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  1. Cedar Fair did not decide to demolish the ride, the owner of the ride decided to demolish it. Not really to sad about this one, I have ridden it...sure it is a classic, but it really was not that good of a ride anyways IMO.
  2. Kings Island is one of the nicest looking Paramount Parks in general, seems as though CF has invested the most money into KI.
  3. Woah! Star Flyer anyone? Spins Tall - 400ft, and "Soar" (Dinosaur) On the beach, 2 people sitting side by side. Lots of actual "Airtime"
  4. Tennessee Tornado is such an awesome coaster. Makes me wish Arrow was still around and building coasters...
  5. Cedar Fair because I have Kings Island near me and Cedar Point is a 3hr drive. Plus I would also like to visit Carowinds, Dorney, and Kings Dominion.
  6. Dorney Park, Valleyfair!, and Worlds of Fun will all be getting Planet Snoopy for 2011.
  7. ^ That or we buy SOB, and force them to ride in the backseat for a few cycles. Of course I could just imagine the price of moving a wooden roller coaster of that size
  8. Why doesn't TPR just buy Freestyle Music Park? You could probably get it for $200
  9. Yeah I really do not understand why everyone here is bashing Pointbuzz. Not really necessary...
  10. Maybe the ride is going to be a 600ft tall version of Dragster! They did say it would bring back memories, plus the stakes indicate a large tower.
  11. Save Raptor till about 5-6. I was able to get 3 rides in a row with a wait of maybe 5 minutes if that!
  12. ^ 5-15 wait on a normal day. Maybe 30 if it is warm/busy. Generally the wait is not long.
  13. August 1987 Just a brief update, I think I am going to skip a season because we are kinda entering a "quiet" time. See you again in 1989 SCR53.BMP Park just opened for the day and it is already packed on the main midway. SCR54.BMP Racer is packed! SCR55.BMP Monster is also completely filled. SCR56.BMP Old Logger really is a fun flume ride. You can actually choose if you would like to ride backwards or forwards! The only flume in the world that does that. SCR57.BMP Cyclone is still a walk-on this morning. People are quickly making there way back though.
  14. My guess is it would look more like this if it was built at CP: http://www.ridetrade.com/rti/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=44&Itemid=35
  15. That actually looks really awesome, now I am somewhat interested! Seems like an OK amount of pictures.
  16. Sit in any even numbered seat. Trust me, they are alot smoother because they are not directly over the wheel. There really is a huge difference. The second row and the second row from the back are both very amazing seats on Magnum. I was able to experience 5 consecutive rides on Magnum at night in these seats and it was really amazing!! Just be sure to brace yourself after the helix because if you are not paying attention on those air hills it is going to hurt.
  17. After watching that video it makes me realize how much better Raptor's location is.
  18. April 1987 Opening day is here! Cyclone is an amazing ride and we are glad to have this record breaker at AJ Adventure Land! Now for some pictures... SCR46 (2).BMP Cyclone is ready for action! SCR47 (2).BMP The completed batwing element, many types of trees were brought in to enhance the ride experience. SCR48 (2).BMP First full train of guests getting ready to go up the lift. SCR49 (2).BMP Getting ready to drop... SCR50 (2).BMP Through the 3 loops! SCR51.BMP Batwing! SCR52.BMP Through the corkscrews, over the airtime hill, and back to the station. The guest give this ride an A+!
  19. Was a space issue, still fully functional just not as realistic.
  20. The length of the station was just an opps when I made it. Nothing to it just kinda a mistake and I am just leaving it the way it is. Whats the question about the MCBR?
  21. SCR46.BMP Completed station. Lines are almost complete. SCR47.BMP 3 loops, and 2 corkscrews! SCR48.BMP Batwing element, some pretty "interesting" scenery will be placed at this location. SCR49.BMP Airtime hill and brakes. SCR50.BMP Cyclones layout.
  22. SCR38.BMP The station has been going up fast, it appears the exterior of the station is close to being finished. SCR39.BMP The completed lift hill. SCR40.BMP Construction continues on the first drop. SCR41.BMP Supports are being put up for the MCR. SCR42.BMP Final brake run. SCR44.BMP Overview of Cyclone. SCR45.BMP Current overview of the park.
  23. Great idea IMO! I like the fact you incorporated the old rides, but like mentioned before needs something "new". Still I really like the idea and will be following this.
  24. Yep that is the point, this is supposed to be somewhat realistic. It is a great fit and I promise many more coasters will come Pictures tomorrow morning.
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