are on order for next year? That could be a clue.
  20. ^ Welcome to the TPR community! I'm fairly new on the site though I lurked for a very long time. Once you look at a few TPR trip reports you realize there really are many, many, gay and gay friendly people on this site. In fact, that is one of the main reasons I jumped in and went on one of the TPR trips. Totally friendly and welcoming, besides, being worth every penny. Robb and Elissa are real friends of our community, they make this site as open as it is. You do not have to hide here, we will cheer for you. When you can, get to one of the TPR events, you will have a blast and develop connections to people who can be part of your extended support group. It is tough to be on your own, but TPR can be an online family.
  21. Erlebnispark Strasswalchen: The home of Wild Train and the Death Slide. The whole park comes off as the perfect representation of the owner, a big crazy personality in compact package. Unique, fun and over the top.
  22. Here we go: California Nevada Arizona Utah Colorado Wyoming Montana Nebraska Iowa Missouri Oklahoma (Somehow avoided Kansas, like the center of a doughnut.) Texas New Mexico Arkansas New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Maryland D.C. ( I know, not a state, but still) Virginia
  23. Apparently the ride in question has been reported on several other sites as being a knockoff of the KMG Freak Out. It even included signs that look like KMG's version. The source of the ride is either Hungary or Poland; the manufacturer isn't yet clear. I do hate the idea of people thinking this is from a quality manufacturer like KMG. A cheap copy hurts that industry's image. Of course, the prevention of loss of life is the top priority given the accident that happened and any future accidents.
  24. Nice pictures, love seeing European Funfairs/Kirmes. I was wondering if you gave Konga a try, I've always wondered how much more intense the XXL's are compared to the far more common Afterburner model. I've been hoping one of our American ride companies would get one, but I don't know if the weight, size of the transports would be an issue, let alone the cost.
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