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  1. ^Thanks for answering my question, I was just using Skyrush as an example it could apply to any custom coaster really. Yes this is how I thought it may work, wasn't 100% sure again thanks for confirming it for me.
  2. Don't know if this would need it's on topic or has been discussed in it's own topic but I have a quick question... Does Hershey Park own the Skyrush layout, meaning if I had my own park that has nothing to do with Hershey could I request from Intamin to build me a clone of Skyrush? Can Intamin sell exact clones of Skyrush without Hershey's approval or do they even have to get approval from Hershey if they wanted to sell an exact clone?
  3. ^^ Why not I could easily see Robb yelling Ampersand twisty twisty ampersand Weeeeee during his pov Imo that's one of if not the most beautiful element ever created for a rollercoaster
  4. ^^ Wow I think that was the fastest complaint ever...That has to be a new record right??? Is just me or did a B&M train and Intamin train have sex and make one beauty of a baby lol
  5. Well thanks to Park Connoisseur over at Facebook we have the first pic of SkyRush's gorgeous trains
  6. Hmmmmm This was just posted to SFMM Facebook page by Premier Hint maybe???
  7. Maybe, maybe not just b/c this may turn out to be a multi-launched coaster with a record breaking loop doesn't mean airtime couldn't be thrown in there too. Either way I'm getting more excited with each new update showing more land cleared b/c it's looking like this thing what ever it is will be HUGE!!! Also if it's Premier that's a great thing b/c if it does have a loop and airtime we don't have to worry about OTSR's ruining the airtime since Premiers use lapbars even on their inverting coasters
  8. ^^ I was cool with the idea of a long A$$ multi-launch coaster until you said loop Why god why does this park need another loop right now. Also wouldn't a record breaking coaster 6000 feet long or longer with record breaking elements be way past the design phase at this point? The park is already clearing land and the ride is suppose to open in 2013. I was thinking at this point in the game the track was already being fabricated or at least about to start and the park would start receiving it in a few months or so.
  9. No I was thinking more Intamin giga I was also thinking for it to be Huge and Record Breaking, if it were to be launched wouldn't it have to top KK or be faster then Formula Rossa to be record breaking? Would Premier be able to top either of those two for less then $50 mil dollars??? Isn't the cheapest way to break a record far as height and speed is to go with a lifthill based coaster, since it still seams like you can get a record breaking Giga for under $30 mil. Compared to if you tried to top the two launched record holders seams like you would easily be looking at $50+ million. Anyways after seeing the backside of the mountain being cleared and trees marked to be cleared, plus log jammer site this is going to be a monster what ever it turns out to be
  10. This...This is music to my ears "huge", "record-breaking", not an Aqua-Trax (duh)"
  11. ^^Elissa that's what kinda of ticked me off even more knowing he didn't even go, he just threw that negative report together from pics he got from someone else and second hand information. His reports are usually pretty entertaining but that one just really grinded my gears lol. Yes I have heard that SFMM went lite on WCB this year, but can we account that too being because of how much is going on right now maybe, maybe not. They do have the Log Jammer/2013 project going on with the 2012 project Lex Luther, going on with getting the park refreshed to operate for the 2012 season while trying to pull off an event for over 800 people. Maybe they've just stretched themselves a little thin lol again maybe, maybe not. I don't fully understand on the SFMM went lite since I wasn't there, but I also don't think when it's said SFMM went lite means let's pull out the flaming torches and pitch forks lol. I've heard more positive then negative even if SFMM went lite this year still sounds like a lot of people still had fun and I thought that was the whole point of the event.
  12. Well if the park is supposedly that bad maybe Robb shouldn't have WCB their next year and take his business elsewhere. Maybe this will show SFMM that they just aren't kissing the enthusiast a$$ enough and will make them pucker up for you guys better. Imo that report on Westcoaster comes of as I'm a spoiled enthusiast so what they didn't want to drops any hits on what's going on for 2013, so what if they thought one of the questions asked was kinda retarded. There is no guarantee nor does it state any where in the event flier that SFMM or any park will answer ALL of your questions nor does it say anywhere that the park must drop hints on any new attraction coming to the park. So he's complaining about rides being down that EVERYONE!!! knew would be down months before the event He's taking pictures of the old monorail station talking about how bad it looks when he can clearly see they have finally started to remove it. Yes it should not have been allowed to get that way in the first place but now that you can clearly see that it's being taken care of why start complaining about it. Green lantern well it seams the GP loves it, I guess that's all that really matters. I was there the Sunday after WCB and the GP was going crazy over this ride. I heard not one complaint of pain, uncomfortable or it didn't spin enough from not one person. Just b/c other Zac spins run a more insane program maybe it's b/c they don't have all the regulations and insurance companies and sue happy Americans to deal with. I was there the Sunday after WCB and I had a great time, the park was clean, there was two train ops on the coasters, GL was running 4 trains the 5th one had the shields off and was in a testing mode. I had 3 members of the GP with me I usually judge based of off the GP experience and they had a great time. We ate at Mooseburger, Johnny Rockets, and Cold stone throughout the day and no one in my group complained about the meals or the service we received. They were kinda bummed we couldn't ride S:EFK but once I explained why it was down they understood and that was the end of it. Anyways the Westcoaster report is the first that I'm seeing that WCB was suppose to be so horrible at SFMM, on SFMM facebook page the people who went are thanking TPR and SFMM for such a great time.
  13. Get ready ready to have all of your rides be broken down or temporarily closed due to litigation... well, all but one! I knew it wouldn't be long before a negative Nancy brought that up I love Intamin rides so I'm willing to take that risk, it would by MY park!!! so that would be my risk to take
  14. Well now that I've wiped the drool from my face and changed my chonies I'm still just amazed how awesome this ride looks This thing went from a boring looking figure eight on paper to looking like it can be in the running for one of the best coasters in the World!!! If I were to ever become rich and start my own park I would want an entire Intamin showcase park, well I'd have a B&M invert in there but the rest would be Intamin Intamin Intamin
  15. ^I 100% agree with this, I've never had an issues with GL down there. After I305 blackouts and GL intensity Intamin probably think we Americans are a bunch of wimps lol.
  16. I love the looks of this and wish this is what HW had went with. If it turns out to look like it does in that concept art then it looks like it will be a great ride and that will be one beautiful station imo.
  17. Yes the Buccaneer looks great but I thought it was suppose to be an octopuses mouth the ride was diving through when did it change to a ship?
  18. I don't understand why B&M can design their looping coasters so well and make them look amazing but their hypers/giga look like something designed in RCT. Does B handle the loopers and M handle the hypers or vice versa??? Imo it looks like when it comes to their Hypers vers their loopers they seam to be designed by different people. Anyways X-flight looks beautiful and I can not wait to ride it
  19. I know it probably just the angle of the webcam but some of those clearances look extremely tight Imo this is looking to be the best of the Wingriders so far and I'm loving the color that red is gorgeous.
  20. ^This has been said a million times Elissa has said it, Robb has said it, many others have said it yet people still just refuse to except it ^This...I just can't see why some aren't putting two and two together and see that this activity is leading up to something huge in scale, whether it's launched or Giga is still yet to be seen. SFMM is not clearing out an old but loved ride that took up 6 acres of valuable land to add a megalite lol ^This too lol, It has be said over and over and over and yet people still refuse to get that point, heck there's parks with Two Inverts :::coughLARondecough::: so why is the idea of SFMM or any park for that matter having a hyper and a giga still so outlandish to some people. Look at CP they did MF 11 years after Magnum, CW is doing Levi 4 years after Behemoth and SFMM would be doing Giga 13 years after Goliath. And Sir Clinksalot you are 100% correct it doesn't guarantee that SFMM starting early means something huge is coming, but come on this is SFMM were talking about here. Do you really think SFMM is starting this early to preserve the area, yet wouldn't preserve a classic ride that's being sitting there for over 40 years, The park that has destroyed every ounce of charm the park once had to create this Xtreme park coaster king we have today I really don't think they are to worried about trees imo.
  21. ^Why would they put an apocalyptic themed ride in the front of the park in Log Jammers area and not in the back of the park by Apocalypse? I do agree on this though
  22. I'm hoping, praying, wishing for a 320 foot version of something like Skyrush imagining that first drop 300+ feet in the air with nothing but a lapbar in an edge seat I'll take an airtime filled Blitz/launcher with the soft straps but the only thing that scares me about anything that may launch is the downtime that can come with it. I know every coaster may have it's issues but launchers always seam to come with many more issues then cable or chain lift coasters.
  23. I305 cable return is not underground, it runs through an uncovered trench in the ground. The Mechanics have to be able to visibly inspect the cable, they wouldn't be able to check the cable return if it's was running through an underground trench. So an underground trench running under comet may not be happening, a system like that could raise some safety/maintenance issues. I've been following the construction of Skyrush since day 1 and I've seen not one pic of a trench dug under Comet for the cable return. On the Station side of Comet there is no sign of a trench for the cable return either. I remember when I305 was constructed the cable return trench was dug out and cement laid with the rest of the footers not after, I guess HP could still dig out a cable return trench but so far there is nothing that would suggest that's the set up they are using. Imo it wouldn't make much sense to go back and dig out trenches and lay concrete after the ground work is completed and the coaster itself is almost complete but I guess will see.
  24. I305 sits on a 5 acre plot of land, Log Jammer sat on a 6 acre plot of land so there is plenty room to install a Giga at SFMM in Log Jammers old spot. Goliath vers the Giga argument is also pointless imo and like others have stated Behemoth/Levi enough said if a park wants it they'll get it. I think Knotts would get a B&M hyper before they'd get a giga, imo a Giga is just to much coaster for a park like Knotts.
  25. Hmm so they're painting it during Construction, love the blue track. Also I see the Pier will have a Ring of Fire does any one remember I think it was like IAAPA '99 (I know ages ago lol) when the manufacture displayed a model of a floorless version I wounder what ever happened to that?
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