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  1. Had lots of fun at the film shoot this morning, Freedom Flyer is not a bad little coaster! Can't wait to get on White Lightning, it's a pretty damn impressive looking ride once you get some good close up looks at it.
  2. PTC's are too clunky to articulate through something like a barrel roll.
  3. I don't remember Wild Eagle's restraints being that tight, and I'm a pretty big guy. To be honest, SkyRush's restraints were worse, but even they weren't THAT bad to me.
  4. Uh-oh, could that valleying of Iron Dragon towards the end of last season mean the "death growl" for Iron Dragon after this season? Look at the bright side. If they remove Iron Dragon, maybe it could be relocated to Darien Lake!
  5. Drove by the park a little while ago, trains were getting unwrapped. Not sure if this has been covered before, but both trains are red. Also, the station is finally going up. Shouldn't be long before we see some testing!
  6. ^Robb said on facebook we should be getting info about the film shoots today.
  7. And all this time, I just thought they were re-landscaping under the Dragons.
  8. Freedom Flyer definitely already has a nice bit of speed to it, I'm sure the younger guests of Fun Spot will enjoy it!
  9. 6 Smart cars? lol You don't think... ...hmmm... ...any chance that is one of Gwazi's missing Millenium Flyers?! And those are too big to be Smart Cars... Maybe a Honda Fit! No, those went to Darien Lake.
  10. ^GCI posted a picture on Facebook of the first train getting shipped off yesterday. So they should be soon.
  11. Just did a quick drive by of the park. Didn't take any pictures, but there's plenty of progress to report! As of right now, White Lightning is completely tracked up until the top of the double-double, and almost the entire length of the track has all 8 layers of wood (if I had to quantify it, I would say at least 90% of the layers are down). The gondolas were being put on the enterprise, and they were testing out the lights on Rip Curl. And from what I could tell, all the pavement is done inside the park, and they've gotten a decent amount of landscaping done, as well. Looking good!
  12. And GCI just announced via Facebook that all bents have been installed!
  13. Well White Lightning is almost completely done being built, just two bents left as of a little while ago (entirely possible it's done now). Here are some pics I got of the progress up through this afternoon! Rip Curl has cars on the track, and they were testing out the sound system when I was over there. As of yesterday, none of this was built. Apparently they REALLY want to get it done soon. 90 degrees!! At least one layer of track on the entire turn around, moving quickly! Kinda hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see the only footers left without supports attached to them. Working hard on the "double double." And now for the "watch your step" portion of the report. Taking some measurements, getting ready to finally track this baby! Love it. This is all that's done of the station right now, they better get moving on that. And we have steel strips down on the lift hill, this is starting to resemble a real coaster now! Significantly different view than a few months ago. And apparently the Screamin' Swing has a new home in the field across the street. Can't wait to ride this! I took a panorama with my phone, but it glitched a little bit because of cars driving by. You get the point.
  14. I would be beyond completely and utterly shocked and mortified if Gwazi was moved to BGW. Not a chance in hell it happens. They still have new-ish trains, ship those up there and build something new.
  15. Robb posted the iPhone pic I sent him, but I have a few actual camera pics to share with you guys. Turn around is over halfway done! Cars for Rip Curl are on site and waiting to be assembled. Seems like we're awfully close to seeing steel strips being laid down on the track. But for now, they've got most of the perimeter fence up. This is where the perimeter fence ends for now, they've also got some trees planted. Another beautiful day in central Florida! Almost at 90 degrees!! GCI finally gets their own vertical turn, it's about time! Should be a fun dive coming off the 90 degree turn. The lack of clearance between White Lightning and the go kart track is insane! That's all for now!
  16. Since you're going on a Thursday in late May, the crowds might be OK, but with Gatekeeper opening and considering that's after Memorial Day Weekend, it's entirely possible it'll still be crowded. However, I don't think you'll have terrible waits for anything other than Gatekeeper, MF, Maverick, and TTD. If I were you, I would park in the back of the park by Soak City and go in through the entrance by Magnum. Most people don't do this, and you can pick off a lot of the rides in the back of the park before a majority of the crowds get there (especially with a big new coaster opening at the front of the park). Avoid the main midway and the front of the park until the middle of the day. Every time a new coaster opens there, it changes the way the crowds move through the park, so it's tough to predict what it's going to be like now, but definitely stick to the back of the park first.
  17. They have most of the turn around built as of right now, I'm probably going to head by there tomorrow or Friday to take a look. Almost done!
  18. ^Unless they figure out a way to levitate to inspect the track every morning when it's operating, yes.
  19. The last time I rode Gwazi was over a year ago and it effectively ended my day because it gave me such a bad headache. Tear that mofo down.
  20. ^In fairness, the only way a Skycoaster can have a 42" height restriction is if they have pink suits. Since the 300 footer has pink suits, I think we can assume this one will, too. But if it doesn't, it'll be a 48" restriction. In any case, drove by the park today, White Lightning is looking faaaaaaaaaaantastic!!
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