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  1. The Water Cube appears to now be offically open for business as a public water park: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid64814770001?bctid=506892713001 (Video Link) Source with additional photo gallery: http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/play/beijings-watercube-water-park-now-open-040746?hpt=C2
  2. J-Zone - No Consequences (NSFW) http://www.zshare.net/audio/792893715cc828cb/
  3. Dude's hair helmet couldn't save him from a big ass water bottle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0GjKiy3nSI
  4. The amount of exclamation points in that ad is mind numbing. ^
  5. My guess would be they assemble the supports in the plant as a quality control to make sure everything fits correctly, then they disassemble and ship the individual pieces out by truck.
  6. Lol, what did you expect Kris? Next time you're in town you gotta show me the dirt dude.
  7. My latest desktop of simple plainness. Finally upgraded to the 64 bit version Windows 7, and I'm really digging it after a week of use.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E14kNqMwD6s
  9. I finally got my Rock 'n' Roller Coaster credit at Hollywood Studios back in June. It's been a rather slow summer for coasters/theme parks for me and the wife, but things should be picking up now that we have some free time again. (Who would of know getting married would take up so much time and effort!) I actually kind of miss being a theme park nerd to be honest. lol Photo courtesy of RCDB: http://rcdb.com/560.htm?p=25225
  10. If it was me I would actually prefer that she cut in line. Would you really want to wait in the vicinity of her entourage and screaming fans for an hour or so? Sometimes getting the circus through the line faster is a plus for everyone.
  11. Keeping it nice and calm on my desktop at the moment.
  12. The latest below: Keeping things dark on my workspace.
  13. It's now running (or not) in Mexico as Tsunami. http://rcdb.com/4214.htm?p=0 From RCDB: http://rcdb.com/4214.htm?p=21560
  14. Glad I have this credit, along with a few re-rides while it was still at the Nut Tree. For a family coaster, it's actually pretty decent. I wonder if they're going to stick with the harvest/tractor theming?
  15. My ballot for the 2009 poll below: 01. El Toro (SFGADV) 02. The Voyage 03. Viper (SFGAM) 04. Giant Dipper (SCBB) 05. The Legend 06. Kentucky Rumbler 07. Terminator Salvation 08. Lightning Racer - T 09. Lightning Racer - L 10. Raven 11. Roar (SFDK) 12. Wildcat 13. My Favorite Steel 14. The Beast 15. Colossus 16. American Eagle 17. Comet (Hershey) 18. Blue Streak 19. GhostRider 20. Racer (KI) 21. Thunder Run 22. Mean Streak 23. Giant Dipper (Belmont) 24. Thunderhawk 25. Fairly Odd Coaster 26. Big Dipper (GL) 27. The Grizzly (CGA) (3 years in a row for me.) -Sean
  16. I've had a large work load as of late, so I'm going with inspirational, (if not a bit demanding) desktop.
  17. Opened a coaster related website for starters. Then a few years ago, I drove all the way to Nevada for a kiddie credit that non longer existed. (Around 4 hours total travel time to Sparks.) The shot below is as close to an onride photo as I got that afternoon. Hmmm, maybe I should of called instead of just checking the website. Let's go hang out in dusty ass Reno instead!
  18. Not Halloween just yet, but we should get this party off on the right foot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMDZE6Sln0s
  19. A video from the CGA Haunt Crew that took over CW31's news station this morning, here in Sacramento. (What up RD!) Haunt was awesome this year, TR from me coming on Sunday! -Sean
  20. JMan and Imhotep get my seal of approval. I also had to vote for myself because someone has to right?
  21. The Maglev looks awesome to say the least. I also did a quick Youtube search and found this video showing the train accelerating up to speed. (Also note the train flyby at 2:41.) -SM
  22. Lol, glad to hear my nerdy history rant was not in vain then. Cheers, -SM
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