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  1. As much as I hate complimenting anything at a SF park, those trains are fantastic.
  2. ^And if those were 2 of the 14 posts he made in nearly two years on this board, I can't say we'll be missing out on his contributions.
  3. ^I think the trains are precisely the color they intended them to be.
  4. I realize there was already a small update on the topping off of the Skycoaster, but I was there, too! As a big Skycoaster enthusiast, it was impossible to pass up the opportunity to watch part of the process of building the 2nd tallest one in the world. And while I had to work both Saturday and Sunday, I was still able to get some great shots of the process, as well as some more progress pics of Freedom Flyer! Saturday morning and the first section of the arch is being lifted into place! As expected, it took a lot of workers to get this right. Before lifting each piece into place, tool bags are attached to the ends so the workers don't have to worry about carrying them up with them. Moving it into place..... This guy has a pretty important job. Lining up the bolt holes. Just slide it right in there. And voila! Climbing the structure and getting ready for the next section. Love the white paint! Here goes the base of the other side of the arch..... Without standing in front of it, it's really hard to grasp just how massive these sections are. Going up! And we're vertical. Getting it into place...... This was all they did on Saturday because of high winds, but it's a good start! By about 10 on Sunday morning, they had already gotten this much more done! Any volunteers for this job? I think it would be really hard for me to resist spitting over the edge if I were this guy. Getting ready to lift the last piece into place! And there it goes! Yay America! The wind was still pretty bad this morning, but I guess it was safe enough for them to finish. Almost there..... Time to get this thing bolted into place. See how handy those tool bags are? "So what did you do at work today, honey?" "Oh, nothing. Just straddled the outside of a 250 foot structure." Getting everything lined up. The park rented a helicopter to take aerial photos of the topping off. Now it's interesting to note that the pieces weren't going to line up precisely like a jigsaw puzzle. Pretty much finished tightening down this end of the section. And we still have a sizable gap at the top....... So it's time for this guy to start climbing...... Even though I'm pretty much not scared of heights, climbing this thing would have made me whimper like a little girl. And pee my pants. Nope. Wouldn't do it. Almost there! Made it! Ok, time to get these pieces connected. This process basically included strapping a couple come-alongs to either side of the arch and winching them together. I bet the view was nice....... And that will pretty much do it! At this point I had to leave to get ready for work, but I'm sure they finished up shortly thereafter. Fast forward to Monday morning and it's done!! But there's still work to be done...... Still kinda weirds me out that they're only using one side, but it makes sense. This morning they were attaching the flight cables to the flight bracket. I had a slight to severe geek out watching this happen. Now let's not forget about Freedom Flyer, lots of track has gone up! Some more support work has been done on White Lightning, as well! Look at all that progress! This is what had been done so far when I arrived, but more was to come soon....... See? I told you. Once again, another geek out moment watching a piece of track get bolted into place. I'm no expert, but I think the process behind this was slightly less complicated and terrifying as the Skycoaster topping off. When in doubt, hammer it in. Tightening the bolts up. The end! Looking at their facebook page, it looks like another piece or two of track went in after I left yesterday, so they continue to get lots of work done in a very short amount of time!
  5. Went out and watched them top off the Skycoaster this morning, I should have lots of pics tomorrow!
  6. ^^Soooooo was that person affiliated with the park or construction company? Because there are definitely No Trespassing signs all over the site.
  7. ^Wild Eagle trains are tan, that's not tan. And why would they have a picture of Wild Eagle's trains in the factory??
  8. ^The land on the bottom left of the render is a rather gross retention pond, and there's a fence separating the Fun Spot property from it, so I'm fairly certain they don't own it.
  9. Well I guess I don't have to do an update for a while. I suppose I'll drop back in when more of White Lightning goes up!
  10. I don't know what ride you guys have been riding the last 10 years, but that drawing is 100% accurate.
  11. Uncle Bernie's by a landslide. I mean, they had a freaking water-powered Ferris wheel for crying out loud.
  12. This is a story that still pisses me off to this day (the girl getting injured), but awesome gesture from Sheen.
  13. So I'm glad to see the wheels are making it through the bolts on the track.
  14. Most likely going to Valleyfair for this, although I still need to finalize my plans.
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