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  1. Well Knotts may just beat them to that First Giga on the West coast, I know it's just rumors but there has been even more clearing at Knotts, Westcoaster just posted more pics. I don't know it seams like every other rumor this year has come true why not knotts giga rumor. SFMM more then likely will remove Deja Vu and then Build a Dive Machine in it's place, or the Worlds est Wingrider since they seam to be inversion addicted and anti-airtime.
  2. Well yeah you can clearly tell it's Fan made but imo it would be an awesome site to see, if something like that did come to life at Knotts. Just imagine getting off the 5 or the 91 and seeing that massive Intamin lift in the distance , even though it's just a fan made comcept that first drop looks heavenly I'd also hope that the two straight sections in the figure 8 area are Camelbacks Anyways who ever made it, I get the idea they were going for I see it, and I love the concept fan made or not. I could only dream Knotts was getting something like it. WFChris I'm thining the z shaped element as you called it is suppose to be a Camelback over Ghostrider or at least that's how I interpreted it.
  3. ^^^From what I've heard they are working on a Giga Dive Wingrider j/k But seriously do they have to place markers and survey points to know where the best place to set up equipment to deconstruct Deja Vu? or do they only survey and place markers when adding a a ride?
  4. My top 5 list goes... #1. X2 #2. Tatsu #3. Green Lantern #4 Riddlers Revenge #5. Apocalypse
  5. Well that was quick at that rate this thing will be built in no time, I think this is going to be the sleeper hit of 2012. I'm not expecting Intamin airtime or intensity but I think the looks are going to be deceiving on this coaster and it's going to be much more thrilling then it may look. Some of the bunny hops look like they may have the best airtime in CA even for a family coaster lol I'm not a big fan of SW but I will be making my way down to try this Manta out.
  6. From my understanding the area I circled has been cleared on both sides of Ghostrider Even though the wood for GR rehab is stored in the area, why after all these years would they need to clear the area out if it's just for GR rehab and wood storage?
  7. Very nice looking coaster Question: How did you get your supports to look like that?
  8. At this point I don't if it's B&M or Intamin I just hope they get something for 2012
  9. Yes that's why it says extended! I thought about the complaints the one SFDK was getting for capacity so I made it a full circuit by adding a few hundred feet to the ride to enable a full circuit 3 train op. It's still no capacity hog but much better then one train op.
  10. Extended Skyloop 150 feet tall, 60 mph launch, top speed 62 mph max. Length 1600 feet. Zero g roll, vertical loop, noninverting loop, two vertical twist. 3 trains 12 people per train
  11. I don't know but I'm thinking I may be the first to come back unconscious after riding this monster lol.
  12. I'm more interested in this crazy looking ride then I am for the wingrider SFGAM is getting, that loop looks like It's going to pull some major gs and those twist on the way up and down looks nuts! This may be low capacity but it looks like its going to be worth the wait imo.
  13. Wow people have argued for years this couldn't be done I love to see internet engineers proven wrong lol, that is going to be one sick drop! Its looking like Deja Vu area will be used for something big in 2013 imo, also the LA Times only made mention of two relocated coasters Vu, and Iron Wolf it said nothing about pandemonium leaving SFDK.
  14. I know the drop tower is probably more likely, but could it be possible that it's actually a launched coaster? Maybe the clue in the video wasn't the S:EFK tower itself but the launch. Maybe they just showed the clip from that angle b/c they knew people would be focused on the tower and automatically assume drop tower, I don't know imo the clue just seams to obvious.
  15. that brake run alone cost 8 million! I just want to ride it b/c that first drop looks amazing!
  16. that zero g roll out of the trench looks beast! When you think it can get no better it gets better with this invert. Then with theme-ing and water this is not only looking like its one of the best inverts ever built! Imo, its also going to be a sexy beast too.
  17. I love the look of your design, it looks fing awesome and they would never get me outta Knotts they add something like that lol. I also think the City would approve it if, Knotts was willing to spend the money to make it look like an over pass/ pedestrian bridge that the coaster traveled on to take it across Beach Blvd. Tunneling under Beach might be an option if the city approved and Knotts had money to spend like Disney lol.
  18. No.With Kinzel out at CF the pointless coaster wars are over at least for now since neither CF,nor SFI cannot affford to keep throwing in coaster after coaster at one park just to maintain a stupid title especially since the locals in the GP(the parks' target audiences) don't even know that the other park exists. SFMM NEEDS to work on their flat ride selection to even things out as they can't hardly expect to gain a foothold on the family market(remember families bring in more money than the SP toting teenagers do) by adding rides not geared to their needs as well.The park has enough coasters for now but from what I understand there are like only 3 or 4 flats that those who don't enjoy coasters can ride & that's what they need to work on. So I guess a 400 foot drop tower is going to make that family market take notice? Or was it the family coaster they just added that they didn't advertise, or the failed attempt at a Thomas town? Also some one must care about having the most coasters in a park b/c two states news sources won't shut up about it, you have CF new President making statements about not going down without a fight, and people on both parks Facebook pages crying about losing such a title no one cares about.
  19. I want to go to Behemoth Levi bash just b/c I love Arrow suspended coasters and Vortex looks amazing too me
  20. Honestly I'm thinking the same thing. We have only heard one project worldwide for Intamin next year and B&M has three already (The Swarm, Leviathan, Dollywood 2012) and I think they have one or more still up there sleeve. So where does that leave the Intamins? Either they are having a soft year because people don't want to spend money (Yeah right; have you seen B&M prices?) or they still have announcements to make in the coming months. Hopefully this is the year Six Flags returns to active partnership with the #1 coaster builders on the planet. I don't think so,I mean why if SFI is swimming in loot are they now relocating at least two coasters to other parks to pass off as "new"?It's because all that hapless spending of the past decade has come back to bite them in the a$$ that's why. I don't think relocating rides has anything to do with SF not having the money, in fact I think its a great idea. Send the old rides and rides that can better handle the capacity of a smaller park better such as Vu to NE as new rides, while diverting the funds from those parks to parks that will make the ROI from buying a new ride. CF dumped off two old rides as new and now one of their parks are getting a 28 mill giga lol. SF has been reporting positive every quarter, their stocks are doing well, and they've doubled their cash dividends, they haven't been doing the hapless spending of the old SF. Imo they are in a well enough position now to purchase a giga then they ever were, no one is saying do an old SF and buy a giga for every park in the chain in one year lol
  21. So OSHA allowed the ride to open with the ropes tied around the seats as a quick fix :
  22. ^^ likes Yes SkyRush is still imo looking the best so far in 2012 in the US. I hope I can be on that trip and gain some experience with the experienced!
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