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  1. SF did this just to spite me since I've been asking for this size Starflyer to be put into SFMM since Prater Turm located in Vienna, Austria opened lol
  2. +1 Now lets move on and look out for the announcement of the 2013 coaster! I agree even though with the announcement of the new 2013 coaster will just bring more complaining like the loop is only 200 feet tall they should have went for 205, it's only 6000+ feet long they could of added an extra foot and it would of for sure been a #1 coaster, OMFG it only has 5 airtime hills I was hoping for like 30
  3. After checking out some of the other SF Facebook pages it's doesn't look like SFMM is the only one that have disabled the comments.
  4. ^SD may not be a highly rated coaster but out of the other 3 Giga's that's been built It still sports the best looking layout IMO now if only it was an Intamin
  5. Some people just like to complain just to complain SFNE looks to have a similar portable model in the video I posted below and i've never heard any complaints about it, yet SFMM get's one and they may as well start having pig races and is just so ghetto
  6. Quite a few of us went with Sharktopus. We should use our collective TPR might to get this officially named the sharktopus roll! Sharktopus??? I thought we were all going with Guy's Inverted Camel Toe for the name of this element...or maybe it was just me
  7. So TSM your saying without actually saying lol that you talked to someone from Intamin? they would most likely be the only major ride manufacturer to show up to the media day/ opening of Lex Luther, since it is their ride. They told you a complete stranger that is not even a higher up at SFMM or even in the SF chain that a major project has been delayed b/c of a support issue. Unless every support came out wrong that's the only way I could see them delaying the announcement b/c there wouldn't be one. The entire project would have to be delayed to fix all of the supports or permanently cancelled b/c who would want to continue working with someone and drop millions of dollars and they can't even get the supports right especially someone that's been in the business as long as Intamin or even Premier that would be a huge mistake. Just b/c SFMM hasn't announced FT doesn't mean there is a problem SFMM/SF announced all their rides last year on Sept. 1st I believe, this early announcement was never set in stone far as I know and the big announcement that was suppose to drop on Jun. 27th was Lex Luther related and didn't go off as planed b/c of the delay.
  8. Something for HH... but what type of water rides uses square A-frame supports??? I don't see any on Wildebeast or Mammoth nor do I see any on the aqua loops or water slides in general. I also agree with Manic Monte isn't it a bit late to just now be constructing something for the water park? or even way early to be getting pieces for a ride that's going to HH for 2013
  9. Well if this is a Star Flyer then I would expect it to be a record breaker or at least the tallest one in the SF chain and taller then Windseeker this is SFMM were talking about, you know the ones to never rest on it's laurels lol.
  10. ^Sorry Mr. RD I was having some issues my bad, I got a couple of pics up now
  11. My inspiration for this GCII wooden coaster was California's Great America's 2013 woody that is now under construction. The key wood being inspiration so I'm not saying at all this is what CGA's GCII is going to be in any way shape or form. Stats: 115 foot drop, 3473 feet in length, 55 mph Elements: 3 *90 degree turns, station fly though, 5 bunny hops TPR GAME EXCHANGE
  12. This is an ideology with which I disagree. As long as it's not blatantly stupid or flame war inducing, why should we frown upon speculation? It builds the anticipation. It's fun to predict what they are going to call it. It's not harmful, so why should it be something that we should not do? I for one would have named this the Switchback Roll. Because of the likelihood that TPR will have already decided what to call it by the time the official moniker is revealed and the wrong name will stick... or just be stupid. Like NTAG. Sorry, but I hate "NTAG" as much as I love the actual ride. "Sharktopus" is freaking awesome as a concept, but sucks balls as the name of this element. IMHO, the element name should at least give you some kind of clue as to what it does. Sharktopus makes me expect something with legs sticking out or something. To that effect, "Inverted Camel" or "Inverted Camelback" fit the bill even though they don't have the pizazz of sharktopus or even super Stengel. How about inverted Camel toe! Thanks Guy b/c this will forever be the name of this element imo!!!
  13. Ummmmmm Did I ever once say that the pic was leaked from CP in any way, No I did not!!! , I said I saw it on facebook and couldn't wait to see if it was real. Since it does look a lot like the layout pictured in the news paper article I don't see why it's so absurd to think this could be close to what the real ride might end up looking like.
  14. ^That English was fine and I've seen and heard much worst from people that were actually born here in America
  15. With every cellphone now days having a camera not one pic of this supposedly amazing drop posted yet
  16. Saw this on Facebook and I can't wait to see if this is in fact the real layout to CP 2013 Wingrider. I'm really loving the twist and dive off the lift right into the immelman and the double Zero g rolls
  17. The reason you can install Otsr's but not remove them is b/c once SFMM had those Otsr's installed they pretty much voided the lapbars that were on the train. In other words by the installation of the Otsr's it's saying that the lapbars that were on the train is not safe to use by themselves, b/c if they were then there wouldn't of been any need to install Otsr's in the first place. So the only way to get lapbars back on Revolution is to design some new lapbars that are of today's safety standards or to buy new trains with lapbars already on them.
  18. ^^That is not true, the only thing stopping SFMM from getting new trains for Revolution with lapbars is SF/SFMM. It has been proven time and time again that a coaster can operate safely with one or more inversions using lapbar only that is not the issue. The issue is SF/SFMM not willing to spend the money and having the ride re-certified to operate with lapbar only trains. I work for a Insurance company and yes we cover Amusement parks and other commercial properties and I have not seen one thing relating to an amusement park ride saying if a ride is modified from Lapbars to Otsr's it can never go back to lapbars. It does state if a ride is modified depending on the mods it will have to go through re-certification restraints are one of those mods. Changing the restraints would require a re-certification to continue to be covered by our insurance, same thing goes for a ride that would be upgraded to magnetic braking. Certified is when a ride is built tested and signed off by the manufacturer and the state, it is consider certified to operate safely and able to be opened to the public. Re-certified is pretty much the same thing the ride is treated as brand new and put through all the testing that a new ride would be put through far as certain number of a cycle hours, force readings ect, etc. Anyways there are no Laws, rules, or regulations in California stating Revolution can not go back to lapbars PERIOD!!! it's all up to SF/SFMM to make that choice.
  19. OH MY GOD!!!That was an amazing opening for ride The fireworks most likely are not staying but I wonder if the fountains, fire and that beautiful station lighting will be staying are part of the regular night package, I just can't see them adding all of that for a onetime use.
  20. I just hope I can get to Hershey and ride Skyrush before it's neutered I'm sure if the coaster manufacturers came up with an invisible restraints enthusiast would still complain about being uncomfortable b/c they couldn't see them
  21. From this sounds of some of the reviews Intamin/HP may need to add some padding to those OTS lapbars, I'm hearing the unseasoned riders mentioning thigh pain from the ejector on this thing . I know I can't not wait to ride this coaster everything about it looks awesome imo, It may be short but it looks very sweet
  22. Pupa Pupa Pupa Talk about a commercial you would never see in America there just to much going on lol
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