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  1. If I signed up for the SFMM advisory focus group thing they have, should i have gotten it? I've signed up for that and every other thing SFMM/SF ask can we send you e-mails all the crap and I still have never received one of these top secret surveys
  2. I love it, looks like something straight out of Tokyo except much more ghetto er lol I also know it's just an artist rendering so it shouldn't be taken as fact but that would be awesome if they did add that zig zag before the spike After reading the article it does in fact say Premier has resigned some parts of the ride so the curves after the second launch may not be to far off. Here's the full story Akita Center
  3. Here's my vers.2.0 of Full Throttle, I tried to address some issues that were found with the first version, I also added a record breaking loop like the rumored SFMM full throttle coaster is supposed to have. Here's some stats 320 Foot Drop, 6770 foot track length, 205 foot vertical loop, 102 mph max speed multi-launched at 75/90 mph. Track uploaded to TPR Exchange
  4. Well here's another pic showing off the seats, nothing we haven't really seen before the pic is just much clearer then others have been. pic from a Popular Mechanics article called Wild Wing Coasters coming to America
  5. I think the ride looks great yes it may not be as intense as iSpeed but it still looks like it will be a thrilling family Watercoaster. After seeing this pic depending on the speed after the first splash down this thing may proved some airtime on that first hill. pic courtesy of MirabilandiaNews FB page
  6. ^It's the trim on the small bunny hop after the Ampersand element, but it should only kiss the train if that b/c there is still a few more big hills after the small hop.
  7. ^I agree That does look painful but totally insane!!! I wish X2 had that many seat flips. You would think after all this time since X that S&S would have this seat rotation thing down perfect, yet in this video those seat bouncing and rotation looks to be worst then X ever was. Hopefully by the time this thing opens it rotates much smooth b/c the ride does look insane
  8. I am not going to sit here an argue with you sir You have every right not to like my coaster that's more then fine with me!!! Constructive criticism is cool I wlecome that but that's not what your giving me imo, well except for your supports tip. First: .09 might be high on the lateral side but I'm no B&M fan boy I want my coasters to be pushed to the MAX!!! I've designed a coaster called Full Throttle with a max speed of 106mph of course I want you to feel every bit of it, I know I wouldn't want to ride a coaster by that name and see that speed and then step off saying well that was forceless I feel like as long as the g's aren't flashing to yellow / red or even a full 1g of lats is more then acceptable a .09 of lats for a second Far as my Stengel Dive thingy again that's your opinion, it's fine with me, I made it the g's are in check both pos and lats and I like it!!! I don't have to find you anything! This is the way I designed the coaster. Like I said for all you know this coaster was built around other things already in the park like buildings and other rides use your imagination. Still you don't have to like it you have your right not too. Beside why would I want to design my coasters like something that's already out there, if I could find you a design that's like mine then imo it wouldn't be an original design since you can find it somewhere else.
  9. Well thanks for the feedback but I have to correct you on a few things First in the Stengel dive thingy the laterals I don't know what your seeing b/c it almost has NO lats at all, I've rode the coaster what seams like over a million times and do not see a lateral any where on this coaster above 0.8/0.9 max. From what I understand most designers try to keep lats at around 0.5, I try to keep mine under 1, so anything from 0.5 up to 0.9 is fine IMO. Far as the pumps in the turns I notice that especially from the back of the train and I'm still trying to perfect it with my hands I'm a hand builder and never claimed to be an expert I am still learning every time I play this game. Second the transport wheels on the brake run are needed on this coaster to bring the train to a stop, turn them off and watch the train crash into the station. Maybe it is a design flaw on my part I don't know, I just know I had to do what it took to bring the train to a stop without having the g's sky high and it works. Far as having things parallel to each other and wasting space well that's just your opinion, I see nothing fake looking about it and who's to say there isn't other things like buildings and other rides in the space you claim that is wasted? For all you know this coaster was built around other things already in the park. I do like and will try to implement your supports tip
  10. Full Throttle vers. 1.0... please scroll down page for vers 2.0 Multi-launched GIGA coaster 75Mph Launch, 95 Mph Launch, 106 Mph Max speed 320 Feet Drop, 6658 foot track length I'm not saying this has anything to do with SFMM 2013!!! I just so happen to like the name Full throttle for a launched coaster. Uploaded to TPR Exchange
  11. Look like the very last piece will be installed tomorrow can't wait to see the first test run on this gorgeous Intamin Hyper
  12. One reason I believe Swarm is being called rubbish by some is b/c of the outrageous marketing Thrope park did for this ride. Saying it was so intense it was ripping off arms and legs off test dummies then you get there and finally ride to find out it's nothing more then a Boring and Mundane B&M. I understand the need to hype your new ride but imo Thrope and Alton just takes it way to far and have people expecting way to much.
  13. Well judging buy the lack of trims and the nice shape of the hills I think this will provide the best air on a B&M hyper to date
  14. Wow that does look pretty freakin amazing the speed this thing carries through out it's course is just crazy. I look at this and think why couldn't that be Apocalypse, I love Apoc but after seeing Wodan who couldn't help but to be a little jealous
  15. or closer to this would make it great http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=ispeed_2vob
  16. ^Goose's Realm of Insanity was also the first site that started it for me, I when it went away. Far as the rumor that the LA Times is reporting on "Full Throttle", like they say if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all so I will remain silent
  17. I love the looks of this ride, yeah it doesn't come off as this extreme airtime machine but I never thought it would be. It looks like it's going to be imo a high thrill family water coaster, so I don't see the issue. It provides a huge drop, bunnyhop that looks like it will provide some airtime, some swoops and turns and another hop that may provide some more airtime. Does a mack water coaster top or even come close to iSpeed or Katun I don't think so, that still doesn't mean it isn't a fun ride which I believe this one will be too and I can't wait till I get a chance to ride it along with iSpeed and Katun
  18. Yes they did wall off flashback's area that's why I'm so Optimistic that maybe more then one ride is coming in 2013, but if this is all for one major coaster I'm cool with that too.
  19. Hmmmm with the old monorail site to flashbacks old spot that's enough land for an attraction of it's own, then you have Log Jammers old area and the backside of the mountain which is enough for something huge...So could we possibly be looking at a multiple attraction 2013 at the Mountain
  20. Happy Birthday Kristen Wow it's been 5 years crazy how time flies, Elissa you ready to do it again or are you one and done lol. I used to say one and done now that he's 3, I/we since I can't do it by myself lol are thinking about trying for a girl
  21. OMFG!!! that looks incredible best looking B&M hyper EVER!!!!
  22. Maybe they'll do another Goliath and Titan type of thing SFMM gets the first huge multi-launch coaster and then SFOT get's a bigger one with an extra element
  23. I went the Sunday after WCB and GL had a 45 minute wait and the line was out the entrance they were also running 4 trains. A line like that in February on a Sunday I wouldn't say at all the ride is losing popularity or unpopular imo . The only other rides in the park with a line like that or longer was X2, Tatsu and Apocalypse.
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