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  1. Just wondering does the Platinum pass night ERT apply to people staying at the resorts also?
  2. Mantis really is a fun ride, last time I rode it was actually enjoyable. I really do not get the "jello" feeling in my legs. Maybe it is because I am young? LOL
  3. ^ Yeah looks more like water/sewer markings then anything. Still though it could have something to do with new construction in that area.
  4. Heading out to Cedar Point June 29 - July 2 for a 4 day trip! Really cannot wait! I hope STR is open by then though...
  5. Well you get ERT because they are CF Resorts. The only park that has CF owned resorts on site.
  6. The Beach: They could atleast add some more sand, flatten it out a bit, clean up the lake, and let people swim/rent paddleboats in the lake... That would be a great improvement. Make it an actual "beach"
  7. I think CF could capitalize on a new stadium, they could "lure" folks into the park before/after games. Plus there will be an increased amount of traffic to the location.
  8. I am heading up to Cedar Point June 26 - July 2, do you think I will need to worry about crowds? I know it is pretty close to the 4th, so not really sure what to expect.
  9. Cedar Point doesn't "NEED" a new coaster, but they have plenty of flats to support a new coaster and "balance" it out. GADV is lacking in the flat department on the other-hand and a new coaster would defiantly not be the best investment.
  10. Vortex @ Kings Island One of the best arrow loopers still around!
  11. Looks great! The mist at the final drop is a nice touch. Cannot wait to ride, my guess is there will be a soft opening very soon.
  12. Excuse me? Also if you look at STR it is ALOT more themed then what the POV shows. STR is the heaviest themed ride at CP right now...
  13. Went the park on Saturday, May 15. I must say it was VERY crowded! Probably the most crowded I have ever seen the park. Even though it was crowded we made the best of it and still had a fun day with friends. Ride Count: Diamondback 2 Vortex 1 Firehawk 1 Flight of Fear 1 Drop Tower 1 So we arrived at the park around 12 and were greeted by large crowds. We quickly made our way over to Diamondback. Diamondback (Ride 1) The queue was completely filled and extended back on to the midway. Even with the line being so long it actually went pretty fast and we only waited about 45 minutes. Kudos to the ride ops for there fast operations. I was assigned towards the middle of the train, had a decent amount of air time. Did not seem as intense as I remembered it, but this was most likely due to me sitting in the middle of the train. Rating 8/10 Next we made our way through the crowds to Vortex. Vortex Had the shortest wait of the day, only about 30 minutes. Defiantly a very under-rated coaster! I was actually surprised, not much head-banging and actually a very enjoyable coaster. Still is one of the best Arrow Loopers just do not sit in the back . Lots of inversions and a couple unique ones, a fun coaster. Rating 9/10 By this time my friends wanted to ride the dreaded "Firehawk", considering the park was packed I was NOT looking forward to this one. Firehawk VERY long line, and the slowest line in the park. Waited 2 hours for this (Darn peer pressure). Was just as bad as usual, the only coaster I have ridden where I feel as though I am going to fall out and die. The restraints are also very uncomfortable. A unique experience but just not worth it if the wait is above 30 minutes. Your typical Vekoma "Death-Machine" Rating 3/10 Skipped FoF due to the line and decided to head over to Drop Tower. Drop Tower A fun ride, but once again is not worth waiting more then 30 Minutes for. Unfortunately we had to wait about an hour and a half. You get some great views on this ride and the drop is fun, but the ride is just to short! Rating 6/10 We were now getting hungry and headed over to Rivertown Junction. One of the best places to eat in the park due to it being a buffet. It is pricey ($16.99), but the food is good and you can get a full "All-you-can-eat" meal. I defiantly recommend eating here, one of the best value places in the park food wise. Also free refills! We began heading back to FoF, on the way I noticed they were testing the new Snoopy Summer Lights. The lights look very nice, unfortunately I could not get any pictures this time. Flight of Fear One of my favorite rides in the park! The long was VERY long though, the ENTIRE indoor and outdoor queue was filled. I have never seen FoF this crowded! The movie and effects were all working in the queue. We waited about an hour 45 but it was worth it. Had a great front seat ride, such an intense little ride, still one of the best LIM launches. Rating 9/10 By the time we got off the ride it was 9:45 so we headed over to Diamondback for our final ride of the day. Diamondback (Ride 2) We only had to wait 30 minutes this time because most of the GP was up in the front of the park watching the fireworks show. Diamondback is such an amazing ride at night, words really cannot describe it. The ride just feels so much more out of control at night. Our night Diamondback ride was defiantly the best ride of the day! Rating 10/10 Stopped at Graeters on the way out (Best Ice-Cream at the park) Overall we had a great day considering the crowds, we made the best of it. Cedar Fair is really taking care of this park, everything looks very nice. Very clean, and most of the park scenery was up and looking nice. I also believe that Planet Snoopy looks ALOT better then the old Nick Universe!
  14. Think "Wood" more specifically "GCI" that will break some sort of record.
  15. Kings Island to get Starlight Experience. Many LED lights were seen towards the back of the park near BLSC. Pictures: http://www.kicentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21223&st=15
  16. Looks like some pretty serious thunderstorms are getting pretty close to Carowinds. Not sure when the park closes today but hopefully everyone stays safe. Update: Tornado on the ground 30miles West of Carowinds. Stay safe Intimidator!
  17. The lifts on Beast's hills are incredibly slow. Seems to be one of KI's gimmicks to make this the longest ride in the world... Beast was defiantly a let down for me also
  18. Both CF and SF have there pro's. Seriously though I have a feeling that Six Flags would wreck most of CF's parks so I really would not want this to happen. Cedar Flags?
  19. Park noob here! *Busch Gardens Williamsburg *Cedar Point *Disney Animal Kingdom *Disney Epcot *Disney Hollywood Studios *Disney Magic Kingdom *Kings Dominion *Kings Island *Seaworld of Ohio *Universal Islands of Adventure *Universal Studios Florida
  20. Thanks for the critique, you have to realize that about 25% of the length of the ride is a lift hill which would be steeper in real life. Also the landscaping issue is just due to the fact that I stuck this in a random park I had just to test it out. In the future I will make a more custom ride, but this one was just kinda a "test" to see if it was possible.
  21. This is a project I have been working on for a long time... Basically I got "B&M" to build a Giga Coaster in one of my parks, this ride has been doing great considering it is a prototype for what is going to come. Stats: "Escape Velocity" Excitement: 10.38 (Extreme) Intensity: 9.35 (Very High) Nausea: 5.04 (Medium) Height: 325FT Max Speed: 104MPH Ride Length: 9,514FT (Longest in World) Airtime: 19.02 Seconds The ride also utilizes a new form of the traditional "chain lift". This is a lighter weight chain capable of quickly bringing riders up long hills with speeds up to 15MPH! More to come soon, I will be posting updates of new models, I will also be happy to build one of these in your park. Now time for the pictures: SCR1.BMP Station SCR2.BMP Yummy B&M Curves SCR3.BMP First Hill & Turnaround SCR4.BMP A happy train full of guests preparing for the drop below... SCR5.BMP An overview of the ride. SCR6.BMP Airtime anyone? SCR7.BMP Who says a Giga cannot be low to the ground? SCR8.BMP Helix...and look at those crowds... SCR9.BMP Station and transfer
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