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  1. I have actually spent a week at Gaylord Palms back in the spring with the school marching band during our Florida tour. I must say, that is an amazing hotel, probably the best I have ever stayed in. Glad you had a good time!
  2. There is a massive abandoned warehouse on Route 6 directly across from CP, why can't CP buy up that land and utilize it for a resort or parking garage? There is also a bunch of old houses and what not along Route 6. I am sure it would not be costly to snatch up those buildings and also utilize that land.
  3. Hoping to study meteorology at The Ohio State University.
  4. Was able to ride I305 for the first time on Saturday. It really is an intense ride, no way you can compare it to Millennium Force due to the completely different ride experiences.
  5. Have they finished painting Millennium Force? That would be a shame if they haven't...
  6. WindSeeker looks amazing, I can't wait to ride it both here and at CP.
  7. Yeah, just plain ran out of time Tuesday. We performed 11:30AM at the Entrance Plaza and apparently are the first band to perform out there. We are from Beavercreek, Ohio.
  8. Went to BGT for the first time last Tuesday (March 29). Performed with my marching band at the main gate, and stayed a few hours afterwords. I must say I was very impressed with the park, and crowds were fairly low. I was able to hit all of the coasters except for Montu (unfortunately). Gwazi was running exceptionally well, and I had a very enjoyable ride in the front seat. I really love the trains, they were very comfortable and spacious. SheiKra was also a great ride and my first dive machine, that first drop is just insane. Kumba really didn't do much for me, but it was fun. Seeing the construction of Cheetah upclose was a highlight, wish we would have come a bit later but oh well. I had a great time at the park even though I was only there for a few hours.
  9. Well I was already soaking from Shoot the Rapids @ CP... At the very end of the ride somebody timed one of those water cannons just right and hit me directly in the head.
  10. Staying at Cedar Point is very convenient though... First you don't have to worry about driving/parking lots, second it's great to head back to an air conditioned room during the middle of the day and recharge the batteries, third it makes things a lot simpler at the end of the day. Sure you are paying more, but I have always found staying on property to be pretty enjoyable and give the trip that "vacation" feel.
  11. Why not send Invertigo to Kings Island? Nothing wrong with two Invertigo's in one park!!
  12. After looking at the address, I only live ten minutes away from The Santa Claw!!! Will have to head over sometime and take some pictures.
  13. One thing I noticed is that the park really is missing a good water park. I mean this is South Carolina
  14. Unfortunately lost disconnection when I had about 2Hrs and 5mins left. Will have to try again tomorrow.
  15. I can never get in line for this thing. It is always full when I check...
  16. Kings Island is about 30 minutes away for me so I would consider that my local park, but I also visit Cedar Point a lot which is about a 3.5 hour drive.
  17. Yeah... A used kiddie coaster and a new coat of paint on Superman. I do think the ZacSpin does look cool though.
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